Sunday, June 7, 2009

25 Things, BG

1. Ann Arbor MI born & raised, doing nothing is how I spent most of my days.

2. I have a gay walk, its kinda like if Shaggy from Scooby Doo loved the cock. Its rough times.

3. I have a DEEP inner fucking fear of chemicals. I hate them and I'M STOKED that there are chemical free chemicals out there now, but bummed I might actually have to clean bathrooms.

4. I like getting shots. I watch them go in every time. Nurses think it's weird.

5. Been riding motorcycles since age 4. Had at least one bike my whole life since then.

6. I hate Pearl Jam, I'm like the only person on earth that don't think they are rock Gods, I think they blow.

7. I drink TONS of water everyday, like 150 + oz a day.

8. Don't understand the Robert Pattinson obsession, I think he looks dead all the time, and he has poofy hair. LAME

9. I'm an Atheist, Don't believe in God, or heaven and hell, but I'll never preach to you so don't worry, just give me the same courtesy,

10. Think Bicyclist should use the sidewalk I also think they should get tickets for running stop signs & red lights, it never happens tho, ever.

11. I used to be an all star roller hockey goalie, its the best I ever was at any sport, and I'M BUMMED that it died so quickly, now I had to sell my shit, I'm bummed about that too...

12. I love ALL MUSIC. Rock, rap, pop, country, classical, reggae, and anything else you can think of.

13. I have a GREAT GF, and we have been together 6 months, she keeps me grounded, and smiling always!

14. Love Seinfeld, best network show ever, best show ever goes to The Wire however.

15. Appetite for Destruction is my favorite CD ever, GNR rocks

16. Stand by Me is my all time favorite movie, it reminds me of my childhood friends who I don't talk to as much as I should.

17. Hate getting gas and getting haircuts, I often let my hair grow far too long because of this. I also drive with my gas light on for like 3 days.

18. I am losing my job in July, its very surreal, but I'm actually excited, new life kinda, stoked to see what happens, but a bit nervous.

19. Wish I was rich, so do most people I assume lol

20. This is WAY harder than I thought It'd be.

21. For 11 months, when I was married I was related to Alicia Keys, she was my ex wife's 1st cousin, spent a week in VA w the family and partied up w/ her, she was DOPE! Super nice and really fun.

22. Have a DOPE cat named Harley, he is essentially like a dog, comes to my door when I get home, hes a sweet guy.

23. Have acid reflux. That blows, on prescription Tagament for it, I take it everyday

24. Have IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, it basically means I poop... a lot.

25. I am SO GLAD this is over! Now you now a bit more about BG! Happy SUNDAY


Anonymous said...

Sorry about your job, but glad you are looking at it as a fresh start.

I drink tons of water too.

That is so cool about Alicia Keys!

Caitlin said...

Lol, I HATE PEARL JAM!!!!! Right on. I also don't care for Nirvana so much. I am clearly not a child of the grunge era. Also, I once saw a bicyclist get pulled over for speeding on campus lol!

Sarah said...

Okay, I'm super glad you did one of these!
One- I love Pearl Jam but don't like U2, and feel like the only one that doesn't like them.

Two- I drink a shit ton of water too, it's extremely good for you!

Three- I am not Atheist but close with Agnostic. I do believe in heaven and hell but not gates and Jesus or God.

Good post BG! I like it!

Bee and Rose said...

You are a completely fascinating guy, Bobby G! (I had to re-type that 3X because I kept typing Booby G! lol!)

Tracy said...

I just about died about the gay walk thing!!! :D

And yes, I'm gracing your blog with my presence. The baby is sleeping right now (which... weird... they do that a lot!) and for once I'm not taking a nap too! Who knew motherhood was tiring! :)