Thursday, June 18, 2009

Back & Netflix History....

Well as your read yesterday I hurt my back. Its bad people. Usually it lasts for a few hrs, this has been a full day and its going strong! I'm afraid to take meds cause I have important shit to do, karaoke tonight, and i cant be all duped up on meds.

I'm on day 5 or no drinking, and I feel GREAT!!!! Ive also saved a ton of loot! This weekend me and the lady are gonna keep it low key, and sober! Friday hitting top of the Park (weather permitting) and sat we are gonna hangout, we are forcing ourselves to be lame for a bit because our livers hate us lol. Whats top of the park you ask? its a summer festival on the top of a parking structure. They show outdoor movies, have bands and vendors, its good times, and its free!

so once I decided to but debt on its ass I cancelled Netflix. I loved it, while I was on Netflix I saw the 3 of the 4 best series I have ever seen (Sopranos is the other) and it was so worth it. here they are in order of Viewing.

The Wire:

The realest cop show ever according to real cops. This HBO series touches on corruption in all aspects of Baltimore. The 1st season is the drug trade, the 2nd is the Port Authority, the 3rd is the Government, the 4th is the Schools and the 5th is the News Media.

It centers around the Baltimore PD. Also a drug dealer named Omar, he is gay and hes the most hardcore guy i have ever seen, he's one of the best characters on any show ever! Its rugged, raw & real, its the best show I have ever seen, and its not close!


Suburban Mom Nancy Botwin has a secret. Shes a HUGE pot dealer. Follow her and her misadventures. GREAT show, watching season 4 RIGHT NOW! it just came out


This show is GREAT my 2nd fav after the wire. Dexter is a serial killer, but he ONLY kills other serial killers and bad men. He works for Miami forensics, ad a blood platter expert, his secret is safe and NO ONE knows his other life. The best part of this show is watching him almost get caught and the steps he takes to make it out!

OK Folks Happy Thursday! Zombie Fri tomorrow!!!!!


Lee said...

I keep meaning to get Dexter from Netflix. It looks really good.
Although Netflix kind of sucks in the longrun.
They always have a long ass waiting period for new movies.

Anonymous said...

Lol. I can't tolerate karaoke withOUT the meds.


I really hope you feel better soon!

Sheri said...

Weed and Dexter are both awesome shows! I hope your back feels better soon!

Sheri said...


Sarah said...

IS Top of the Park actually on a structure? I swear I went two years ago and it was on firm grass..on the ground. Did they move it a couple of years ago due to construction or something, maybe I heard that. THIS is why I HATE working Friday midnights! I may have to take a sick day before it ends and meet up with you guys :)

Bobby G said...

Yeah the Ingalls RD structure on the top (Hence the name Sarah lol) Yeah thatd be great let me know what Friday BEFORE you take it off so I can tell you if I have it avail..

Bee and Rose said...

LOVE Dexter and Weeds (haven't seen The Wire yet)...Have watched both of those since they started...LOVE THEM!