Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Time Machine Tuesday/Random Tues Thoughts!

Skip It!

Have a lot of lady readers, I'm sure some of you remember Skip its. Though my cock prevented me from having them, tons of neighborhood girls did I thought they were SO LAME! However the commercial was DOPE! "A do run do jump, do hop hop" LOL

Now For

Holla at the Un Mom!

Work SUCKED yesterday, I actually almost went off on a table, knowing FULLY I'd get fired. These assholes were there for 4 hrs and left me $6 on $100. I'M LIKE WTF?! If you cant afford a tip, you cant afford to eat out...

Work is getting more and more awful, as the end grows near, I care less & less, just don't get fired BG!

I'm on a drunk break. No drinking for a while, after this weekend the VERY THOUGHT of alcohol makes me want to puke.

Still sore as fuck from mowing the lawn, day 2 is always the worst

my old prostate seems to be much better, just finished the meds yesterday, shit seems pretty good.

Addicted to Cherry Coke Zero...it's made w/ real crack, so you know its good!

Why do cars not see motorcycles? I don't get it! I got all these lights, loud pipes and I'm still cut off all the time! I'm like WTF? It gets me SO mad too. I mean in a car its an annoyance, on a bike its fucking dangerous...

Fuck is my favorite word (can't tell?)

Ramen Noodles are DOPE! I got this picante chicken kind, they are DELICIOUS!!!!!

OK folks, random Tues done! Enjoy your Tuesday because it isn't fucking Monday!!!!!


Caitlin said...

When my hubs had his motorcycle, people were forever cutting him off. I hated for him to ride it on interstates and expressways because no one pays attention to motorcycles. Even when we would ride together, people would get like a foot away from us at a stoplight or cut us off. There should be an all motorcycle community. I'd sooo be there, lol.

Sarah said...

I never had a Skip It or whatever but I have a Time Machine request for you....POGO BALLS! Now THOSE were fucking dope yo! So many colors to choose from, I had a green ball with a silver platform. Another good idea is "Four Square"! I'm about to Google all of the 4 Square "tricks" since all I can remember is popcorn and bubblegum...ooohhh those were the days BG!

Bobby G said...

I couldn't think of Pogo Balls name, I was totally gonna do those today! next Tues its on,

Sheri said...

I loved my Skip-It. I had a pink one. I thought about doing that for flashback friday lol.

I LOVE Cherry Coke, they make it in Zero?!? OMG I have to go get some! It is made with some addictive stuff for real.

Anonymous said...

Skip it was da bomb baby! And pogo sticks. I was kick ass at the pogo stick.

Lee said...

I used to play with those, but I always ended up tripping myself.
It was balls.