Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednes-DAZE. Stupid Hot Summer Edition

Ahhhh Michigan. Cold as shit in the winter, Hot as hell in the summer, and humid too!!! Damn. It's the first Really hot day today, highs around 95 and humid. I am miserable in this weather. Ill take cold ALL DAY, I can always add layers, I can only take off so much before I get arrested. In the heat I feel awful, Sweaty, and just uncomfortable. The thick humid air soaks my clothes and my hair wet w/ very minimal physical effort. But at least its Summer! Really looking forward to this Summer, have a great GF, who loves Summer activities. I love drinking on patios, walking, biking (Bicycle & HARLEY) some sports (if the weather isn't like above), but mainly I'm just looking forward to having fun. I am losing my job in July, what do I do? Take a trip? Have some BG time? Work my ass off at job 2? I have a house to pay for, but I am really about done with it. Our offers got rejected so it's back to square 1. It sucks. I firmly believe the bank rejected it because we are up to date on our payments. Why lose money when we pay every month? As it is I have NO CLUE how much I am gonna make, or what bills I can afford. The Harley may have to go (I HOPE NOT) everything is up in the air. Strangely, I'm not scared, I should be, but I am not. I decided I am probably going back to school. In MI we have a place called Specs Howards School of Broadcasting. I have ALWAYS wanted to go there but my work schedule wasn't very conducive to going back to school. This is a good thing in the long run I believe. I hated my job, and I have a good opportunity to do something new & potentially exciting. Here in MI there is a BOOMING film industry, and I maybe could be a part of that! We shall see!

Speaking of MI, there are these MI commercials on the radio, they are GREAT! here are a few of my favorites.

Here is one from Ann Arbor, my town!

Michigan is having a tough time. Unemployment around 14%, Jobs dropping daily, Auto Industry is crumbling underneath us, these commercials are nice. they let people know MI has a lot to offer!

Got UNBEARABLE HEARTBURN today. Its because I decided to eat hotwings at fuckin 10pm last night, I am retarded.

Enjoy Your Wed peoples! Here's some Wu-Tang for WU Wednesday!


Hit 40 said...

A male blogger!!! I must follow you. You are a rare breed.

Very sorry about the $$$. Let the house go maybe?? Then maybe they will give you a better deal.

Keep the bike you sound very sad about giving it up.

Yaya said...

Gotta love some old Wu Tang.

Good luck with school, if that is your next path in life.

Sarah said...

Enjoy those cupcakes BG! I know things are rough there right now and figured since we were down the street it would be a nice surprise! You would toatlly ROCK in the broadcasting would I. Maybe we should look into doing like a "Bobby G and Sweet P" morning show, give Drew and Mike a run for their money (Drew's coming back btw). We could totally pull it off!

Sheri said...

I hope everything works out for you with whatever you decide to do. ::hugs!::

Lee said...

Going back to school? That's awesome.
What do you think you'll go for?
I know it's a broadcasting school, but aren't there other ... I can't think of the word. My brain is fried.
Aren't there other... oh forget it.
I tried.
Enjoy the cupcakes!
Crap, I want cupcakes.

Lee said...

SECTIONS. Aren't there other SECTIONS!
Ha, I figured it OUT.

Tracy said...

I hate the heat. I hate humidity even more. I'd much rather be cold.

I had so much more to say about the rest of the bloggy post... and the talk of said humidity made me so blahh that I forgot everything I was going to say.

Ughh. Brain fart big time!!!