Thursday, February 26, 2009

Apt Secured....FOR FALL!

As Everyone who ever reads this blog knows, I am selling my house. We have been approved for a short sale at $88K, which means if someone has $88K, that means the short sale is DONE! We can move on with our lives. My divorce doesn't feel real. We still have bills we pay jointly, we still have the house which is probably the biggest sign of our relationship. I recall how happy we were when we moved in, having a new house was GREAT! We took out a loan so we could furnish it as we wished! It was all great! (that loan has been paid off) Now we just want it to go! At $88K, it is right about $30K under what we owe. I hope it goes soon!

Which brings me to the apartment! Its in the Pines of Cloverlane in Ypsilanti, MI. The complex used to be AWFUL! It was crime ridden, drugged out, and had a terrible reputation! It got bought out about 7 years ago, and the new company dropped a bunch of money to fix up the place! They ran out all of the bad, and I even had to sign a docuent that says i dont use drugs! Its SUPER NICE! A fairly small 1 bdrm (651 SF) but I don't need a TON of room. It has a patio, it has a TON OF STORAGE! And a HUGE walk-in closet! Here's the floor plan I'm super excited! Living with you parents w/ a GF blows! Also the complex has a HUGE clubhouse with a ton of amenities. Another great thing is that the grounds are spectacular! There are many walking trails, and there is a nature preserve for walking and hiking. There is a dog park on the premises too! Which is great because my GF has a dog! The complex has 2 pools! one of which is indoor year round! All this for only $590/mo! Also I paid $200, to be in the "priority Club" which means I get to choose my units view! Also they match the $200 So that's $400 which I can prorate through the whole lease! So that $590 comes to $557. Overall i cant wait! I chose fall because I need to pay off some debt! The $600+ a mo I paid for the house will go nice to pay CC debt! Knock down a few grand! With my 3 jobs I now make enough to live, which is nice! So I don't need to rely on CCs. So my debt wont be getting any bigger! COME ON FALL! Also it'll allow me to have a real summer. I can go on some bike trips! But not too many! Paying off debt is my priority! So here to my new the Aug-Oct range!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

200 Posts! The Best of The G-Spot's Blogtastic Voyage

A while ago My friend Amy Wiseman Blogged her 1 yr post and did highlights of her blog. Im doing the same thing for my 200th post! In the blog world I was not aware that 100 posts was a "milestone" of sorts. So I didnt acknowledge it! But now I know so here it is for 200! A look at some of BGs favorites:

Started out with a great story about my time in Canton Ohio ...Could wait to talk about the Crazy Casey Kasem Long distance Dedication I heard...Stupid Bicyclists... What if Tacobell Onstar existed?... Whats the deal w/ people on Meth Seriously!... Some stupid bitch told me Those are Dangerous... sometimes ya gotta explain Urinal etiquette to people in need!... Dont ya just LOVE Facebook Bdays... When Im driving sometimes Id rather be
Hitting People
... Why is the letter Y Bisexual?... What an Adventure my divorce was

These are some of my favorites, did I miss any that you folks enjoyed?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ladies & Gents, say hello to WOLF!

A gentleman comes to the counter at work today to get his name changes. John Smith (Not his real name) to Wolf, I assume its JOHN WOLF! NOPE! Its just FUCKING WOLF! Like Prince, but more fierce! There is going to be a guy named WOLF in Ann Arbor MI! People are gonna say "hey Wolf" "Hows work goin Wolf?" "Yo WOLF! lets hit the bar" WOW Im not even mad, that's amazing!

Random Shit...No Ryhme or Reason

Im pissed People, Some of my best friends are not here freezing their balls off in A2, they are in sunny Tampa getting drunk! But BG you ask, why not you? Well Ill tell ya why! Paying mortgage on a house I don't live in AND I'm gonna have to PAY $500 to the IRS for taxes! Yeah have a HOUSE! but I have to pay! How the fuck does that happen?

I may be getting rid of the serving job, I only work 2 shifts a week and they are becoming considerably more of a waste of my time than ever. Last Wed I made $8, my Pizza was $7.41 so i walked w/ a FAT 59 cents. Yeah what could I have been doing? How about looking for change in my car or room? Id of found more than 59 cents FOR SURE!

On the other hand...I may be getting more karaoke hosting shifts! Karaoke Stoo has been hitting the pavement and has 4 new shows lined up! They aren't finalized yet however, but they are in "the Works" as he put it! I was hoping to take 2 of them, Frasers Pub and Banfields East, BOTH close to my parents house, and BOTH bars where I know people. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

My parents are taking their 1st vacation since I lived there. They are trailering their Harley to FL and riding to Key West! I'm jealous as SHIT! I mean REALLY JEALOUS! Ive always wanted to ride to Key West! Its far as shit from MI though, and in the summer its too damn hot, in the winter its too shitty weather in the north, and my 1997 VW Jetta doesn't have the necessary reliability OR TOWING CAPACITY that I would need, plus who tows a Harley w/ a VW anyways?

My house seems to be close to being gone! It sucks because even though i am divorced having to deal w/ house shit w/ my ex wife makes me (and her) feel like we are still together! that almost $600 a mo payment is fucking killing me! when the house is gone that $600 a mo is going to pay off credit cards, Id like to be debt free in 2-4 yrs, so I need ti get rid of as much as I can when I don't have to pay rent. On the other hand Id like to get out of the parents house because having a GF and living w/ your parents at age 30 SUCKS ASS!!!!! She knows that its temporary and she knows its circumstance, but still its fucking embarrassing. it was one of the 1st things I told her, George Costanza Style (from 2:30 of the video to the end)

That's going great for me BTW. Shes a big sweetheart and everything is progressing nicely! Its going to be a GREAT summer w/ a GREAT girl!

My cat is so damn cute! I forgot how much I miss the little guy! Hes totally a dog! We have to split the house with him and my moms super bitch cat Bridgette. He get st he upstairs, she gets the down. He always comes when I call him and hes SUPER affectionate. Last night he was laying on my stomach and He rolled over and was asleep in the crack of the chair next to me! He was so cute I had to take a pic!

HOW cute is he? I'm glad he's back with me, my ex wife is just too busy to give him the love her needs. Hes an attention whore like his daddy!

Ok folks that's all for now, PEACE!

Monday, February 23, 2009

WTF does that mean?

So I sent mortgage in 2 weeks ago, and it hasnt yet cleared. SO I called them up last night to see what the deal was. I gave the machine my social security number and my account came up as my short sale was approved! I was SHOCKED! I was like WTF? You think my Realtor would call me with that info. SO I call him and he said the by re countered w/ $75K, Realtor told me he hasnt heard from the agent. The bitch was they were closed, and they are West Coast so i gotta wait until noon my time to call. We shall see! fingers crossed people!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Without further a-do, Pics of Harley

Here are the pics of my cat w/ my new camera! Fantastic!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Does Chris Brown Have to Choke a Bitch?

WOW! I have been wanting to talk about the ass whooping that Chris Brown put on Rihanna for a few days. Well what put me over the edge is that TMZ released her abuse pics to the public, MUCH to the dismay of the LAPD. So without further a-do:

YEAH! That's what happened. This sickens me! I was never a huge fan of Chris Browns music any ways, hes a better dancer than Usher, but Usher is a better singer. They are basically the same person! Except Chris Brown has a CRAZY temper. Seriously, have you seen him? He looks harmless! But not only did her beat her ass, he may of done it before, and like a torn confused girl (not saying all girls are of course, if it was me he'd be out on his ass faster than you can say assault charge) Shes also contemplating not helping the police!

" Rihanna is in two minds about helping police in their investigation to the infamous incident that took place a week and a half ago, leaving Rihanna reportedly bruised and battered. While her parents are urging her to help police as much as possible, she seems to be worried about how jail time might affect Brown’s career"

WTF? is his career not already fucked? No ones gonna hire Ass beating Chris Brown for SHIT! He's the new Ike Turner! That's not good for the career. Its kind of like Mike Vick, a despicable crime, and not much chance of making it right, no one likes to see people hit women, ALSO NO ONE Wants to be labeled a woman beater. Here is Brown's statement

"Words cannot begin to express how sorry and saddened I am over what transpired. I am seeking the counseling of my pastor, my mother and other loved ones and I am committed, with God's help, to emerging a better person.

"Much of what has been speculated or reported on blogs and/or reported in the media is wrong.

"While I would like to be able to talk about this more, until the legal issues are resolved, this is all I can say except that I have not written any messages or made any posts to Facebook, on blogs or any place else.

"Those posts or writings under my name are frauds," the statement concludes.

RIDONK! Really? did you see her face? False info? WOW! her face didn't beat itself Chris Brown! he deserves to be locked up for aggravated assault! I beat one of the most beautiful women on earth into literally a bloody pulp. FUCK YOU CHRIS BROWN! You are a peace of shit! Enjoy your time in a "Federal Pound You in the Ass Prison"

Thursday, February 19, 2009

WOW! Actually Get To Use My Degree!

So my friend Aimeepalooza works at the Arena. For those of you who don't know the Arena, its a FANTASTIC sports bar in downtown Ann Arbor. She runs Tuesday trivia there and asked me to design a flier, and the restaurant would PAY ME! That's right a real life GIG! I actually get to use that graphic design degree I got 8 some odd years ago! I was super excited! So excited in fact that I forgot to put the name of the place, address, phone, and day & time of trivia! That's all VERY important shit! Its probably been about 3 years since I had a paying gig, it was a logo, I love to design logos. They say they are the hardest things to design, but for me they are the most fun too! I get to be super creative AND I get to see some of my work in public! (upper left corner of link)Id like to do more freelance stuff, but usually I do free shit for my family and for friends etc. I love designing stuff, anyone got anything they need? Shameless plug, I know...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


FINALLY! I got Harley last night (my cat)! MY FANTASTIC GF came along because she LOVES animals (even though she is allergic to cats!) We hit the pet store 1st, needed litter and food! Then we scooped him up! HE HATES CAR RIDES! He makes CRAZY ASS noises, and he is SO SAD when he get sin a car. Its Heart breaking! So we get home and immediately take him up stairs, we set up shop and shut my room door so he can get acquainted. He wanders around finds his food and litter and get his bearings. My mom gets home and brings her evil BITCH cat into the room w/ Harley, he was chill until her cat started growling & hissing! Harley has never hissed ion the 3 yrs Ive had him, and he only growled once, well he started hissing and growling, it was very un-him! I was like WOW! But he was provoked! After that mom took her cat and all of her stuff down stairs. My GF and him bonded, he rubbed his face on her nose and IMMEDIATELY she got all red and a hive formed! I was like OH NO! So I got her some hydro cortisone and it worked in like 10 mins! lol The bitch of it was, that while getting all of his stuff, I forgot to get his Epilepsy meds, Kiddao has epilepsy, it was SUPER bad for a while but the meds work great! He needs a pill twice a day, but he hasn't had a seizure in almost a year thanks to the meds. My GF left and she went home and i went to my house to get Kiddaos meds, ex wife was asleep so she left them out, and I got ready for bed, Harley wasn't ready for bed, he wanted to play! lol He played the lets jump on Bobby Gs face game! lol, though I was annoyed it was so cute! I missed me some Harley! I'm glad hes back (PS I took some pics w/ my new camera, ill get them on here ASAP!)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today is the Day!

A few weeks ago I posted about getting may cat back from the ex wife Well today is the day! She cant take care of him because shes either at work, school, or doing homework. I'm super excited because I miss him! My GF is coming over and even though she is allergic to cats, she LOVES HIM. She wants to play with him. So after I get outta work, she is gonna come over and we will go get him. But there could be some drama. Mom's cat, Bridgette (Yes same name as my ex wife, crazy huh?) is a BITCH! She always is hissing and growling at someone, and it is a genuine concern about how the she is gonna deal w/ a new cat in the house. We shall see I guess! I miss Harley terribly! I cant wait to to get him tonight!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Bennigans, The Golden Years!

Oh Bennigans, a restaurant I never ate at until I worked there was one of the best jobs i have ever had in my life! I started there in 2000, in early April. I was a host due to my lack of serving exp. I had to bus & seat, and run the show upfront. I was able to quickly progress through the ranks and I became a server in 5 months or so. I still wait tables today. But no longer at Bennigans. Some of the best friends I have ever had or will ever have in My life are from Bennigans. When I started to work at Bennigans at the age of 21, I had never drank before. I managed to make it three or so months before I started to hit the bars & such. Dave, Gabe, AG, Jayme H, and other I still associate w/ regularly! Dave stood in my wedding for god sakes!

My 1st drunk story isn't like that of most people. Mine involved music, and Beer and liquor and some lovely ladies.Most peoples involved a pint or 5th of vodka in their parents bsmt, mine was at a Jimmy Buffet concert at DTE. For those that have never been to a JB concert, it is crazy! Tailgating is like a town, mad inflatable bars & palm trees, people giving free drinks and hot dogs are burgers and smoke. Now I had drank a few times, but have never gotten piss drunk until this day. me Vinny, Katie, Tiffy, Jenny, Gordy and Taka. We all headed out at about 1 o clock or so and got about $120 of beer & liquor. At this stage of the game, i didn't drink beer. It was gross to me! that was about to change thanks to a magical nectar called Labbatt Blue. We got 3 cases of blue. There was 6 people, plus MAD liquor and mixers. WE DRANK IT ALL! Plus we got some in the concert too. Gordy was nice enough to drive us w/o a ticket. So me & Tiffy went out to find one, she offered to show her boobs, but it wasn't necessary, a guy gave us one of his at face value and we were off! I only recall 2 songs from the whole concert, Margaritaville and Brown Eyed Girl. I also seem to recall a situation where Jenny gave me her beer to hold and i killed it all in like 5 seconds! she was like DAMN, you say you never drank before? I also recall Jenny trying to make herself puke. I said UM, do you feel sick, she said No, I said WTF are you doing then, she said I don't know! We got home and I started to sober up enough to drive home. What a great day! Ill never forget it, and Ill always remember the people involved!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Day From Hell...

OK usually, I'm not one to bitch, I work 3 jobs. MY day job I'm in sales, my night job I wait tables and job 3 is a Thurs night karaoke gig I run. The prob w/ the karaoke gig is that I'm usually up until 2:30 or so because the thing doesn't get over until 130. Another problem is Im up a 7 to work 8-4:30. Then after job 1 I work job 2! Job 2 usually goes until 8-10 pm. But due to a FUCKED up scheduling situation, I CLOSE at job two. If you are doing the math at home I work 8am-1am today! 17 fucking Hours! Now I did the show last night, but I didn't get drunk (THAT'S KEY!) But the task at hand is ARDUOUS! Today is gonna be LONG & AWFUL! I cant wait until 1:30 when I'm CASHED OUT in bed! Wish me luck today folks! I'm gonna need it!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dont Buy a House 3.0

Warning: this post contains strong language of a very pissed off nature, reader discretion is advised.

Don't buy a house. EVER. We have been fucking around with this fucking Short sale for over 3 months. Things have been progressing from what the Realtor understood, well yesterday Countrywide Decided to FUCK US. They decided it'd be a good fucking idea, 3 months in to transfer our mortgage to another negotiator. What does that mean you ask? Well the bank has 15 days to contact my Realtor, they could call today or on day 15, so right now, our buyer, is getting fucking pissed, and he sent my Realtor a letter that says he is gonna fucking bail! As of right ow, he hasn't bailed, but the Realtor is not optimistic about the situation, so obviously neither am I. I'm tired of living with my fucking parents, I'm tired of paying mortgage on a house I don't fucking live in. I'm tired of this house holding me close to my ex wife, I'm so fucking done with this! It is going to be at least 2 years until I am ABLE to buy a house again. I gotta say, I'd be very much scared to do it again. This whole process from the initial loan to the re-fi to the Short sale has been a nightmare. It sucks because i don't even want to be a part of this whole process at all anymore. I honestly want to just fucking walk, Peace here ya go bank! Take my house, my dignity and my hard earned money, GO FUCK YOURSELF! i try to be a good person in this whole situation, but my patience are at an end. This shit is so fucking lame, I can't stand it, However, I am hanging in there, I still am a in general happy person, but now it's time to shit or get off the pot! Fuck you countrywide, FUCK YOU!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again! If only for 4 miles....

Well this morning I got up early! Went through the regular routine. Except this morning I decided I'm riding the bike to work! its going to be 60 here in Ann Arbor MI today, and i got the itch so bad, this is my chance to scratch it. I got out side and start the bike up! It was hesitant, but it got going and warmed up for a good 10 mins when I put my riding gear on. In weather like this you must have riding gear! It's 42 right now, damn near summer compared to the winter we had but on the bike at 45MPH thats about 30 degrees. So what do you wear BG? you ask. Well I got my:

Coat Harley FXRG< waterproof, windproof, breathable w/ removable cold weather liner:

Pants. Harley FXRG Riding pants, waterproof, windproof, padded:

Helmet, Nolan Ncom 102, flip front full face helmet

Gloves, Harley FXRG waterproof, padded, armored gloves,

All this gear is for comfort and safety, I'm a very safe rider. I have taken many classes in evasive riding and also am very experienced. I started riding when I was 4. I'm 30 right now, so there ya go!

This morning was MUCH more treacherous than I thought it'd be! I pull out of the driveway and realize Damn its kind of slippery! But I was on the back roads and figured the main roads would be better, I turn onto Huron Pkwy and the back end of my bike kicks out like 3-4 ft, typically that's bad news, but I know how to ride and what I need to do to control it! I didn't go down, but it scared the shit outta me. So on Huron Pkwy I went about 25 or so for a bit until I realized the ice was gone! The rest of the ride went great! Nice a brisk out, but I had my gear on so it was all good! Its gonna be NICE today, I'm riding through my lunch break too! Happy riding people, and be safe!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Steppin' Into That Sweet Ass World

So I finally did it. I finally broke down and got a Netflix membership. Yesterday was the final straw. See, I was stoked because HBO finally had season 1 of the wire on-demand. usually, it'd be season 3 or something, and I didn't want to start from there. So I'm getting into it, I watch the 1st 6 episodes, and THAT WAS ALL! The last 7 aren't avail on-demand yet, I'm like WTF? I'm all hooked now and can't get my fix. After this sad situation unfolded, I decided I'd go to Chilli's for carry-out Fajitas, and to the local video store. Figured I'd get the rest of season 1, and just start renting them. I went to 4 video stores, 4! All 4 had discs 4 & 5 but not disc 3. Now my fajitas are cold, I'm like WTF? Beaten and sad, I return home and immediately sign up for Netflix. I get the WHOLE SERIES of the Wire in my que, Along with the series so far of Weeds, and Dexter. Ill be getting Six Feet Under too eventually. not only am i going to be able to catch up on ALL the series i never have been able to watch, but I'll also be able to watch over 12,000 movies instantly on my Mac. Netflix just came out with a viewer for Mac, so tonight when I get home I'm watching 21! I'm finally into that sweet as world. I can't wait to get my DVDs so I can start getting caught up!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Bobby G, ZOMBIE....

Karaoke last night was a BLAST! Good times, great people, too many beers, then I let my GF convince me to come stay with her last night, which is about 25 mins from my house, so today, go to bed at 3ish... up at 6:30. work at 8! So basically I'm a zombie today! I got a headache, and the phones aren't ringing, so I'm dozing off, its gonna be a long day. Not to mention, the fact that after work I got dinner for my brothers bday, so my nap is only gonna be a hour, TOPS. Then tonight we are going to the bar, I'm gonna hate the earth ALL DAY! I had to stop and get gas today, at the store I got 2 BIG diet cokes, see the caffeine in coffee is too much for me, it makes me shaky as shit, and cause my heart it flutter! So diet coke it is...I'm ready for you day, now hurry up and get over!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dreams of Spring...

As EVERYONE on earth knows, I'M SO DONE W/ THIS WINTER! It was VERY much broken down, here and also kind of here. Now that I have my new GF, this summer is gonna be great! We are gonna take walks, have drinks on patios, go to parks, and OF COURSE ride the Harley! Now we are damn near snowed in every weekend! With -10+ wind chills and shit, hows a new couple supposed to function? We have Cabin fever like CRAZY! We just want to get out!

One of the best things about my GF is that she CANT WAIT to ride on the bike! Many girls are fucking TERRIFIED about riding on a motorcycle! I can see why, they are viewed by the general public as "DANGEROUS" but they are only as dangerous as the people driving them, or their surroundings. We are gonna take some bike trips this year for the weekend or whatever! I'm SUPER excited! All I need now is a semi-warm day, w/ a few days of rain before to wash the salt off the street, a destination, and some time! it has been said a successful motorcycle tourer needs 3 things, the desire, the time and the money, I have 1 of those 3 things! lol that's be the DESIRE! For your viewing pleasure:


I love this bike, but the winter fucking sucks because even though I CANT RIDE IT, I still have to pay that damn loan! lol Got some pretty good trips planned this year too, a 10 day trip to Nashville, all up the UP MN etc., should be a BLAST! Also MANY day trips, the Harley chapter is good times! A great way to go on organized, fun rides! I have limited knowledge of my state, I cant just take off even w/ MY GPS, I still don't know routes to get places that are both scenic and nice, the GPS tells me the best way to get there, i don't always WANT to go the best way! Sometimes I want to go the LONGEST, most SCENIC way! These trips are the longest most scenic ways! There are always fun stops too! Like on the TN trip we are hitting the Jack Daniels Distillery! NICE! Always good times, but we don't drink and ride! After we park the bikes for the day though its ON! So as I look out the window at snow, and cold, I cant help but think of warmer greener, days, come on spring, don't let BG down!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Top 5 Movies!

I'm kinda bored today so I decided to do my Top 5 Movies, I can't believe I've had a blog for 10 months and haven't done this yet! So here it goes!

5. High Fidelity- Based off the Nick Hornby book by the same name, This is a great movie! Its so funny! Great dialogue, Fantastic storyline about a record store owner Rob Gordon (John Cusak) and his top 5 ALL TIME breakups "These were the ones that really hurt" An All-Star cast including Catherine Zita Jones, Jack Black (In probably his best ever roll), Tim Robbins, and of course Joan Cusak (Do they ever do movies NOT together) This movie also has a GREAT soundtrack and lots of great music & movie discussion, and Tons of top 5 lists!

4. Good Fellas- "Ever since I can remember, Ive always wanted to be a gangster" The EPIC Martin Scorsese directed Mafia flick comes in at #4. Based off the FANTASTIC book Wiseguy my Nick Pileggi, it chronicles the life of Henry Hill, and the Lucchese crime family. Fantastic fights, great dialogue and well developed characters make this one I constantly come back too! It features, Ray Liotta as Hill, Deniro as Jimmy Conway (In real life Jimmy Burke) and a Oscar winning performance by Joe Pesci. Throw in Lorraine Bracco(Dr Melfi from Sopranos fame) and you got a fantastic movie!

3. The Big Lebowski- This Coen Brothers flick stars Jeff Bridges as a Slacker w/ a penchant for White Russians & Bowling! Jeffery Lebowski is his name, but he is known throughout the town as "the Dude" Unfortunately for "the Dude" there is a rich man in town ALSO name Jeff Lebowski and he has people trying to get money from him. He is mistaken and the assailants piss on his rug, so he naturally goes to the "big Lebowski" to get his rug back. Throw in an AMAZING performance by John Goodman (prob my fav movie character ever) and a GREAT straight man performance by Steve Buscemi, not to mention Tara Reid at her ALL TIME Hottest and Phillip Seymour Hoffman, playing character only HE can play, and you got an amazing movie! The plot thickens however with a kidnapping and a plot to get money! Juliann Moore also play a part in the flick as well! If you haven't seen it GO RENT IT NOW! Be aware though, it is ODD at parts!

My last 2 Movies are actually from the same book of Steven King Short Stories.

2. Shawshank Redemption- Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) was a banker, accused of killing his wife and the golf pro she was fucking. He gets sent to Shawshank on a life Sentence. He Quickly befriends Red (Morgan Freeman at his best) hes "A guy that has been known to get a few things from time to time" He, being smart and educated gets certain benefits, he does the taxes for the jail guards, he runs the books and launders money and he also runs the library, GREAT MOVIE! One of the best Prison Movies ever! Fantastic cast and GREAT writing make this movie SOAR!

1. Stand By Me- Fantastic cast of Future Superstars, this movie chronicles the trip of four young boys from Castle Rock Oregon on the 30 mile hike to try to find a boys dead body. The boy has been missing for several days. Vern (Jerry O Connell at his chubbiest) Gordy (Will Wheaton of Stark Trek fame) Chris (The tragic River Phoenix) and Teddy (Corey Feldman) all set off on Labor day weekend to go find the body. Its a coming of age tale and the reason its my fav is it reminds me of my Friends growing up (though we never found a dead body) Great bad guy played by a young Kiefer Sutherland, a great 50s soundtrack and GREAT dialogue and you have my all time favorite movie!

Monday, February 2, 2009

A Little "Less Sensitive"

So I had to go to the Washtenaw County Court House to get my final divorce Papers Today. I walk in w/ my iPod, giant pea coat and I'm well dressed because I'm at work. Take out my ipod and take off my belt and walk through the metal detector. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP. So I go back through take off my coat BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP. I'm like DAMN IT, I'm about to take out my cell phone (which would also mean getting a locker and shit because they don't allow camera phones in the court) They Officer at the metal detector says "try the one on the right, its a little less sensitive" I say OK, and go through no problem. Is this FUCKED UP to anyone else? Why is there such a thing as a less sensitive metal detector? Shouldn't they all be sensitive as fuck to catch bad guys w/ knives and guns & shit? Granted I'm not a bad guy, but I could've had bombs on me and blew up that joint! LOL next time ill go through the "less sensitive" one anyways! Save me some hassle!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tried to be a Trooper, EPIC FAIL

So last night I went to a Harley Group related function. The bitch of it was that I was still showing signs of stomach flu. Had it since late Thursday and its been a bitch. I did however lose 9 lbs, so that's dope! Yesterday I was feeling better. I ate soup and sandwich for lunch, kept it down, so that was exciting. No more temperature, so I decided I was game to go! (I had to roll stat however because I got y GF sick on Wed, I contracted the virus Tues) So I rolled to Weber's Inn. There was a silent auction, and I got my GF a pink Harley Hat (yup still feel guilty).

There was also a bar and a buffet. The only solid food Ive eaten in 3 days was a sandwich at lunch. So for some reason I thought its be OK to eat stuffed chicken, cheesy potatoes and pasta salad. Ive also only drank water and Gatorade for the last 3 days, so I should be able to drink 3 beers right? Oh and an ill advised shot of moonshine...I'm a dumb ass. I get home and I'm in the bathroom shitting again, it has continued so far today. So yeah in closing, I tried to be a trooper last night, and failed miserably!