Friday, May 29, 2009

Joy & Pain...


OK, it's not really Zombie Friday because I slept like a rock again! Levaquin is GREAT! They kicked us out of karaoke at like 12, so i was in bed at 12:30! Slept STRAIGHT through til 7:30! AHHHHH!

Yesterday was a day of TREMENDOUS JOY! And a bit of pain! First:

Well went to the Dentist to see if I needed a root Canal, what happened there was beyond my wildest imagination, and the Dentists too! They numb me up, and I start to chat w/ Laura, an attractive mother of 3 who commutes to Adrian everyday for work (we had 20 minutes, I now can write a full biopic pic about Laura, the chick who played Andrea in 90210 can play her)

I digress, but anyways I'm numb as fuck, but its JUST my right side so I can still talk, and am not drooling, but it does feel like someone crushed the shit outta my face and it's all swollen, its not, but Novocaine is a weird feeling! The make me open wide as shit and they start to check the tooth that had a potential Root canal, they ask me if it has been hurting and I'm like NOPE so they are optimistic. She starts drilling for like a few mins, and says to Laura, We got a problem here, I'm thinking WHAT THE FUCK is the problem? They get kinda frantic for a second, and start doing shit to my tooth, this and that (can't recall the dental jargon) finally the Dentist goes, I've sen this like 5 times in 30 years! NOT WHAT YOU WANNA HEAR , I'M LIKE WTF is up? it's called Internal Resorption what is is is the living tissue cells, instead of form in UNDER the tooth, go INTO the tooth, and start decaying from the inside out. The space is taken over by a tissue, a lot like the gums in your mouth, so when they drilled into it, the pressure from the tissue hitting the tooth was released, and it starting shooting blood! they were like "teeth aren't supposed to bleed" I'm like "No shit" so they seal it w/ some cement that tasted like cloves, and I need to go talk to a oral surgeon, which means I will 100% get a root canal, and a crown, so that blows, I also still need ALL MY filling because they couldn't do shit as far as fillings go yesterday but they thanked me for making their day exciting, I wanted to be like FUCK YOU! But they were SUPER nice, and surprisingly gentle. So I said "NO PROBLEM!" So now im gonn abe buried up to my fuckin eyeballs in Dental debt, thank god I still have insurance! Now for
After 9 months, many fights and fueds, and lots of frustration, we GOT 2 OFFERS ON THE HOUSE!!! We have been trying since September, its making my divorce NOT seem final, though it has been since December. Both people are pre approved, so it appears we are finally gonna be rid of it!!!! The bank decides, we sign, we move our shit! easy as 1-2-3. In honor of my Joy & Pain post, here is the vido for "Joy & Pain" By Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock

Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock - Joy And Pain (Official Music Video)

See ya next week!!!!!!


Sheri said...

Yay! Congrats on selling the house. That is a HUGE load of relief I am sure. Ouch I hate the dentist... I have to go soon too because my tooth is in utter pain but I have no insurance... I shudder at the thought of the pain and the cash deduction.... ::cries::

Caitlin said...

Congrats on selling the house! Also, no fun for all the dental work, but as long as it's done before your insurance is gone that no big deal! Also, gross. Gross, gross, gross.

Lee said...

Congrats on the house!
I'm so sorry about your tooth. Jesus christ that's scary. I've always worried my teeth would start bleeding.

Sarah said...

Damn dentists...I need to go too. Congrats on the house too, what a relief that must be!

Boyd is not dead Bobby G...Leroi, the horn player is the one that passed.

Captain Dumbass said...

Bleeding teeth? That's pretty fucked up.

Yaya said...

I totally feel your pain Bobby. I got my wisdom teeth pulled on Thursday and then one spot got infected and I've been in throbbing pain all weekend. :(