Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Time Machine/Random Tuesday Thoughts! Commodore Pet


Lets kick it old school computer shall we? Before the interwebnets, before flash drives & ipods and laptops, before it all was the Commodore pet. This FUGLY computer made elementary school a bit more fun.

It had these GIANT floppy disks (yes they were actually fucking floppy) and this shit green color with giant pixels, it was supposed to be fun, but if I recall correctly, the shit never worked. thanks elementary school computer love! Now For


Got this from the Un-Mom! Shes good times!

So I got my GF this delicious smelling perfume from Victoria's Secret called Ooh LA LA for Xmas. It smells SO DAMN GOOD! But what happened was the bottle started leaking so now all my shit that I put on her dresser (keys, wallet, phone chap stick change etc) All smell like the perfume. My Hand smells like this perfume all day long, and when I don't go to her house I still smell it, I cant find the source and its driving me nuts!

My beard is growing a bit harsh. Need to get a trimmer. But right now its all good because the Red Wings are still playing GO WINGS!!!!! I'm cheesing like Velveeta in this pic PS.

Birds have been getting brave lately. I don't know what the fuck got into birds but they have no regard for their own safety. I was in my car a few days ago and this fucking bird damn near hit my car. I mean it was INCHES away. Sunday I'm driving in my neighborhood and there are all these birds in the street. As I approach the majority of the birds fly away, except for this one brave soul, who flew away a split second before getting trounced by the BG ride. You escaped this time sir, but next time you may not be so lucky!

Anyone else have ridonk nicknames for their Gfs spouses etc? Well mine is Lovey, we both call each other lovey all the time but at least its not this:

The Flash was absolutely useless, his power wasn't very good he could run fast, nice, fuck, Superman could run AS FAST as him! I'm sure of it! Also what good is running fast if you gotta rock that gay ass costume...the ladies wont be impressed.

Randomness powers are weakening...OK bitches! TMT/RTT is over BG OUT!


Sheri said...

LOL I remember the huge old computers in elementary school. They were terrible! Then we upgraded to the old apple computers and we actually had mice things representing the mouses... yeah old skool decorating in computer lab lol....

Caitlin said...

Haha! We do have ridic pet names for each other, and I can't even tell you what they are because they make no sense...They aren't even mushy sounding lol! I don't remember how they got started, but we do call each other 'baby' a lot.

The beard! It's so big!

Sarah said...

Don't worry about the beard, you'll be able to shave it tonight after the game!
Sean and I don't really have any pet names, sadly. We use "Babe" alot or "Hun" but nothing unique. When we use Babe, most of the time we say it like the "Two A-Holes" from Saturday Night Live, you know, real short and flat of emotion (google that shit).

Lee said...

When I was in school, we had Blueberries.
Those big ass blue computer monitors.
But they were kind of cool.

Anonymous said...

My Hubs calls me "Sweet-Britches". I luv it.

Keely said...

The Flash *does* have kind of a lame power. But Superman is a boring character. Batman ftw!

At least your GF can be sure you're always thinking about her...!

Anonymous said...

My husband has always called me "Poop". Literally.

Bee and Rose said...

Those big old computers are what I had to do data entry on at my first job. SUCKAGE!

I call my kids lovey! I call the hubster jerkoff, idiot, loser..just kiddin'...I call him Chilly and he calls me Minnie....straight out of the trailer park! lol!