Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend Update!

Fun-filled weekend this weekend! Friday after work, hit happy hr w/ the work crew, the GF came along, to get yet another glimpse of my crazy ass work friends! We had a few cocktails at local sports bar called the Arena, then rolled over to sticks in Ypsi, and sat on the "tiki bar" patio area, then after that rolled to a bar by my GFs house called Baileys, and finished the night w/ Quesadillas, and soft pretzels, WORD!

Sat morning my GF hated the earth, I was feeling OK however so I went and got my Harley, and attended this bike event by her house. There was a bike show, but I didn't know there was one, so my bike was NOT show ready, so I had to pass, SAD TIMES! the other bikes there were basically stock, so I prob would've won! Sat PM we hit a wedding reception, I drank 3 pints in an hr and was like I best slow my roll! I did, after that we hit a party at my friends house. It was a BLAST! Played baggo, (also called cornhole, or tailgate toss) had plenty of beers! Chilled with my friends GIANT dog Torque, he is the same kinda dog that was in the sand lot, and English Mastiff. GIANT!!!!!! But he thinks hes a lap dog, so that's cute! Crashed out and woke up at the CRACK of noon.

Sun I was in rough shape, 2 days in a row takes its toll on a grown ass man! I was able to scrape together some lunch and managed to chill until we went to my GFs parents house for some BBQ! It was a blast, but I was in the sun to much and forgot about the antibiotics I am on, so my skin got BURNED! lol The Redwings took a 2-0 series leads over Pittsburgh! That's HUGE!!!! its gonna be like last year and the Wings will bring home the cup! Slept like ass last night, my GF did too, we were up talking all night, and I feel closer to her than ever! Awwwwwwww =) OK folks Time Machine Tuesday tomorrow! PEACE!!!!


Kat said...
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Kat said...

Are you sure the burn was caused by the antibiotics and not your pasty white Michigan skin? ;)

Sarah said...

Bailey's is GOOOOD! I used to live at Geddes and Canton Center, right down the road :) They have great food! My stomach is turning just thinking about all that alcohol but I think I will do you proud come July for Cherry Festival :)

Bobby G said...

Yeah my MI skin is pretty damn caucasian! lol

Anonymous said...

Gotta love wedding receptions!!! (If there's open bar of course....)

Yes, I definitely don't recover after a night of drinking like I used to.

Lee said...

I'm glad I don't drink.
Everytime I hear about drinking, it ends bad.

Anonymous said...

Do antibiotics cancel-out the protection of sunscreen?

Or, did you just neglect the sunscreen to begin with? If that's the case, I don't think the antibiotics are to blame.

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