Saturday, May 31, 2008


I LOVE SUBWAY! It delicious & while not as healthy as they let on, WAY Better than fast food. But I have a MAJOR DILEMMA w/ Subway, probably 6 of 10 times I go, I get behind "THAT GUY" The guy who orders Subs for his WHOLE office, or for his whole family, but today took the cake. I walk into the Store & there is 1 guy and his kid, I figure it wont be a big deal. He says I need 11 subs! Im like WTF!?  lol So im there 35 mins while the subway people (there were ony 2) Had to make this RIDONK order! It ended up being like $86, I was so pissed lol, I didnt say shit but inside I was steamin, but its all good, my sub was delicious!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Luc Bourdon...Motorcycle Death.

Luc Bourdon, Player for the Vancouver Cannucks & also their AHL affiliate died in a motorcycle crash yesterday, it brings up the issue of "Are motorcycles Dangerous?" The question is a complicated one. The answer is Yes...but only if you are not prepared, Luc bought his bike 3 months ago, as of right now, the type of bike he was on isnt known, but he being a young kid, with a ton of money I have to assume it was a high performance sport bike. It seems he lost control in a turn & hit a semi head on. Before everyone jumps on the motorcycles are dangerous bandwagon, it is important to task these questions. 1. Was he licensed? 2. Had he taken a motorcycle safety class? 3. What kind of bike?
Now if he had taken the class & was licensed he probably doesnt go over the center line, because hed of known proper cornering techniques, obviously circumstances arise, sometimes ones that are unavoidable, but if you have proper training these situations can at least be avoided, or the severity limited. All this being said, over the last few years there have been a lot of accidents involving sports figures on bike
1.Jay Williams, G Chicago Bulls had a Sportbike 2 days, crashed it foot & knee injuries etc. hasnt played in the NBA, no training or Lic,
2. Kellen Winslow JR TE Cleveland Browns, crashed motorcycle, Knee injury, unlic. & no safety class, returned to the NFL & has been a Pro Bowl Player
3. Ben Rothlisburger QB Pittsburgh Steelers- Sportbike rider, exp, no lic, no helmet, broken Jaw returned to the NFL
4. Diego Corrales- Boxer, sportbike crash on the vegas strip, going 120 rear ended a car, Drunk, he didnt survive.
Now people always say why do they let him ride, if I was a pro athlete id ride, ive taken precautions to help insure I know how to operate my machine.
The death of Luc Bourdon is a tragic reminded to the importance of being well trained to handle your machine.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Religion...Whats the deal?

OK....I have been fighting about writing this post for a LONG TIME. Due to my feelings on the subject (they aren't like everyone Else's) I am absolutely tired of the way religion plays a part in the day to day running of this country. I firmly believe the world would be better without religion. There wouldn't be so many wars, there wouldnt be so many travesties carried out in gods name (televangelists come to mind, also criminals that said God made them do it) Now let me just come out & say right now that I have no ill feelings to someone who practices religion as long as they don't preach to me, It doesn't concern or affect me. I have many friends who practice religion & I don't have any problems w/ them. It always seems like the most religious people are the most awful. They were serial killers who found God & now they are good people? I think not! Also there are so many hypocrites out there when it comes to religion, just because you go to church doesn't make you a good person per say. Ive seen parents use god as a disciplinary tool, "if you do something bad God knows" I was like WTF? I wanted to go to that kid & tell him that God isn't real lol but I didn't. Now I am an Atheist, I don't believe in a God or a single being that looks over our lives etc, Im not one to call someone out for having us pray I just sit quietly w/ my hand together & think about hot chicks or something unholy lol. Im not a super die hard atheist, I wont protest churches, I wont fight for this belief, its just how I feel. With the beliefs however it does bother me when people are against something that is wrong in the Bible. Perfect example is gay marriage, people are against it for many reasons, but one I hear very often is its says its wrong in the Bible, the Bible is written by man.....lets just be real....i consider it to be the most popular fiction book ever. it sounds like something JR Tolkien wrote lol. The other day I called a customer at work to get payment for an ad, she answered the phone "Praise the lord" I was kinda shocked lol, but whatever, now if that was me trying to preach what i feel maybe "God isnt real, can i help you?" then there'd be a upheaval. Like i said i dont really care if you like religion or not, the 1 places that religion doesnt belong is The White House, if we start running this country by the Bible shit will hit the fan! Now if you want to live your life by the bible, cool, if you go to church every sunday, cool, but you wont see me there..

Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Idol

David Cook is the winner. I was actually surprised because I thought David Archuletta was more of the cookie cutter mold that is American Idol. I also wanted DA to win because I dont like him as much as Cook, WHAT? you ask? American Idol has become a pop factory. What happened to Rueben Studdard, Taylor Hicks, & many others, infact THE most sucessful AI alum is Carrie Underwood, shes in country music, infact many of the most successful Idols are in Country music, Josh Gracin, Kelly Pickler, Bucky Covington, Obviously Carrie Underwood, Is this Country Idol? I think so. Only contestants who have sold big not in country are Chris Daughtry & Kelly Clarkson. Thats it (that i can think of) So lets hope David Cook breaks the mold, he is a talented guy, but 1st he has to get past that one cookie Cutter album that AI makes you do. The worst thing about AI is now All the Top 3 get contracts, Why you ask? Because of all the money they lost on chris Daughtry, from 2 seasons ago, he was 3rd, made a good album & got a boat load of money, none of which went to American Idols People. Now dont get me wrong i am a fan of Idol. Ive watched every season starting w/ season 2, but Im growing tired of it, they need to sing more current music, if not AI may be on the decline.....

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oh I almost Forgot.......

Yesterday at work again there was a priest there....Now Im NOT AT ALL religious. A priest came in & blessed the new restaurant with like a 3 min prayer, then he walked around spraying holywater all over the place, good thing it didnt touch me, i might've gotten burned, also what if someone slipped on the holy Water & hurt themselves..thatd of been ironic....dont ya think?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Clowns at work! WTF!?

Colors The clown came to my new job today I was so pissed, I had a clown come to my job! Now I dislike clowns the creep me out, plus clowns attract kids like a mug, there were tons of face painted kids looking like David Bowie there, it was nuts! NO MORE CLOWNS AT MY NEW JOB! lol, screw that! I did not enjoy that whole mess lol.......

Saturday, May 3, 2008

80s Chicks

So ever so often, you notice something that youve actually known your whole life. So im watching I love the 80s 3-D, & GOD DAMN 80s style & 80s chicks are the worst shit ever! (40s chicks are the hottest) Now the 80s were a time of strugglin, I mean the economy was great, there were tons of jobs & things were good, but the majority of 80s life was strugglin. The clothing was awful, the hair was worse, the music had some great songs but in general it sucked (except hair metal of course) The movies in general blew (except like, Top Gun, Goonies, Vacation, & a few others) Im really glad I GREW UP In the 90s, I mean the 90s had some bad shit too, (DANCE Music!, fuckin Savage Garden) but I love the 90s I loved most of the music, & the fashion etc. So im conclusion down w/ the 80s!