Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Time Machine Tuesday: Sony Discman, RTT!

Sony Discman, was the baddest single revolution in music ever as far as I'm concerned! You can take DIGITAL CDs w/ you anywhere. I had the one of the 1st Discmen ever.

I skipped like a bitch and weighed like 9 lbs (Ok not really) but it was pretty damn heavy! Also the batteries lasted like 3 hrs, which really kinda killed the portability of it lol. It was so bad ass for trips though, as long as you didn't hit any bumps! lol

Now time for! Head over to Unmoms and get

Don't get your wisdom teeth out, SERIOUSLY, its been a nightmare, I got dry sockets then an infection, had a temperature & shit, NIGHTMARE!

Have an interview for annarbor.com in production, what I used to do before, and it pays $14 a hr which is nice, but its part time, which kinda blows...but hey its something...

Stoked about my new living arrangement, Sept 1 is the magical day! The house offer is SUPER SOLID and the realtor is VERY optimistic it ll get done! The place is great 986 SF, pond view, MAD storage, here is a floor plan

Supposed to go take a college tour today at a place called Specs Howard School of Broadcasting, can you guess what they do? But my mouth hurts like Mad, and its like 45 mins away, we shall see, I may just go home and rest...

I hadnt been to my Gfs house in two days due to the recovery and schedule conflicts etc, my mom asked me last night if we were still together, or if she kicked my ass out, I was like we are together and thx mom! lol

Why do drive up ATMs have Braille on them?

Were clear heels invented STRICTLY for strippers or did regular chicks used to wear em back in the day? Maybe they used to be elegant, and a stripper got a hold of them and messed it up for everyone!

OK folks BG OUT!!!! Back tomorrow


Caitlin said...

Strippers. They were always for strippers. Most articles of clothing made of something clear and/or plastic were invented strictly for strippers.

Keely said...

I reeeeeaaaallly doubt clear plastic heels were ever 'elegant'. Maybe GLASS, y'know, if you're CINDERELLA. But otherwise, no.

Hit 40 said...

Strippers ruin everything!!! Pole dancing used to be mainstream until the strippers got hold of them.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! 'why do drive up atm's have braille on them' you are hilarious!

Sorry about your teeth. :(
I've been worried about you, having just gone through that hell myself. Yeah, and now I've realized the dentist left teeth roots in that have decided to push themselves to the surface...it never ends.

Sheri said...

I had one of those old discmans too, not that one exactly but similar. LOL Yeah hitting bumps ruined it. I used to tote mine around to school too lmao... ah too funny.

I've wondered about the ATMs with braile on it too for drive up I mean they wouldn't be driving... but if they didn't want someone to know their info who drove them (not that they would see if someone saw)... lol

shopannies said...

never thought that much about ATMS both girls love clear glass like heels for dressup

Stephanie said...

Your ATM question made me wonder...why do 24 hour gas stations have locks on the doors?

Why do shipments go on trucks and cargo goes on ships?

Have you ever imagined a world with no hypothetical situations?

You know, that kind of thing. Yeah, I'm pretty deep.

blueviolet said...

I've never had a discman that didn't skip. If I skipped, it skipped. If I walked, it skipped. If I breathed, it skipped.

andy said...

i just totally shuddered at the whole "dry socket" thing.

you have my complete sympathy...from a fellow sufferer. it has been 10 years now, but i still can taste that shit they pack into the holes.



Kristen said...

The skank shoes were never cool. Only strippers and wanna be strippers wear them. Maybe a few trannies.

Bee and Rose said...

Ok...now that I've read on a bit...I see that you did have dry socket! OUCH! I have been there! Clove oil is good for that!

I still use my Discman! lol!