Thursday, June 4, 2009

Let the Freak Show Begin!

So I'm breaking down and having a garage sale. I have too! got too much shit from my house and since I'm downsizing to essentially a room, some of it needs to go. Plus gotta love the extra cash! My problem is that i hate garage sales. Well not so much the sales, but the crazy freak show garage sale people! The fucking lurkers who HAVE to get there early to get the best shit. I told them in my ad no early birds, I wanted to say early birds will be shot on sight, but my boss wouldn't let me! I am selling some Harley clothes, & parts, CDs at $2 a piece (all kinds of shit!) And tons of other things! If you live in SE lower MI come on down! 3103 Oakwood St, Ann Arbor 48104! So this is my last post for the week because I gotta get ready for this shit, so I have tomorrow off, which means No Zombie Friday again! Ill be well rested, ill have a full report prob on Sunday if not then Monday! Peace bitches!


Caitlin said...

Good luck! I hate garage sale-ing. Blech. Hope you make lots of cash!

Lee said...

I wish I could raid your garage sale. I'd have a crap-load of fun.
You just seem like you'd have cool stuff.

Cant Hardly Wait said...

I hate the people who drive by super slow to evaluate the worthiness of perhaps stopping, and then drive off in disgust.

Yeah, well fuck you, my mom's old dildo deserves better than you anyway.

Sarah said...

Thanks BG! It's exciting but now I feel pressure to be ultra clever :) How did the sale go? I'm sure we'll all get a fun post about that! GO WINGS!