Friday, July 31, 2009

Zombies & NOTES! Thats how I do Fridays!

Thats How I roll today! 

No sleep, karaoke and beers, OH MY! 

Dear McDonald's

Thanks for mcskillet burritos. Those awesome shits keep me goin in the morning!!! 

Mcskillety yours, 

Dear A2 News, 

Thanks for $3000. That was the LEAST you could do! 

Love BG 
Dear Beard

I love your manliness but hate your beard zits! Stop it! 

My ziznits are the shiznit-ly yours 


Dear Charcarron, thanks for the funniest video EVER!!! 

LMAO-ly yours

Dear new apt! Cant wait to move into you! But I REALLY HATE MOVING! 



Dear Detroit Tigers, 

Great trade for Washburn today! Keep it up! 
Who's Your tiger-ly yours 

Dear Mother nature, 

I got a pool now, please give me a few hot days so i can use it! 

Pool-ly yours 

Dear Kids, 

65 degrees is too cold to swim, and dont splash so much & scream so much fuckers, 

Does BG have to choke a kid-ly yours 


Moving this weekend!!!! Cant wait! Tell you all about it w/ pics and shit next week! 

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So my move in date was supposed to be Sept 1, but the good ladies at my apt complex (one of which is my new neighbor!) hooked BG up and I can sign my lease tomorrow, and NOT PAY RENT AT ALL FOR AUGUST! So why the fuck not right? I get out of the rents house, get severance to buy furniture, AND did I mention GET OUT OF MY PARENTS HOUSE! I love my parents to DEATH, and WILL NEVER forget how great they were when I needed them the MOST during my divorce. But its time to get the fuck out! It wears on you sometimes, by Mom means well, but sometimes she annoys me to the core. Love her to death though! So here is a BG list of top 5 reasons moving out of your parents house RULES! 

5. Dont worry about waking them when you come home drunk at 4 am. 

4. No Mom stories 

3. FULL FREEZER space for groceries! 

2. MY OWN FURNITURE! Thats not 1000 yrs old 

1. my GF can come to my place for once! We need a change of venue! 

Top 5 reasons why it blows? 

5. gotta pay for food, no more "whats yours is mine" 

4. Hate grocery shopping. 

3. utilities suck 

2. KGs infinite tool set! 


But overall its gonna be SO WORTH IT! get severance and a $1000 check tomorrow to get stuff for the place and get provisions I E BEER! My new roommate is a friend I have KNOWN FOREVER! But we have never lived together! Should be fun times and a good experience! Another great thing is that my cat has a place again. He no longer has to live upstairs by his self lonely, he has room to roam again, he will LOVE that! OK folks! Hopefully tomorrow! If not ZOMBIE FRIDAY! LOVES! 

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

RTT, Running late addition! TMT ALF!




EVERY ONES FAVORITE ALIEN FROM MELMAC! He loves cats! He loves to say "WILLY" and hes a fuzzy fuck! Alf was good times!!!!! Remember that show? 

OH SHIT! I OVERSLEPT! Which brings me to 

Check out the UN MOM for her musings! 

So why is it that when you are running late, the following shit ALWAYS HAPPENS! 

1. You need gas- If you are like me, you wait until the LAST MOMENT to get gas, I HATE IT! But if I would've gotten it last night, I wouldn't of had to today! And it wouldn't of added to my lateness. 

2. Every light is red. CANT CATCH A BREAK! Catch what seems like every damn red light. 

3. Everyone drives 10 MPH under the speed limit. Step on it grandpa, Im fucking late! 

4. Cant find a fucking parking spot- despite all the people who no longer park in that structure. There is NOTHING! Why am I parking on floor 5? 

5.   Slow ass elevator. Why not take the stairs you ask? Cause I'm a lazy fuck that's why! its only 7 floor, WTF is the elevator doing for 3 minutes? 

What shit happens when you are late? 

Monday, July 27, 2009


DOPE WEEKEND this weekend! typically my weekends are full of sleep, and hangovers, but TYPICALLY not real life events. This weekend was different. 

Fri after my Zombie ass was off, I hit a local bar for a few brews w/ my new co-workers. Should I of taken a nap? YES! But alas self abuse is apparently much higher on my priority list these days.... 

After a couple of drinks, I go home and head to the ladies house. We were going to the casino. MGM Grand in beautiful downtown Detroit (sense the sarcasm). 

I hate casinos. HATE THEM. But the lady wanted to roll so I figured what the hell, might as well roll. It had been years since I went to a non-Vegas casino, (shit have I ever?) and I lost my $20 in about 6 minutes. WOW, wonder why I hated casinos lol. We were there for a few hrs and left, got home 12:30 ish and cashed out. 

Sat woke up and rolled w/ my boys tot the Toledo Mud Hens baseball double header. They play at 5/3 (fifth third, as in the bank) field, which of course I break the fraction down to 1 2/3s field. All we could eat burgers, dogs, and pasta salad. usually there are BOMB ASS cookies there. But alas, the issue was that our group got WATERMELON instead. WTF? So I took it upon my self to STEAL other buffets cookies, you know for the good of the land. I ended up getting close to 20 by the time it was done. My boys were grateful. Who knew I was such a good thief? lol 

Sunday night we hit the Incubus concert at DTE! What a great show! I was pleasantly surprised because I had never been to a Incubus concert. THEY ROCK! HARD! And the lead singer has a hell of a voice! LIVE, SO THAT'S HOW YOU KNOW HE'S GOOD! I was DEAD tired and we didn't get home till like 1:30 and I was up at 7, so its actually a Zombie Monday today. Job 2 also beckons, but Monday isn't a part of the weekend, I wont let it cramp my style! PEACE! 

Friday, July 24, 2009




What are the ingredients for Zombie Friday you ask? Take a 12+ hr workday, sprinkle in some karaoke, and mix w/ a shit ton of beer! Also the MAIN ingredient is a HARDCORE lack of sleep! 5 hrs to be exact, then and ONLY then will you get Bobby G, Zombied the fuck out! 

Check out Its the proverbial FRUIT of my fuckin labor! Las night the site went live at about 8 p.m. it was NUTS! SO BUSY! A 12 hr+ workday! Super Stressful! But really fun, and very gratifying. 

The Ann Arbor news closed yesterday. 174 years it was here! Now we move on to the new chapter of news in ANN ARBOR. I'm stoked to be a aprt of something so groundbreaking, and so cool! 

Now its letter time!!!! 

Check out KAT! at the Bungalow! The Or-ig-in-a-tor. 

Dear Quiznos, 

Thanks for making delicious subs, you helped my hangover immensely, 
Recovering-ly yours 

Dear Body, 
Sorry bout last night, getting you drunk after working 12+ hrs wasn't a great idea, HOWEVER, I cant promise it wont happen again. 

begrudgingly yours, 

Dear ladies around the earth, 

Thanks for wearing skirts! 

Love as always , 

Dear bums, 

I will now be asking you for change, 

Penny pinchingly yours 

Dear Craigslist Scammers, 

I'm not taking a check or money order for SHIT!!!! 


Dear McDonald's employee this morning, 

Sigh...I know you hate your job, but me asking for ketchup in the drive through COULDNT'VE Ruined your day as much as it seemed. Hashbrowns are more delicious w/ Ketchup, 

Tomato-ly yours 

Dear loyal readers, 

I HAVE BEN SLACKING!!!!!! I will get back to your blogs as SOON as work slows, it used to be i did all my blogging at work, now new job is TOO damn busy. we are trying to fuckin figure out how to start a company FROM SCRATCH! You know all those policies your work has? Ours are being made, which means CONSTANT CRAZINESS!!!! I know you all understand! Love you all so! 


OK folks, I wont be posting this weekend as usual, see you next week! 

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Time Machine Tuesday,TMNT! RTT!!!!!!!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! 

Loved these guys! In the early 90s TMNT were EVERYWHERE!!!!! I had tons of toys! I had a ghetto Halloween costume of Donatello (seriously it was bad, a green jacket and purple mask made of ribbon w/ shiesty eye holes cut out) And i used to beat the shit out of my tire swing w/ a broom handle, (HEY I couldn't afford a Bo Staff) Donatello was my fav, kind of a dork (like me) but he could womp ass. Here is the crew below! 

There were also a couple of movies. The first was an origin flick, and the 2nd was ridiculous, complete w/ vanilla Ice! 

Yes Its actually THAT BAD! TMNT were a fun part of my childhood! Donatello was the man! Turtle Power!

Now for:
Holla at  The Un-Mom for the fun button! You WONT be sorry!

Boom Shock Locka Now here Comes the Chief Rocka

Why do people talk to animals and babies like fuckin retards? They get all squeaky and ridonk!  Its so funny to watch cause no one knows they do it...

The new job rocks! time goes so fast because we are SO busy. I also got that interview tomorrow!!!! YAY!!!!

Still stoked about the house OBVIOUSLY! The apartment move in is set for Sept 1! I cant wait! Also gettin a severance from the news! Should take home about $3000 or so! Payin off a CC and saving LOT OF IT!!! Its gonna be nice to have a "bank" 

I need a haircut, I HATE HAIRCUTS! My neck gets all itchy and the stylist always tries to talk to you and shit...grrrrrrr

THANK GOD Art Fair is done, see ya next year asshole!!!!!

Jerry Seinfeld, "Grape nuts, no grapes, no nuts, whats the deal?": 

Where the FUCK is summer? Don't get me wrong I LOVE not sweating my balls off, but I mean it needs to be warm SOME DAY (not this weekend please, going to see Incubus outside, thatd be great, thanks!) 

I'm seriously considering getting a dog, I'm in LOVE with this one

She was born partially blind, and her owners left her in a garbage can to die. She was found when someone heard her crying. People are ASSHOLES! Seriously anyone who could ever hurt an animal on purpose needs a molten hot baseball bat shoved up their ass fuckin pieces of shit...DOGS are a HUGE responsibility, but this one likes cats (Cant let kiddao go) and has all shots and is up to date w/ vet checks. Also she is spayed already. She also already potty trained. $150 is the fee the rescue company charges. Here is a list of digs this company has avail  If you are interested in adopting a pitbull check out the site! Help my buddy Noah out! 

Ok folks, interview tomorrow, 2 jobs too, might not get a post in! Ill check you all later!!!! 

Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Monday...

Its Monday, in case you didn't know. Here is my video homage to Mondays: 

Manic Monday, The Bangles

Monday Monday Mamas & Poppas

Stormy Monday, Eric Clapton version

Great weekend for BG! Had some celebration due to the house seemingly being sold, Drinks Fri 
& Sat. GFs sister was out of town so we had a vacation at her house! It was very nice! And
Sunday I was ON A BOAT!!!!
Love that song! THE JAM!!!!

Last night I watched my shows, Trueblood & Entourage! Good times!

Interview 2 at Apple on Wed, that's EXCITING! Ill be sure to keep you all posted!!!

Till next time bitches!!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

ZOMBIE FRIDAY! & letters to the Art fair!!!!

I am a bit tired, but so fuckin excited I don't even care! Why you ask? cause the bank accepted our fuckin short sale! What does this mean you ask? My house is 1 easy step away from being sold, I am 1 step away from moving out of the rents house, And I can finally BE DIVORCED!!!!! No more ex wife chats about the house! Or anything, which is good! I am so stoked I can believe it! I'M more excited than this:

Yeah pointer sisters!

You know what fuckin time it is?

Brought to you by my American friend kickin it across the pond, KAT!

Dear City of Ann Arbor,

Really? again? Man I hoped by now you'd learn! lol

Bobby G

Dear Bitches w/ Strollers,

Hit my ankle again? I fuckin dare you! If you do it I swear you will have a motherless child!

Swollen Ankle-y yours

Bobby G


Dear Drivers


Accident free-ly Yours

Bobby G

Dear Old people,

Go back to Florida!

Bitterly yours
Bobby G

Dear Sam's Clothing Store,
Thanks for hookin me up w/ 60% off my sandals! Wow there is a good thing about the art fair,

Foot-ly Joyed

Bobby G

Dear Everyone,

It is NOT acceptable to wear socks w/ sandals EVER! Unless you are a German tourist & dont know any better! Thank you!

Fashionably yours
Bobby G

Have a GREAT weekend people! This weekend is gonna be a celebration!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

WOW missed RTT!...New job, Interview dentist addition!

Missed RTT..BLAST! I dont do Wordless Wed because I like words, lots of shit has been happening! New JOB, Another Job interview (2 PT jobs make a whole!) at the Apple Store, which is perfect for me!!!!! The interview went great! The interviewer had Harley's like my self, and it all worked out great!!!!! 2nd interview soon!!!!

4 fillings this morning, that sucked! Also got the gangsta ass jaw needle that numbs the whole side of my face. That's Finally wearing off (4 hrs later) Got 2 more fuckin fillings to go!

Short post today, I am at new job, and don't wanna get caught! SHHHHHHHHH!!!!! In depth post soon! I prob wont be posting everyday now, but I will get to your posts eventuality!

Love you bitches!!!!! '

Monday, July 13, 2009

End of an Era...

Usually I use the Monday blog to recap my weekend. But since today is my last day at the Ann Arbor News, i decided to look back on my almost 8 years here.

Here is a weekend recap, the short version, baseball. Drunk. Hungover. there, lol.

I started at the Ann Arbor News in the production dept on October 10, 2001. September 11 was just a month old and all industries were in turmoil. The ads were coming in a plenty and business was booming. It was typical to have over 45 pages of classifieds on a Sunday, now there are less than 10. Everything changed, the economy took a shit so ads weren't coming in, couple that w/ the crazy cost of newsprint paper (raised over 400% since 2003) it was a recipe for disaster.

Pre-press was a good time, but unfortunately it would never be full time so I switched to classifieds in Feb of 2006. I got FT, free parking and FREE medical & DENTAL for the duration of my time here. That was nice, never had to pay for insurance since I was FT. While I never really liked the job, it paid well and i got the opportunity to hone my customer service skills.

In March we attended a meeting that said We'd be closing, that means I've had to work at a job for four months that I knew wouldn't be there. It was pretty damn hard to stay motivated. I really have been just going through the motions. Doing enough to NOT get fired, but I have seriously had some lapses in focus and at times, even in judgement, but now its time to move on.

When I got to the news I was 22, cocky, and ready to take the world buy the horns, I worked 1-9, which was essentially a get drunk free card, as I could go to bed at 4 and STILL get 8 hrs of sleep before work, it was a good time, but kinda hard on the liver, lol. I grew up a lot here. Had a blast, and got some work done, I am very much looking forward to my jew job.

I've met SO many great people here. I have made friends that I will keep in touch with I think forever. Also many of my colleagues will be working with me at my new job! is the new paper here! Its printing Thurs & Sun w/ online content updated daily. I'm very excited to be a part of something from the start. We are the first market to try this newspaper business model. the business itself is GREAT! 7th floor office w/ a balcony that overlooks the whole city. It's BREATHTAKING!!!! We can wear jeans, there is no "dress code" it's all very exciting, but kind of scary too. I'm looking forward to my new position, and new career, but at the same time, the News has been good to me. I certainly will miss it.

Friday, July 10, 2009

the Return of ZOMBIE FRIDAY!

Welcome to Zombie Friday! it's back! I am fuckin dead today! to bed at 4, up at 7! And hungover to boot! Karaoke was TOO much fun last night! today blows! I have training at 1 for the new job, lets hope to shit I make it through! Don't wanna cash out at the new job!!!

And now for one of my fav people on earth, KAT!!!! she game up w/ So & SO Fri, where I write letters to the people places & things that make me wanna do bad things to them!

Dear White Trash Pieces of shit,

Can you stop procreating at a rampant pace please. I appreciate the fact that you are broke, and have government assistance, BUT when I'm behind you at the grocery line w/ my 1 fuckin item and you are going WIC apeshit I tend to wanna ask your babies mama(s?) to put the dick down.

White Trashedly Yours
Bobby G
Dear Minivan,

Could you please refrain from cutting me off on the motorcycle, I mean I value my life, i'm a good guy, also if you could refrain from cellphone use as you drift into my fuckin lane, that'd be appreciated to!

Clock you in you faced-ly yours
Bobby G
Dear Everyone,

Its LibRary, not Libary.

Grammarly yours
Bobby G
Dear Customer's

My work closes in 1 week, I no longer care

Laid Offly Yours
Bobby G
Dear Body,

Sorry about the amount of alcohol/Lack of sleep last night.

Bobby G
Dear Weekend,

I cant wait to see you,

Bobby G
Dear Wisdom Teeth Holes,

I really want nachos, so hurry the fuck up and heal!

No Nachoedly Yours
Bobby G

Ok folks! have a great weekend! love you all!!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bouts to Get My Transiti-on, RANDOM STYLE!!!

Well I passed my piss test w/ flying colors! (Take that Opiates) and now I am officially hired at The Ann Arbor News is now a clusterfuck or weirdness. People leaving for .com, training for .com and the people that are staying are trying to prep for the end. Customers (and us) have no clue WTF is going on! They aren't really telling us shit, I'm not sure they even know yet. But in time it'll all get worked out! I hope....

You know who's the shit? The hot Dog guy at the bar at 2am. he rocks the cart at the bar to catch all the drunk hungries and at like $1.50 anyones broke ass can get At least one for the change in their pocket! He Should a Bud Light Real Man of Genius!

my Co-Worker and Friend Katie Halton is on the cover of a new paper here in Ann Arbor called the a2 journal. She is about to have a booth at the art fair. She makes kick ass paintings starting at $65! Here she is w/ paintings all around!

Ive lost 8 lbs on the amazing wisdom teeth diet! No nachos IS KILLING ME! I LOVE THEM! My holes are fucking cavernous. I can eat anything "crunchy or sharp" which also KOs Doritos! My all time fav Chip! Sammiches and string cheese and soup it is...but for how long?

I need a haircut. I HATE GETTING HAIRCUTS! I wish I could do it myself, but thatd be a nightmare...

Porn Fuckin Rules! Especially the kind w/ the story! Even though when I'm in a "Porn Mood" I'm fast forwarding the fucking story! That's how I roll!

I love Chips

I wish Beavis & Butthead was still on ever so often! I have the DVDs but they don't show videos which is gay (stupid copyright)

Ok folks I have randomed your mind, body and soul! Enjoy your Thurs! tomorrow, Zombie Fri!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Worst Friend Ever...

My best friends sister E O is essentially my sister! I have known her since she was like 11 and we have become great friends in life. Well that is unless she hates me now. I forgot her Bday! I mean totally forgot it! There was dinner at Chilli's w/ all my friends and I forgot. There was an invite last week, but there wasn't a reminder. Which isn't an excuse. But I had so much going on yesterday it just slipped my mind...WOW I suck....

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Time Machine Tuesday: We Are The World, also RTT

In 1984 producer extraordinaire Quincey Jones decided to get every major singer of the 80s together to do We Are The World to raise money for Africa. All the major people were there singing it! Its an 80s who's who of singers. Here is a list in order of who sings
It's the jam! for all of you youngin's who weren't alive and may of never heard it, I'm sure you won't fully appreciate it! but its all good!

Now for

Check out Kelley the Un Mom, shes the ORIGINATOR. Also her name is Keeley, so she is probably hot, any confirmation on that?

In we Are The World, there are a million great artists, and fuckin Dan Akroyd from the Blues Bothers, and Ghost Busters Etc WTF? NO SHIT, check out the 4:21 min mark on the video above!!!

My desk is getting moved today, this blows....I had to pack up all my shit for NO reason, we close in 2 fucking weeks!!!

The Bobby G deep Dictionary word of the day: Gaffled
Verb, to steal
I cant believe they broke into my car and gaffled my CDs,

I used to confuse Bette Davis & Betty White, so that song Bette Davis Eyes mad NO sense to me...I was like her eyes are old! lol

My brother was at a wedding in DC and some douchebag blocked his car in, so they got a few Marines and my bro and some friends and MOVED THE FUCKIN CAR! it was Legendary!

Work is SO unmotivating, only open 2 weeks, people are leaving left & right, and i wanna be done.

I wanna get a tattoo. Nothing cliche like tribal arm bands & shit, but something, what Tats to you folks have?

Ok folks that's all for today! Blog it up bitches! Peace

Monday, July 6, 2009

The 4th of July, VIVA EL NORTE!

What a great weekend! Fri, my work was closed, I had the day off so I hung out w/ my lady all day! I also packed up the Harley and got it ready for my trip, all set up and ready to go. Hit the bar on Fri, some friends had a bday party/going away party, yes it was 1 bday and 1 going away, in the same party which was sort of bittersweet. we got home at 3:00 am not in bed until 3:30, I was up at 7 (pauses while you do the math) then I got up and headed home, out the door at 8:30, and made it up north on the bike by 11:45. I made GREAT time. While up north I shot some guns w/ KG (dad), had a few brews and saw some fireworks. We rode the long way home yesterday, and I put on about 450 mi this weekend, which makes me happy! Yesterday I hit up dinner w/ the GF, and had some quesadillas (still cant eat nachos and it KILLS ME) and 2 Murphy's Stouts, one of my all time favorite beers! Its WAY better than Guiness, if you like Stout try it! After Dinner, watched the movie Righteous Kill w/ Dinero & Pacino, it was GREAT!!!!! Check it out. OK folks, tired, and not really feelin bloggy! Check you on the flip side

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Stuff N Things

SO yesterday the boss calls me into his office. This is never good. Especially cause I have been half-assing it the last 3 months, due to the closing. So I go in expecting the WORST! Well it turned out it wasn't performance related at all. Here is what went down:
Me "You wanted to see me sir"
Boss: "Bobby, Sit down."
Me "what can i do for you"
Boss "Next Wednesday they are taking your desk"
Me "huh?"
Boss "The new company, wants your desk to move over to their new building"
Me "But there are 5 empty desks that AREN'T mine"
Boss "I know.."
Me "OK, thanks"

I felt like Milton from office space,

So it would appear I am in good shape for a job w/ the new company. A former boss here is running essentially, my old dept down there. So she called me and told me to go take a piss test, I was like cool, the job would be PT but $14/hr and Id actually kind of be using my degree, which is DOPE! SO I'm gonna call her in a bit and find out more info.

Best Buy has 0% interest on TVs over $800 so my GF decided she was gonna replace her Shitty ass TV that's so fucked up the color is all blurry and I cant read the scores of my sports, and step into that sweet ass world of LCD TVs, Twice. That's right she was like I'm getting 2 TVS, a 32 in & a 42in Samsung.

Samsungs are good HD TVs. I pointed out to my GF that they are the official TV of the NFL, she said "Great because I watch SO MUCH FOOTBALL" lol. The TVs were on ridiculous sale at Best and out the door, $1200 for BOTH! That's just NUTS! She is super stoked. So am I! See I destroyed all my Credit cards about a year and a half ago. So I have to live vicariously through others who purchase fantastic luxury items, because I no longer can. I'm excited as shit to go with her to hook them up and stuff! I'm damn near giddy! lol

Looking forward to this weekend. LOVE 4th of July! Tomorrow I have off, so I am hanging out w/ the lady tonight. Friday a buddy of mine is having a going away party, he's going to VA to be Jacob the Jeweler, Saturday me & lady are going our separate ways, her whole families Bday is this weekend, (OK mom and brother) and I am gonna go up north w/ the parents. But they don't know, I'm gonna just show up on sat morning! They'll be happy!

Thanks to the new wave of bloggy friends I have! I don't know where the hell you found me, but its about damn time!!!

OK folks have a happy n safe 4th of July weekend! I wont be posting the rest of the weekend, so Ill catch you on MON w/ a weekend recap (maybe even w/ photos!)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Epic Fail...

So yesterday I was feeling better and my boss had a karaoke show like 3 blocks from where I live, so I decided to go check it out, get a beer and sing a song, and chill for a few hours. I order a big Miller Lite (on special) and get a seat next to my karaoke boss, and chat it up with him, took 1 sip of beer and my stomach went ape shit. I was like OK, so I take another and I'm like I can't drink this, Stoo said whats wrong? I said Must be the meds from wisdom teeth and stuff, so I got it taken off my tab. The next thing I decided to do was sing a song! I chose Plush by Stone Temple Pilots.

The first minute of so was good, but then every time I said ANY WORD w/ an "F" Unbearable PAIN! So I was trying to belt it out for the crowd but I couldn't, I get through the song (amazingly) and go to sit down and my mouth is THROBBING! I'm like FUCK, so I chill for about 35 mins more and have to leave. EPIC FAIL BG, EPIC FAIL