Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Birthday Extravaganza!

Today is my Gfs birthday (Happy bday BABY!) But since I'm the worst BF ever, I had to work today. A good compromise was to celebrate yesterday. That's what we did. Got to her house 6:30 ish. I gave her her gifts, I brought them all in a big pink bag w/ pink & white floral tissue paper (an ex Gf of mind taught me about gift bags and coordinating them, I only break it out for special occasions, since its a skill most boys DON'T HAVE, I don't wanna look any gayer than my walk already does) Anyway, where was I? Oh GIFTS! I got her a card (duh) it was funny, it said
"Someone loves you today" on the front then inside it said "its the same person who loves you everyday, but today you get a card" I thought it was pretty damn funny. so did she. Then she opened my 1st gift it was one of those angels w/ wire wings & no faces its the "you are loved" one:

After that I gave her gift 2, tickets to see Incubus, her favorite band. She was super excited. Then I gave her gift 3. She LOVES cherries, Has a cherry purse, wallet, car air freshener, and sterling silver cherry earrings, so I got her a matching necklace, white gold w/ ruby cherries & emerald leaf. its this one below, but my buddy who works at the jewelry store had it turned to white gold for me at no extra charge

After gifts, she got ready and we went to Mongolian BBQ! for those out of state or the poor souls in MI not familiar w/ Mongo, its a place where you grab a bowl, pick a meat, add veggies, sauces & seasoning, and take it to a big ass grill that's 600 degrees and make your own stir fry, its fucking GREAT! it was DELICIOUS!

After that we rolled to my brothers house to watch the Redwings game, they lost, so now its ON for game 7. The tigers also won, a 10th inn HR by Miguel Cabrera sealed the victory for us! After that we went home. It was a GREAT night Happy bday baby! Love you!


Caitlin said...

What a sweet boyfriend you are! And those are willow tree angels, lol! My mom loooves those and we always receive them on special occasions. She must have stock in the company lol.

Lee said...


Lee said...

Where did you get that angel?!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Lori! Just don't go to the concert with her and leave her like my ex did, which was stupid because he spent like $500 on the DMB tickets from stub hub (we'd only been dating 2 weeks...what a psycho). Mongo is the best! Maybe that will be my reward meal after this cleanse...that or The Quarter Bistro near Westgate, that place is THEE best!

Bobby G said...

You can get them at any Hallmark Store Lee!

No way Sarah, thats NOT how I roll! we should hit up Mongo when you are done almost shitting yourself! =)

Lee said...

Lol, my mom thinks it's hilarious.
My dad always gets her late presents that he just throws together.
So when I saw that, I went WHAT THE HELL?
Anyway, happy birthday to your girlfriend!

(Btw, looking at the angel, it's not "exactly" the same, but it's very obviously the same brand.)

Sheri said...

Awww very cute presents, I bet she LOVED the necklace! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the necklace!

Happy Birthday to your GF!

You have mad skills!

Bee and Rose said...

You are a rockstar BF! That cherry necklace is suh-weet!

Mongolian BBQ is right next to my daughter's Irish dance class....yeah..the other moms and I spend a lot of time at the Mongo BBQ! Love that place!!!

Bee and Rose said...

OH!!! Happy Birthday to the GF!!!!

Tracy said...

happy birthday bobby g's girl!!!!!

and you're awesome. and the fact that you gave her a willow tree puts you even higher on the list of coolest guys ever. willow trees are the greatest gifts ever!!! i always want them, but it's something you cannot buy yourself! i've slowly trained my hubband about the beauty of willow tree gifts!!