Wednesday, April 23, 2008


IM SO PISSED! I applied for a loan to help me get outta my debt, well they wouldnt give me the loan because I have too much debt.....Imagine that, this shit blows SO damn bad...... 

Friday, April 18, 2008


My wife needs to get her oil changed, so because I love her I drove my car to my dads shop, she she can drive it home so she didnt have to wait. Its gonna be 75 today! Im so upset w/ my decision! My motorcycle is going to be sad at home in the garage

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Well ive felt like shit since about 2am. My stomach has been super awkward!  I was getting ready for work & I puked, not a good time! Goin back to bed!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Interesting Ride on the way to Work

So im riding to work this morning & im about 20-30 ft behind a Moped, Well, the moped hits a pump & its tour pack flies in the air, im Like OH SHIT! I could tell it was gonna hit the ground as I got to it, but even fully on the brakes I knew id have to swerve so I did to the right & it went left, I ran up on the kid & told him to pull over, he did, I told him what happened, & he seemed pissed (Id be too) His Tour Pack damn near exploded on impact & all his stuff was all over the road I felt bad for the kid but I had to go to work & was running late, so i didnt have time to help him clean his stuff up. Im really GLAD I avoided it, If id of hit it I may of went down & I for sure wouldve had damage to the bike, Kinda woke me up a bit though lol

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Debt Gets An Ass Whoopin!

Well , im in debt.  It sucks. I mean everyone is in debt, but IM IN DEBT! Just in credit cards its around $19,000. Well Ive cut up all my credit cards & have pretty much gotten used to the fact ill never have them again, what i havent gotten used to is the fact I am strugglin to pay the minimums & never have any money EVER! So I decided to do a few things, 1st I got another job, thats gonna be key later, but also im getting a loan, co-signed with my mom to pay it all off in 5 yrs or to pay the SHIT out of it to get it done in 2 yrs. maybe 3, Im gonna be SO happy to get it done, Its been a long journey, & I have some cool shit, dont get me wrong, ill have the HOUSE & THE BIKE,  but no high Interest Credit Cards hangin over my head. Ill have money again & Im excited about it, Those reading this, im sure I owe you a beer! Love all you folks 


I know its prob a little early to say this but their bats came alive last night after damn near 30 scoreless innings. 5-0 Twins heading into the 6th. The tigers have a 4 run sixth. The twins get 4 in the 7th, thanks to a Pudge Rodriguez error, the tigers are down 9-4. I turned the channel at that point, but kept flipping back. Soon after a HUGE 8th the tigers are up 11-9, who hit the game winning triple? PUDGE, thats how the game finished, w/ some anxious moments from Todd Jones per usual. Hopefully this is the start of the Tigers season! If so I am super excited, its about time GO TIGERS!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


So I was watching the Masters today on CBS, and EVERYTIME anyone hit the BAll some dipshit would yell "GET IN THE HOLE!" It was driving me nuts, is he the one that yells "FREEBIRD" at concerts? What a tool!

Be careful/Be safe!

As a motorcycle rider, I run into folks on the road all the time. People love to talk about your bike or their bike, or their OLD bike from when they were 15,  its good conversation & usually good times. Almost always though after one of these random conversations, someone will tell me "be safe" or "Be careful". I mean its different when its your parents or wife or someone who actually cares, but some random stranger will never know what happens to me after I talk to them & get back on the road. I acknowledge that every time I ride my bike I could die, its part of the territory when you get on a two wheeled machine. A car, any road hazard or a lady on a cell phone could easily be the end of my days. Now why do people tell me to be safe/be careful? I always tell them I will but in my mind im thinking How the hell do you expect me to be. Do they expect me to immediately go to a bar drink 8 beers & drive 120 just to see what happens? Do they expect me to go the wrong way on the expressway & see if I can dodge the cars? I know these people mean well & all & I for sure dont want to die, but  IM ALWAYS as careful as I can be, its not like I was thinking of doing something stupid, but then I talked to Mike & was like man, you really put it in perspective, I will be careful thanks, oh well, its part of 2 wheeled life I guess. 

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Reunited w/ a good friend!

My friend Michelle was back in town this weekend. She moved to Seattle like 5 yrs ago & I havent seen her since. She randomly got married & peaced out, but we've kept in touch over the years. It was great to see her, she'll always have a place in my heart. Love ya girl!

Got Another Jobby Job

Just got a job at a new sports bar in Saline! Which is dope because there will be many a hot mom & tons of hot chicks, yeah I know im married, but I really enjoy being surrounded by beautiful people. The place is called Wings, Pizza  N Things, there are several import bottles, 5 beers on tap, & lots of good food. I get my orientation there on Wed. We shall see how it goes, im excited to have Cash again! Here is the company Site. Check it out! 

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Problem w/ XM Radio....

In general I love XM radio, there are tons of great stations & they play all kinds of jams. However my BIG issue w/ it is Who decides the order of the songs? Perfect example, on the way to work this morning I hear

Lit-My Own Worst Enemy
GNR- Paradise City
Boyz II Men- End of the Road,
All good songs ill say, then for no good reason the decided to play Savage Garden Truly madly deeply. Savage Garden was amongst the WORST shit of the 90s, every song was SO TERRIBLE!, they were like Air supply but w/o the catchy songs, Just the Gayness lol Snl did great parody of it.

It Happens ALL THE TIME! ON the Hip Hop station, theyll play 3 great songs then some crazy 1982 shit & they all sound like the impersonation of black guys doing white guy voices with lines like this
I was walkin down the street
Shufflin My Feet
Looking for a real Fly Girlie to meet
I feel you can ease into the Awful. Maybe on the 90s you play, Lit, GNR, Boyz II Men, Mellissa Etheridege, Rod Stewart, then Savage Garden lol,. At least get me prepared. Another thing theyll do is play 3 good songs then some AWFUL 90s dance Song by like Cathy Dennis or someone, XM I HATE YOU! But damnit, do i respect you!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Furnace was hungover

It was something stupid & I suck....But it didnt cost anything so thats PIMP!

Casey Kasem Long Distance Dedications

OK, so Casey Kasem is a LEGEND! I love his show & still catch whenever I can. Thanks to Satellite Radio you can now listen to old episodes from random weeks in the 70's, 80's & 90's. One such episode was on the other day. It was from a random week in June 1984. There were some great songs. Then came my Favorite part, the Long distance dedication. Now these are ALWAYS Ridiculous, its always like:
Dear Casey, I writing you to tell you about my husband, he recently died, can you please play I got the Power by Snap, because life can end in a Snap.

The one on this show was PRICELESS, I couldnt make this up. It went something like this:
Dear Casey,
Ive have recently been a part of something that I will regret for the rest of my life. A few months ago me & my friends went out joy riding in a friends car. I was driving, we had been drinking. We were going too fast, I lost control and hit a telephone pole. While no one died in the crash 2 of my friends suffered permanent injuries. I will never forgive myself for what happened that fateful day. Casey will you please play ITS HIP TO BE SQUARE By HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS, thank you....

WTF? What the HELL Does that have to do w/ an accident, I thought it was gonna be something like Broken Wings by Mister Mister, or something at least relevant. I was laughing SO damn hard, tears in my eyes and everything. Until next time "Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars"

Furnace may be drunk!

So the Cooj (Wife) wakes me up this morning & says "Our heat doesnt work" So I check the thermostat, call the company, its determined the problem isnt the thermostat so I call the father in law who is all knowing when it comes to broken shit in our house.  Hes fixed damn near every problem we've had, he tries to help me over the phone but im inept, he thinks he knows the problem, but now he has to come from Toledo on  a weeknight to help us fix the furnace. Our furnace is old enough to drink, it was made in 1984. Maybe its just drunk & doesnt feel like being woken up right now.  I know how that is. A hungover furnace will ruin your day for sure. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tigers WIn!

A tremendous weight has been lifted, Hopefully now the Tigers can get back on track. They have a world class team, they should do quite well. The Tigers bullpen does worry me immensely, Todd ones is still wild and is amongst the worst in the league at Strike outs per 9 innings, It was an adventure today, bases juiced bottom 9 & he gets a pop out to end the game, unreal! GO TIGERS! 

Denied Free PIzza

Free Pizza (even if its not free) is prob the best kind of pizza Well I go to leave work, & my bikes battery is dead, by the time I got it going it was too late,  I missed free pizza, Im so upset.....

When is Free Pizza Not really Free

Tonight I'm going to the local Harley dealer for the 1 yr anniversary of the new owner taking over. There is going to be free pizza & tons of discounts. Now this Pizza isn't likely to be free because people are gonna spend a shit ton on stuff because its on sale, not me I'm going for free pizza & that's all, what if someone had a promotion & everyone just came, ate some pizza & left? That would be a glorious day

Worst Videos EVER!

Here are my Top 3

3. Mick Jagger & David Bowie, Dancing in the Streets. I swear they are gonna kiss any minute!

2.Cameo-Candy, More people need to wear GIANT red athletic protectors

1. David Hasselhoff Hooked on a Feeling, the champion of the earth!

Too Short & Harleys?

On the way to work on my Harley this morning I was Jammin out to Too Short. I had an epiphany, I bet you I was the ONLY Person in the World listening to Too Short on a Harley at that time, interesting......

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Now as many of you folks know, I along with my friends the DNE are quite amazing at the bar game name this tune. For you not familiar with the game, a DJ will lay a 10-30 second segment of a song & you get points for title & artist. Well in 2002, we were a FORCE at this game, it was the same people every tuesday like clock work. We were the 1 qualifiers BY FAR (though some of that had to do w/ Goodies Never ending wallet & shot purchases lol)

SO we are invited to Canton Ohio for the championships, Now we all have cars, but for the DNE (the Crew consisted of, Me, Tommy, OE, Dave & Gary Fritts, & I believe that was it) We had to roll Big Time, Enter Dave & Gary Fritts' Parents, We rolled down there fat in a WINNEBAGO! It was dope, fully stocked fridge, & poor Gary Fritts driving, we all drank & rehearsed our skit (more on this later) and we got to Canton in no time, well since we were in a rolling hotel lodging fees were minimal, OK they were nothing! Well we all chipped in for gas..

There were several teams (16 I think) And the 1st round was 100 songs, title & artist 2 points for each, & spelling counted (or something stupid like that) So outta 16 teams we were 13th, we knew that there was NO WAY we were gonna win this event, so we started drinking, and drinking, and drinking, We Drank so damn much we drank the bars outta coors light tall boys. It was spectacular, we were in full party mode. The top four teams got to do a skit, lip synching & they got points towards the finals. We rehearsed our skit (Back Street Boys Get Down) and even though we werent in the top 4 they lt us do it anyway because we were drunkin Rock stars lol Now We rehearsed our skit on the way & we were shit canned, we were lipsynching AWFULLY! We looked like dogs w/ peanut butter on our lips. The funniest part was every one loved us, mainly because we were so awful, but it turned out that everyone elses skits were AMAZING! They had props & backgrounds & matching outfit & shit, we were way out of our league! It was crazy!

Well there was a chick that one of our buddies was hangin out with all night & he was kinda playing her off, she wanted to hang out & she said what can i do? He said bye all my boys beers all night & SHE DID! We drank fro free from like 10pm-2am, We were WASTED! I was so drunk i drank Gary's Tobacco Spitter, it was gross but I was so drunk I didnt care, it was terrible, but I didnt puke & now its funny. Well unfortunately I had an admirer as well. She was what could be categorized as a grenade, she was the ugly friend. she looked like a Fat Darlene from Roseanne, I kept fending her off all night & finally the time of the night came & we decided to retire.

I got to the Winnebago & am about to cash out. Well this Ugly girl comes into the Winnebago & jumps in the bed. She said I have all this energy, how can You help me with that? Now I should preface this by saying that what I said to her has become stuff of legend. It wasnt my intention at the time, but heres what happened. I said to her "You can give me some head" She said to me :"I dont do that" I told her "I thought everything Blew in Ohio!" Now before I said this I knew 1 of 2 things would happen. 1. Shed leave which is cool, 2. Ill get head also cool. Well she left but my boys were going APESHIT! It was Glorious! Well the next day it was time to go home. We are driving home & We are invited to Name This Tune at The Distillery in toledo OH. We all call off work the next day & decide to go. We are met up with by a few friends. Kara & Brandon Sands. We had a blast. I dont recall so much of that night except we DRANK, ALOT & won the game. All in all it was one of the greatest times of my whole life.


Supertiff & the Track

Now ever since I was a lower case G, OK 21, supertiff has been my friend. we met at Bennigans 7 yrs ago & have had so many great times, this one is the latest.
It was a gorgeous 62 degrees w/ the sun shining, we needed a beer or 2 at Sidetrack in Ypsilanti MI , we sat conversated & had a general good time. She worked at the Arena for 7 yrs & she had recently been let go if you would & she wanted to talk to me about it, with out divulging too much info, it was BULLSHIT! We enjoyed tasty appetizers & had some Newcastles & such. Overall a great time w/ a great friend!