Thursday, January 21, 2010

Back in the Day!

I was just looking at my ever dwindling bank account, and it reminded me of the good ol' days. Im sure if you take a deep breath, close your eyes, and think hard about the past, you can come back here with me! 

How come they got rid of nap times in school? But 1st grade they were like NOPE, your ass best stay tired! I think there should be a mandatory 1 hr sleep period at work, right after lunch! That way you could throw down mass quantities of grub and then nap it off!  I mean lets face it, I'm basically sleeping at 2 everyday lol, just fightin to stay awake, if I was to take a 30 min or so nap, I'd be all good! lol 

I wish I could still travel around with a  big wheel! It'd be awesome! Everyone could customize their big wheels! Paint em up nice!, Custom hand brake and shit, plus when you need a new one, it's only like $60! 

I used to play street hockey from like 10am till dawn. Those were the days. How come if I walk 6 blocks now I'm fuckin dead? oh, I know...BEER. lol We would play all day, in sweltering fuckin heat and hardly need any water or anything. PLay all day, go home, chill, not sore, not tired, NOTHING. It's crazy how good of shape I used to be in. 

No work, only school. It was, in hindsight SO DAMN EASY! In school, we had RECESS! Which is happy play time! lol I could use recess at work! Just go outside, swing for 35 mins, then come back strong! lol 

No bills, no worries, summers off, all fun, no drama, no Bullshit, all happy! Those were the days! Yup, those were the days!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

WTF Wednesday!

Welcome to WTF Wednesday! An exciting chronicle of things that piss me off!!!!! 

American Idol, WTF? I was all braced for a 2 hr super hype excitement of awesomeness, and what do I get? Chicago...I love the city of Chicago, but in like 20,000 people they got 13 people to Hollywood, 13...Chicago, YOU SUCK! 

Recipes, why do all of you need like a 1/2 oz of milk...I don't drink milk, I'm not gonna buy a carton of milk to make my cheesy suck Knorr (formerly Lipton) WTF

When I moved in to my apt in August I bought a cheap set of silverware, granted I know it was a cheap set, but now its rusty as shit, I don't really enjoy tetanus w my meal...WTF???? 

In Country songs they always say we made love like it was the first time. The first time? The first time? So it was awkward, and finished quickly? WTF? lol

I hate how dry my apt is. It's seriously nuts. As soon as I step in I need to make a B-Line to the lotion or ill be an itching fool! WTF? A humidifier is in order for SURE!!!! 

Im so tired of traffic lately! Its been crazy, and for NO REAL REASON! It doesn't make sense! Its really slow, then we just start going, no obstruction, no stalled car in the median, no cop pulling someone over, NOTHING. WTF

Hate that song by Owl City,  Fireflies...Every time I hear it I wanna hit something, its like torture for your soul...WTF

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weekend Update....

So this weekend was kind of like a fantasy world! It was a world of celebration, happiness, sadness, excitement, and all other kinds of emotions! The Bennigans closing shindigs were AMAZING!!!! We sent Bennigans out like a champ! I felt like I was 22 again lol, but the reality hit when 3 days of partying took its toll yesterday! I didn't work till 5 but I was in ROUGH shape! 

Financially, the plan has been put into effect. I have 3 of the 4 steps started! I cooked on Saturday night, just spaghetti, but since I boiled water I count it lol. I did a mega grocery shop, including ingredients to make a few other meals! I'm excited about cooking stuff for myself, I'm a grown ass man, the time has come!!!! I'm still very intimidated though, see I can follow directions well, but some of that shit is so vague. WTF is a pinch? WTF does brown the mat mean? Is that not cooking it? stuff like that I need to figure out still, but I'm excited either way! 

Friday I opened a savings account and set up my direct deposit. I'm excited about having emergency money stashed away because I have no nest egg right now. If something happens, I'M SCREWED. 

Ive also started Netflix, which is exciting cause I love DEXTER! Season 3 is pretty good so far, but its no season 2! 

The $20/wk for going out hasn't happened yet, its because of the Bennigans closing. I had to go out, but don't worry! I no longer carry my debit card around, so I HAVE to use cash. Which is gonna help me w the spending. 

OK folks, happy Tuesday! Hope all my bloggy friends are doing well!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!! 

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Damn I'm Gonna Miss Bennigans...

Ann Arbor Bennigans...Those very words invoke memories of people and events that will make me smile forever. On the surface it was just a shitty serving Job, in an old "Irish" decorated bar. Inside however, was one of the greatest groups of people I have, or ever will know. All my major life moments happened while I was at that store. First time getting drunk at a Jimmy Buffet Concert with Tiffy and Jenny. First time I got laid I worked there. We went on some of the best trips, like the time I went to Key West for bartenders weekend w/ Fritts and Tiffy! When we got tickets to see 3rd Eye Blind in a small club in Chicago FREE thanks to Becks Beer! Bennigans, the 8 yrs I worked there turned out such a quality crew! People I've met there were in my wedding, are some of my best friends that I will ever have. There are so many reasons I'll be sad to see that place go, first off I paid for maybe 1 of 4 beers. Free beer is always good, secondly the memories, oh the memories. God, the vast majority of the best years of my life were working at this job. Ill miss some friends who have moved out of state. Damn it, here come the tears. I was hoping I wouldn't cry. I feel like I'm losing a best friend, though in reality, the friends are still gonna be around! Many are changing restaurants, or moving on to other jobs in the area, but they will still be here! To the old school staff: I love so many of you folks! That place had the best eye of hiring great people. You guys helped make me who I am today! I used to be a shy kid, I know hard to believe, but the people at Bennigans embraced me into their crew and help me explode out of my shell! Ill never forget you people! To the current staff: I love you all! You folks have been some of my best friends Ive ever had! You folks have also, even though I haven't worked there in 2.5 yrs, made sure to get a hold of me for key Bennigans events. I came whenever I could, because you guys know how to fuckin party too!!!! I wanna call out a few specific people who have had a huge hand in my life. Tiffy, I love you girl! We had so many amazing times! I don't see you NEARLY enough anymore! Dave Fritts, I love you man, we also don't see each other as often as we should, but I miss you man! Gabe: You are always there for me when I need to bitch, you have let me know that shit isn't as bad as it seems and it can always be worse, so be thankful for what Ive got. Big shot out to my boy Josh Rice who is moving to Colorado, you've been there for me a lot man, we have discussed some seriously deep shit on FB chat, best of luck to you sir we will all miss you man, but now we got a legit reason to roll to Colorado, to come see you! Kristin Ellis, while we disconnected for a bit, we have reaffirmed our friendship. Thank you for being there for me on those nights where all my stuff gets to me, I love you and am so glad we have reconnected! There are so many notes I can write, everyone has touched me in some kind of way. The hearts on you people are truly the biggest Ive ever seen. God who knew back in 1999 when I filled out an application at a restaurant Id never ate at before, that it would literally change my life? I love all of you folks and best of luck to all of you in your new endeavors! You all deserve the best!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

RIP Teddy Pendergrass

Teddy P passed today at age 59 after a long battle w Colon Cancer. Lead singer of Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, he went solo and had some of the sexiest jams ever!!! RIP Teddy P, you are the smoothest pimp in the history of music! 

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

WTF Wednesday!!!!!

Three blogs in a row? WTF BG? lol 

So this morning I arise as I always do, and I go to the living room, get the mail, and I have bills as always. One in particular though caught my eye. a bill from Dr Norbert, a dentist, who pulled my wisdom teeth in MAY! I open it up, $550.27. FROM MAY! 8 months ago WTF

Lane Kiffen, head football coach at Tennessee is leaving after 14 months! Way to go asshole! way to leave the kids you recruited, the team you inherited and the school who gave your bitch ass a shot! WTF

Mark McGwire was on steroids? REALLY? Who didnt know this? The earth knew this, now he confessed and its news? WTF

Did anyone see American Idol last night? Victoria "Posh Spice" Adams looked like she was about 4 seconds away from death. She was so thin and tanned and bugged eyed. She looked like a fuckin alien, WTF

My brokeassness has reached critical levels, it's gonna be a rough ride, like I needed more drama WTF

I ordered  a Wallet from ebay like 3 weeks ago, I don't think I'm gonna get it, WTF? Time to dispute the charge...

OK Bloggy land have a great Wed!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

RTT:, and other stuff!!!!

Its true, Ive been slacking like a mug. Between that, and the lack of commenting on other blogs, I understand where all my love went. Also the fact that many of my posts were kinda depressing doesn't help, people like the funny BG, I do too! He's back though, usually, ever so often sad hits, but I'm doing well! So now its time for the random Tuesday love that we have all came to love from my girl the Unmom. Enjoy!!! 

The Tacobell Drive through Diet? Are you shitting me? I don't care if that chick says she lost 54 lbs eating Tacobell. I call BS, there had to be other stuff at work here. She didnt walk, so it cant be like Jared, all she did was drive her car in Tacobell Drive Thru, and order items that are exactly the same except minus cheese. Anyone else see any way this could work? neither. 

Has anyone priced liquor lately? I went to get some for a friend and it seemed really expensive. I haven't bought liquor in like 4 yrs. Is it made w unicorn blood now? Cause thatd do it! lol 

Ive Been Immersed in music as of late! I have Great headphones and song I used to fuck up lyrics in are so much clearer I can now figure them out! One of my favs Prince, Seven, it goes, 

And we will see a plague and a river of blood
And every evil soul will surely die in spite of

But the way he says it, the inflection 

And we will see a plague and a river of blood
And every evil soul will be a Giant Spi-der, 

I swear lol

Anyone else totally addicted to Jersey Shore on MTV? I used to poo poo it, that is, until i started watching it! Its so trashy and awful you gotta watch!!! These tanned buff dudes, and trashy, (hot) chicks (especially JWoww lol)  I cant get enough of the fights and attempted hook ups! lol Its so great!!!! 

Facebook, GLORIOUS FACEBOOK, has a Jersey Shore name generator, I am B-Train, I love it, Ive embraced it, but its still no Bobby G though lol. My best nickname is built in! 

So Ive been on the prowl for ladies lately, dating is a strange world, Ive been in a relationship (well 2) for the last 6 years, and now I'm dating again! This is CRAZY! The world has changed! I still am able to talk to Ladies, but do you know how long its been since I've had to wear condoms? They are expensive too! $6 for a 3 pack! WTF? Oh well cheaper than a baby! Or doctors visits...

Got myself an iPod touch! 32GB w a case. I splurged on it for sure, but I use all day at work, to help customers and show em stuff, so I justified it that way (and I wonder why I'm broke lol) But all that is ending, Its on me all day like my phone when i get WIFI I take it out and utilize, its also my iPod too obviously so I jam to it all day long at my non apple job. Good times there!!! 

OK folks, i hope to see some of you back on my site, I plan on posting more regularly, because honestly, I miss it, and I have funny stuff to say again!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!! 

Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to Brokeassness!

Im broke, I cant lie, after Lori passed I stopped caring about money, and bills, and was very haphazard with my money. Bought shit I couldn't really afford, ate out too much, drank too much, and in turn gained weight. Ive gotten probably $600 in bank fees since October, and I didn't care, until now! I'm tired of it! I need to save money. And I have a plan. Its 4 magical steps! Here they are:

1. Grocery shop more! I can get 2 weeks of groceries for $60 or I can eat 10 meals out. The math is easy here! Im also going to try to cook food! Tacos are easy, spaghetti is easy, these things can be done cheaply, and without to much work.

2. $20 a week for going out. There are tons of ways to make this $20 stretch in a college town! Several bars have $1 beers or cheap specials, restaurants do too!

3. SAVING! $40 a check goes into my savings account! You never know when this life will throw you a curve ball! Id like to get about $1000 saved to have as a fund.

4. And finally, Netflix! Watching TV is a good way to stay focused! Especially when you are engrossed in a great show like Dexter! $15 a month will save me hundreds!!!

So there ya have it folks, its my 4 part plan, I hope this works, Im so sick of being broke!!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


What a whirl wind these holidays have been! An emotional mix of happiness, sadness, missing, loving, and over all excitement! They were easier than I expected w/ regards to Lori. Had a rough time Xmas eve and New years at midnight. Went outside, sat on the porch got a few tears out, and was good to go! I miss her so much, but I am doing SO GOOD in general. I have never dealt w a loss like this before. I never knew how much strength I had inside until now. The only real thing that I embrace about all of this, is the role I have taken w friends and family when they dealt with loss. I have become a great ear for many people! I enjoy helping folks whenever possible. The holidays are a tough time when you've encountered a loss. Its a typical happy time for most, but the emotions you feel after a loss are quite strange I must say. While everyone else is having a great time w/ the food and presents etc,  I was a bit numb. I recall how great the holidays were last year w/ her by my side and it makes me a little bit sad, both because I miss her, and also that I wont have that again with her. I know for sure, that I will find someone again! I will have many memories with her too!!!! 

I am stoked for 2010! In my mind its a clean slate!!!! I can now focus on the future!!!! I can focus on my friends and family! I am very excited for the unknowns in 2010, I just hope the unknowns are good, and not bad, another 2008/2009 this year, its going to be a lot to handle...but, I'm so strong right now, I can take anything!!! 

PS: Sorry for the semi depressing post, it helps me to get my thoughts out on "paper" thanks everyone!