Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Disney, FULL OF IT!!!!

I was delving into my memory banks today, thinking about Disney because I am listening to Disney Music on Pandora (don't judge me) I love Disney cartoons. Especially Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Lion King and Mulan. But there is unfortunately a bunch of BS involved due to the fact that its a cartoon and it has to be happy. 
So in Little Mermaid. There are 2 Ariels. Underwater Mermaid, with beautiful voice, or On land Ariel, w/ legs, and NO VOICE! Seriously, what guy wouldn't want that? A Beautiful red headed Goddess who cant talk? JK ladies =) 
Here is a song by Great Big Sea that's about mermaids! The End RULES!!!
Good times huh? Dirty Nufies! 
OK So in Beauty and the Beast Belle, was smoking hot. And she fell in love w/ a Beast, OK, that's cool. I'm w/ ya so far Disney. So they fall in love before the last rose petal falls, and he turns into.... A FUGLY PRINCE! If I was Belle Id be looking for Gaston, cause this dude is struggling. 
Why we are on Beauty and the Beast, and on the subject of Gaston. Why would you chose Belle when you had 3 SMOKING HOT TRIPLETS that WANT you? Its not like Belle was game, and he'd be ditching here for these girls. Hmmmmm
In Mulan, Mulan she dresses as a soldier to fight the war to save her father from death in a war. So you telling me, in a war situation, they had NO IDEA Ping (Mulan) was a chick? she never had to piss? or Change? or anything? Plus LOOK AT HER 
Really? They couldn't tell? Here's the JAM from Mulan 
OK that's all I can think of now!  Have a good Wednesday folks!!!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Skipping RTT to do a bit of preaching...

The Wisconsin Based, Freedom from Religion Foundation has put several billboards, like the one above around the Detroit area. I for one agree with them. The people of Detroit have put WAY too much faith into religion to help with their day to day problems. Instead of being proactive and doing something, they sit back and wait for a greater being to "show them a sign" Church is a social scene for them. Its a place to go every Sunday and see your friends. My problem w/ churches in general is the use God to get money. These folks can barely afford day to day life, yet the collection plate goes around 3 times a service. The people of Detroit, and anywhere really, need to use their common sense.   The billboards are creating a stir in the Detroit Area as you can imagine. I just hope the people in the "D" take a step back. Darrell Dawsey from Time Magazine has written an amazing piece on this issue.  Despite your religious affiliation, I URGE you to take a look at the piece. It might just make ya think.... Sorry for the sermon folks, but it really struck me this morning, and I wanted my readers to see it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

One good thing...

Tuesday I had a BUMMER post about all the shitty thing that happened with my year. The Last item was breaking up w/ my girlfriend. Its been a REAL tough week. BRUTAL. Tons of crying, not a lot of sleep. Constant nervousness and lots of nausea. The reason why I feel all of this? I love her. She has been the SINGLE greatest thing about this year. She is amazing. Beautiful, sexy, and really strong willed. She has probably the best heart I have ever encountered in a woman, or any human in general. She never puts her self first. EVER. The thing I will be the most grateful for is how much she helped me during this year. Of all the BS that happened, she was ALWAYS THERE. Either to bitch at to clear my head or a shoulder to cry on. Her smile brightened my day. Its the little things ill miss the most. Cuddling on the couch watching a movie, her sweet kisses, her gentle touch, her beautiful and soft lips, her hypnotizing eyes, and her amazingly caring nature. The breakup happened, and I wont get into personal relationship details on here, but it was my fault (Fuck no I didn't cheat). That's why this is so damn hard. It's bad enough that I lost her. To have it be because of something I did, makes it 10 times worse. No 100 times worse. I have ALWAYS treated her well, I told her Id always be there for her and that Id do whatever I can to make her happy. I let her down, which crushes me. We will always be friends. I know people ALWAYS say that. But I have no doubts in this case. She IS my best friend. She knows all my deepest darkest secrets. I can tell her anything. There will be a bit of an adjustment period of course, but in my heart I know we will be friends w/ her forever. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Outline of a shit year..and RTT at the end.

This last 12 months have been by FAR the worst of my life. So I'm going to outline the shit year at hand! 

Aug 22 2008- Ex wife says she has issues w/ marriage and needs me to work on things. 

Sept 3 2008- Says shes done. 

Sept 7 2008- My brothers wedding. 

Sept 8 2008- Announce divorce to close family members. 

Sept 11 2008- 5 year anniversary (dating) it sucked. 

Sept 26 2008- house goes up for sale, I move to the parents. 

Sept 29 2009- Would've been 1 yr marriage anniversary 

Dec 11 2008- Divorce is final 

Dec 13 2008- Ex best friend Ben says he has feelings for me ex wife. anger/sadness ensues. 

Feb 25 2009- Get stomach flu, then give it to GF. 

March 23 2009- Huge meeting at work. Outlining the fact that the Ann Arbor News (my job) is closing. 

April 10th 2009- Crash the Bobby G Ride. 

April 14 2009- Insurance says its totaled give me money for it

Summer 2009 DIDN'T HAPPEN! It never really felt like summer at all here in MI, which made me sad! 

July 23 2009- Ann Arbor news closes after 174 years of service 

Sept 7 2009- 1 yr anniversary of divorce 

Sept 14 2009- Me and my GF Lori break up and decide we want to be friends. We are coping.

And there ya have it!!!  Pretty shitty year huh? 

Now for:

Holla at The Un Mom she has the button!

Being a vampire would rock, plus vampire chicks are fuckin sexy! 

Being a zombie would also rock, but not the fast zombies, I'm talkin bout the slow night of the living dead zombies, they rock! 

Ive been single for a total of 3 months in 6 years. Not sure how its done anymore lol 

University of MI is 3-0! They won 3 games TOTAL last year! GO BLUE! 

Ok folks! Happy Tuesday to all!!!! Love you! 

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bobby G's Feet's Excellent Adventure

MY FEET SUCK. They are flat as hell. Like these: 

When I step out of the pool, you can see my WHOLE DAMN FOOT! No arch cut out at all. Its like I got fucking flippers on lol. What does it mean? It means pain. Lots of it. When you work all day on your feet (9+ hrs some days) and you have shitty shoes, that's a bad combo. I figured I had to do something, before I kicked my own feet's ass.  Now I could go to a podiatrist, they'd tell me I had flat feet and Id of said, "Way to go Dr. Obvious" and of charged me a shit ton for it, or I can go to Foot Solutions what these guys do for ya is check your feet and determine what's wrong and the best options to fix them! I had an appt for 5 last Thurs. So I rolled over. The guys that work there aren't Drs. They are Podorthists. They are experts in orthotics basically, or shoes inserts for the dumb asses. So what I did was sit down, fill out a form and take my shoes off. The guy comes over and grabs my feet and puts it in the old school foot measures you would see at all shoe stores. I put my feet in it sitting down. And he measures a whole bunch of stuff. Then again standing. What did he determine? That MY WHOLE ADULT LIFE, I have been wearing the wrong size shoes. WOW! Been here five mins and already have a solution. He said my toes are fine in an 11, but the problem is that the widest part of my foot would fit best in a 12, and I found out that my foot is narrow, a B width, so none of my shoes have hugged me like they should.  Then after that he turned on a computer and I had to walk on a pad on the floor that was connected to it. when I was done I looked at the screen and saw my whole damn foot, as i knew I would. And he ran all the numbers through it and determined that I have bad balance because my feet don't transfer weight like they should due to lack of arch. DEAD ON. I am more likely to trip over shit, or stumble than anyone I know. He had me do a balance test. I had to lock my hands together in front and he pushed on them and I stumbled. Then he Had me lock in the back and pushed down and I stumbled. So then he reached behind the desk and grabbed some inserts. I stood on them and did the same test. NOTHING, no movement at all. I was like WOW! So then he watched me walk. He determined that my shoes were shit for me because they offered no motion control. My shoes moved to much when i walked to that they would help w/ my issues due to the lack of stability. I'm already unstable damn it. So when i went there I was like NO WAY IN HELL I'M GETTING DR SHOES! Those things are FUGLY. So he was like let me show you some shoes, I was like here we go. 1st pair were all black sneakers. HIDEOUS! then he showed me some running shoes that I liked due to the color scheme. They are by Brooks, who is a respected name in running shoes, especially Motion control running shoes.  I liked them, they didn't have my size but I tried something close w/ some inserts in them, and WOW! What a difference! It was night and day! So i purchased the arch supports from them. carbon fiber bottom, light and lots of support. He said I should prob get custom orthotics because of my extreme feet. Custom orthotics are like $400 though, so NO. lol. I ended up getting these shoes in 12B width and size. 

They are SO COMFY because they fit me right! The best part of all this is its FREE! NO CHARGE for the tests and stuff. I paid $58 for the supports, but it was so worth it. What a great experience. If you have foot problems, click on the link i had above and see if there is one near you, its FREE!!!! Ta-ta for now bitches! 

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday Sopranos Style

Ladies and gentlemen meet Bobby Giovanni. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Patrick Swayze & random TT

its the Un Moms thing!!!!

RIP Patrick Swayze. Even though you were in the worst movie of all time (Dirty Dancing) You were in the best SNL skit of all time so redeemed. 
Best (or worst depending how you look at it) FB status quote about Swayze
"No body puts baby in the coroner" (what to soon?) 

Ladies, dont give guys fake phone numbers. if you HAVE to lie say you have a BF.  It makes us think you are less of a bitch. LOL

Note to self. If you and a significant other have a house, and you get divorced and move out, make sure the utilities are in her name or you will get FUCKED to the tune of $600ish. FML 

GO BLUE! U Michigan put on a hell of a show against Nortre Dame this weekend. What a game! '

Pandora you still fuckin rule! 

Sometimes you gotta say fuck money and get what you want. Right now is not one of those times for me lol 

So ive started re-watching the Sopranos, on my DVDs, love that show!!!!!! 

Ok folks, miss u all, back to story of my life...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

WTF Wednesday!

Lots of people do wordless Wednesday, but I like words. Lots of them. Sometimes I talk just to hear my voice. Get it? Good. So here is my VERY first installment of WTF Wednesday. 

So I work on the 7th floor at work, which is the top floor. So when I get off at 5, inevitably, I will have to stop on the way down a few times to wait for people to get on the elevator etc. Well yesterday, this BITCH got on the 3rd floor, and got off on the 2nd floor. In my head I was like BITCH Waddle your fat ass down the stairs. WTF? 

Friday It was POURING RAIN here in MI.  POURING! There was a TON of standing water on the street and this big ass truck hit the water at a high rate of speed and I got SOAKED! I tried to avoid it but behind me was a wall, I could go nowhere...WTF? 

I need an IPHONE! But I'm too broke! Id have to cancel my Verizon Contract. it'd be $100 to kill it, which isnt unreasonable, but then add an extra $200 for the phone, it wont happen too soon...WTF? 

Im going to a foot doctor tomorrow. I have the worlds flattest feet. Its RIDONK! When I get out of the pool you see my WHOLE foot print. All of it! The doc is gonna measure me for foot insoles for my shoes. I hope he doesn't say I need Doctor shoes. That'd suck and make me more of a douche bag than I already am. But my feet wont hurt anymore...its lose lose. WTF? 

I am a dork. Why you ask? Because I am STOKED about the Apple New product announcement at 1. I am gonna listen to it at work. Yeah, its that bad...WTF? 

Every year I get excited about Detroit Lions football. This is the year I think, every year. Every year I am disappointed, WTF? 

I found a downside to Pandora. You only get 40 free hrs a month, then its $.99 for the rest of the month. I know its 99 cents, but come on Pandora WTF? 

So Obama's big socialist agenda? Don't post incriminating pics on Facebook, stay in school, act right. And people have a problem w/ this? WTF? 

Lyric Fuck Ups anyone? 

Warren G Regulate 
Correct Lyric. I cant believe they're taking Warren's Wealth. 
Wrong Lyric: I cant believe they're taking Lawrence Welk. WTF? 

Prince 7 (Bobby G fuck Up) 
Correct Lyric: And every evil soul will surely die in spite of
Wrong Lyric: An Every Evil soul will find a GIANT SPIDER. WTF BG? 

Manfred Mann 
Correct Lyric. Blinded by the light, revved up like a deuce another rumor in the night 
Wrong Lyric: Blinded by the light, wrapped up like a douche another rumor in the night.  WTF? 

Ok folks! WTF Wednesday is over! Wednesday, its a perfect day to bitch! 

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

RTT, Where I have been!

Ive been working my ass off!!!! Apple is going great, I am new but I'm selling tons of stuff and helping customers out w/ their problems! Its a cool job, fun people, and a great environment! the only problem? Its COLD AS ANTARCTICA in there!!! FREEZING!!!! I usually rock a long sleeve T under my Apple T. We have been so busy because Apple is running this great promotion. $100 off a comp, free ipod touch and printer after rebate. Its been a ZOO!!!! Couple that w the fact that the Apple store in Novi was closed, and it makes for a busy few months!!!! 

Football is back!!! That makes me happier than words can describe. It seemed to of come quick this year. The reason? Because the Detroit Tigers are doing good! Gives me something to do in the summer while waiting lol. 

My shows starts back up tonight at 10 on FX! What show you ask? SONS OF ANARCHY!!! Its essentially motorcycle Sopranos! It follows a bike gang in a fictional California town. MAD DRAMA! Check it out!

I'm so stoked about fall. LOVE FALL!!!! Halloween, my bday,  Beautiful colors, hoodies, and snugglin w/ the one you love! CANT WAIT for cool weather tailgates before Michigan games, motorcycle rides w/ the leaves all red, yellow and orange, and bonfires! Love Bonfires! the only shitty thing about fall is that winter is near. Winter in MI blows.

Ok folks, kind of a lame post, but I post when i can!  Love you all!!