Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Time Machine Tuesday: Sony Discman, RTT!

Sony Discman, was the baddest single revolution in music ever as far as I'm concerned! You can take DIGITAL CDs w/ you anywhere. I had the one of the 1st Discmen ever.

I skipped like a bitch and weighed like 9 lbs (Ok not really) but it was pretty damn heavy! Also the batteries lasted like 3 hrs, which really kinda killed the portability of it lol. It was so bad ass for trips though, as long as you didn't hit any bumps! lol

Now time for! Head over to Unmoms and get

Don't get your wisdom teeth out, SERIOUSLY, its been a nightmare, I got dry sockets then an infection, had a temperature & shit, NIGHTMARE!

Have an interview for annarbor.com in production, what I used to do before, and it pays $14 a hr which is nice, but its part time, which kinda blows...but hey its something...

Stoked about my new living arrangement, Sept 1 is the magical day! The house offer is SUPER SOLID and the realtor is VERY optimistic it ll get done! The place is great 986 SF, pond view, MAD storage, here is a floor plan

Supposed to go take a college tour today at a place called Specs Howard School of Broadcasting, can you guess what they do? But my mouth hurts like Mad, and its like 45 mins away, we shall see, I may just go home and rest...

I hadnt been to my Gfs house in two days due to the recovery and schedule conflicts etc, my mom asked me last night if we were still together, or if she kicked my ass out, I was like we are together and thx mom! lol

Why do drive up ATMs have Braille on them?

Were clear heels invented STRICTLY for strippers or did regular chicks used to wear em back in the day? Maybe they used to be elegant, and a stripper got a hold of them and messed it up for everyone!

OK folks BG OUT!!!! Back tomorrow

Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Sham ON" Rip Michael Jackson & crazy Weekend...

OK, let me preface this blog by saying I am flying high on Vicodin right now. So please ignore any awkwardly phrased sentences, and bad typing. The reason I am writing , while high is because Michael Jackson is dead. Lots of people don't give a shit, many people are like good riddance to a child molester (never convicted) and general freak show. I however choose to focus on his amazing catalogue of music. Michael Jackson was one of the greatest entertainers of all time! PERIOD. He had an amazing voice, was an amazing dancer, and fantastic showman. Hopefully now that he has passed, his passed transgressions will go by the wayside and his music will be remembered, not his alleged acts of child molestation, or buying the elephant mans bones etc.

I'm hurting, BAD. I'm at work now, but only till 8:30 when everyone else gets here, then I am OUT! i have been living on vicodin the last few days, every 4 hrs while my mouth is fucking killing me! So on Friday, still in a haze, we get an AMAZING offer on our house! the people want it so bad they do the math & offer us exactly what the bank needs! (A few hundred more even) they LOVE THE PLACE so much they don't even want an inspection! Which now has changed my living arrangement again! Back to the pines I go (apt complex) 2 bdrm, 1.5 bath, patio view of pond, mad storage 986 SF for $739! Split 2 ways w/ a buddy of mine! I AM STOKED!!!!! This was gonna be a huge post w/ pics and remembrance but my mouth hurts too bad, wheres the fuckin vicodin? Nap time!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Got to sleep in a bit today due to the 9:20 Dentist Appt. So I'm not to bad today! A bit hungry though since I was unable due to dentist orders allowed to eat anything since like 3am.

Without Further A-Do

Dear So and So...

Dear AutoFlush Toilet

If you could avoid flushing while I'm on you that'd be great, I'm not a huge fan of a wet ass, thank you.

Soaked-ly Yours
Bobby G
Dear Douche bag in a Nissan Truck,

If you could refrain from going 20 under the speed limit I'd appreciate it, Making a traffic jam at 3:30 pm on a Tuesday cant be fun.

Road Raged-ly yours
Bobby G
Dear Facebook,

I really would appreciate it if you would stop sending me random notifications for various games, apps, etc? It's obnoxious, I think I got a status comment or something important, and instead you want me to play Yo-Ville,

Spammed-ly yours
Bobby G
Dear Customers,

Could you please refrain from asking me if I am losing my job when the paper closes? I am, so I really don't want to talk to you about it unless you offer me a legit job, thank you

Soon to be Unemployed-ly Yours
Bobby G

Dear 4th of July,

Thanks for being on Saturday this year! I get the 3rd off, which isn't any holiday at all! Ill be getting drunk next Thursday, you rock!

Drunked-ly Yours
Bobby G
Dear Jackson Customers,

Garage Sales aren't the answer to unemployment, that is all.

Bobby G
Dear Magglio Ordonez (Tiger's Right Fielder)
can't believe you cut the hair off! Super sad, super sad.

Follicle-ly Sad,
Bobby G

Have a great weekend folks!!!!! I'll be drugged up and hurting so have a better weekend than me!!!!

Losing the Wisdom...

Tomorrow is the day. The day I lose my wisdom teeth. Not all 4 just the bottom ones. I'm nervous, I hate taking pain meds, they fuck w/ me, but it seems inevitable. I'm gonna get knocked out because since my wisdom teeth are impacted the "surgery" will be covered by my medical insurance. which is dope, so I might as well go all out huh? Tonight it business as usual. I cant eat anything up to 6 hrs before, which isn't a big deal, I hate the ones where I cant drink. I drink water all day! Everyday! usually around 200 Oz or so, more when it's hot. If I don't drink water my mouth gets dry SUPER quick, and I panic. See when i was 16 i got heat exhaustion and almost passed out. It was VERY SCARY, so ever since then I have drank a ton of water. It's good for me anyway, flushes the system, keep me hydrated and makes me piss a lot lol. the pissing kinda sucks, but It's necessary.

I hate my job right now. My boss who is the shit, her last day is tomorrow. I wont be there due tot he wisdom teeth extraction. She was the reason why I took this job. Best boss I ever had. So the remaining 3 weeks are gonna be interesting. I don't know what to expect.

Yesterday I kinda had to go off on a guy. he kept blowing up my phone! I was on the other line and he left me 10 messages in 5 mins! 10! He called back and I answered because I was off the other line and he said I let 10 messages, I said WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU LEAVE 10 MESSAGES, he said it was urgent, I said that's why its a message! Obviously I wasn't available, you leave 1 message and I call you back! He was a shady immigration guy anyway, these people hire immigrants, but have to "post the job" No non immigrant has a chance to get this job, but they need a proof of running, so he was on my shit about sending him a paper. it was so annoying I was PISSED!

I want a Honda Fit. I know you either love em or hate em, but I LOVE THEM!

My VW still runs great, but its in rough shape, its 13 years old, still it only has 130K on it. I'm losing my job a the end of July, so OBVIOUSLY a purchase of that magnitude cant happen, but I do love them and maybe one day ill scoop one up!

OK FOLKS! Happy Thursday! Letters & zombies tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednes-DAZE. Stupid Hot Summer Edition

Ahhhh Michigan. Cold as shit in the winter, Hot as hell in the summer, and humid too!!! Damn. It's the first Really hot day today, highs around 95 and humid. I am miserable in this weather. Ill take cold ALL DAY, I can always add layers, I can only take off so much before I get arrested. In the heat I feel awful, Sweaty, and just uncomfortable. The thick humid air soaks my clothes and my hair wet w/ very minimal physical effort. But at least its Summer! Really looking forward to this Summer, have a great GF, who loves Summer activities. I love drinking on patios, walking, biking (Bicycle & HARLEY) some sports (if the weather isn't like above), but mainly I'm just looking forward to having fun. I am losing my job in July, what do I do? Take a trip? Have some BG time? Work my ass off at job 2? I have a house to pay for, but I am really about done with it. Our offers got rejected so it's back to square 1. It sucks. I firmly believe the bank rejected it because we are up to date on our payments. Why lose money when we pay every month? As it is I have NO CLUE how much I am gonna make, or what bills I can afford. The Harley may have to go (I HOPE NOT) everything is up in the air. Strangely, I'm not scared, I should be, but I am not. I decided I am probably going back to school. In MI we have a place called Specs Howards School of Broadcasting. I have ALWAYS wanted to go there but my work schedule wasn't very conducive to going back to school. This is a good thing in the long run I believe. I hated my job, and I have a good opportunity to do something new & potentially exciting. Here in MI there is a BOOMING film industry, and I maybe could be a part of that! We shall see!

Speaking of MI, there are these MI commercials on the radio, they are GREAT! here are a few of my favorites.

Here is one from Ann Arbor, my town!

Michigan is having a tough time. Unemployment around 14%, Jobs dropping daily, Auto Industry is crumbling underneath us, these commercials are nice. they let people know MI has a lot to offer!

Got UNBEARABLE HEARTBURN today. Its because I decided to eat hotwings at fuckin 10pm last night, I am retarded.

Enjoy Your Wed peoples! Here's some Wu-Tang for WU Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Time Machine Tuesday: OLD POST Casey Kasem, Also RTT

I wrote this post when I FIRST started my blog. No followers, no one saw it, and it was my Fav post ever! So without further a-do here it is!!!!

Casey Kasem, Long Distance Dedications

OK, so Casey Kasem is a LEGEND! I love his show & still catch whenever I can. Thanks to Satellite Radio you can now listen to old episodes from random weeks in the 70's, 80's & 90's. One such episode was on the other day. It was from a random week in June 1984. There were some great songs. Then came my Favorite part, the Long distance dedication. Now these are ALWAYS Ridiculous, its always like:
Dear Casey, I writing you to tell you about my husband, he recently died, can you please play I got the Power by Snap, because life can end in a Snap.

The one on this show was PRICELESS, I couldn't make this up. It went something like this:
Dear Casey,
Ive have recently been a part of something that I will regret for the rest of my life. A few months ago me & my friends went out joy riding in a friends car. I was driving, we had been drinking. We were going too fast, I lost control and hit a telephone pole. While no one died in the crash 2 of my friends suffered permanent injuries. I will never forgive myself for what happened that fateful day. Casey will you please play ITS HIP TO BE SQUARE By HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS, thank you....

WTF? What the HELL Does that have to do w/ an accident, I thought it was gonna be something like Broken Wings by Mister Mister, or something at least relevant. I was laughing SO damn hard, tears in my eyes and everything. Until next time "Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars"

And now for

Its been INCREDIBLE here in Ann Arbor, MI this last few days! great Harley weather!...

I'm tired as shit today, tryin not to fall asleep and my mundane about to close job, help me stay awake people!!!...

On the bike today I got clocked in the face by a bug. it was HARD as shit and stung like no other, or it may of been a BB. Damn kids...

Caffeine free pop is lame, why do I drink pop? for the caffeine, Coffee is too harsh for me I get all shaky and awkward...

Hittin bike night tonight, one of my fav things about summer. Great people, beer & food, and OF COURSE kick ass bikes!!!

I am addicted to Cherry Coke Zero, it's made w/ real crack that's how you know its good!

Ok folks I'm out have a great Tuesday!!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Rewind!

Friday all our plans were thwarted to to the tremendous rainstorm we got here in MI. it rained like 3 fucking inches! A torrential downpour all night! So instead of hitting top of the park, we stayed in and watched Weeds Season 4. GREAT SHOW!!!! Sat AM I got up and went home, got on the Harley and headed up to our dealer for the open house they had, free burgers & dogs, and 30% off any 1 item. Since I didn't need anything and am totally unselfish i got my GF her 1st HD item! A pink polka dot tank top. It looks amazing on her too!!!! here it is below:

After that I went home & vegged out a bit. was gonna do laundry but I said fuck it lol. headed back over to Lori's at about 6 or so. we went to dinner at BW3s and then hit the bar at about 10. we stayed till pretty much close, went home and got some sleep. Sun we wake up early because Lori has to go to her parents house for Father's Day. I went home, watched the Tiger's sweep the Brewers, finally did laundry and I washed the Harley. The Harley was REALLY DIRTY! I hadn't washed it for a month or so and it was in DIRE need of a bath! Looks great now though! took a pic after the wash:

So at about 5:30 Mom and Dad got home from their bike trip to Traverse City MI. I asked dad if he wanted to go to my other job (job 2) because on Sunday's now they have a bike night. he said he was tired (It was true because less than 5 mins later he was cashed out on the couch snoring it up) So I decided to roll over there have some dinner and a beer. Well I leave and am driving home and I pass my parents on the way back, so I turn around and we got BACK to job 2 and I buy dad some nachos and a beer. I also got him this Harley Wallet because he's obsessed with Harley's (wonder where I get it from? )
So he had a good father's Day it would seem. Kenny G is a great dad! Maybe one day if I ever have kids I will be as good a dad as him. He was firm & fair! He is a guy who told us to stick up for ourselves, but at the same time he cries when I set up my graduation pic collage lol. Love you dad! Happy Father's Day!

Friday, June 19, 2009

ZOMBIE FRIDAY!!!!!! Letters to the Earth...

Back to a full fledged Zombie Friday this week. Coming off a SOLID 4 hrs of sleep (if that) I'm dragging ass & my punk ass old back is still throbbing.

I have to go to the "Put it in my ass Consultation" for the Root Canal today. I'm out of work at 2:30 which is DOPE, but since I have to go to the dentist it's not so good.

So Kat over at 3 bdrm Bungalow started a new Friday thing its called

Dear So and So...

Which is letter to people that piss you off, so here goes!

Dear Mother Nature...
WTF? Can you ease up on the downpour for God sakes?

Soaking Wet yours
Bobby G

Dear People
Come to Karaoke for God sakes, the show consisted of ME last night, a grand total of two songs were sung, both from me!

Boringly Yours
Bobby G

Dear Subway Customers,
When I need one sub and you are ordering subs for the whole fucking earth, will ya let me go ahead? That'd be GREAT!

Hungrily Yours
Bobby G
Dear Tums,
thank you for making my upset stomach & heartburn go away, you really pulled through last night.

Comfortably Yours
Bobby G
Dear Pandora
Thanks for passing the time at work this morning, I enjoy rocking out to your hand chosen for BG jams!

Rockingly Yours
Bobby G
Dear Blog Readers
Thanks for being dope, following me & leaving comments. I wouldn't enjoy this without you bitches!
Happily Yours
Bobby G

That's all for Zombie Friday. Thanks Kat for the letter IDEA!!!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

5 Questions from the Optimistic Pessimist

Second Blog Post today, I know, PAY ATTENTION TO ME is what I'm saying w/ 2 posts, but suck it up people, these were sent to me from the Optimistic Pessimist

1.) Always have to say everything on your mind or never speak again? Why?

Always speak all that's on my mind. That's how I do it now anyways! I cant STAND hiding shit from people, even if it makes them mad or sad, I figure as your friend you should know the un sugar-coated truth, hope you can handle it!

2.) Have a pie-eating contest or a wheelbarrow race? Why?

WTF? lol This is random everyone else got crazy questions that mattered lol. I'm sure the OP is probably running out of questions, so Id say Wheelbarrow Race, way less prep, and WAY less mess. Plus fat people don't have an advantage in the race...

3.) What's your worst pet peeve?

Oh man SO MANY! But if I had to pick one it'd be stupid people, I know that's vague as fuck, but I'm talking about the people at the gas station who smoke, the people who think I'm gonna stop when they cross the street, people who are on their cell, painting their toes & reading a book in their cars (WTF?) ya know, these folks...

4.) Last thing you bought?
AC refills for the VW, my AC was struggling and I HAD to recharge before the summer annoying heat hit me hard...

5.) You discover a beautiful island upon which you may build your own society. You make the rules. What is the first rule you put into place?

You cant use Anyone's first name or you have to drink..(Yeah the Asshole Drinking game) No seriously, I'd make Marijuana Legal, tax the shit out of it and be RICH! Never have to worry again!

Back & Netflix History....

Well as your read yesterday I hurt my back. Its bad people. Usually it lasts for a few hrs, this has been a full day and its going strong! I'm afraid to take meds cause I have important shit to do, karaoke tonight, and i cant be all duped up on meds.

I'm on day 5 or no drinking, and I feel GREAT!!!! Ive also saved a ton of loot! This weekend me and the lady are gonna keep it low key, and sober! Friday hitting top of the Park (weather permitting) and sat we are gonna hangout, we are forcing ourselves to be lame for a bit because our livers hate us lol. Whats top of the park you ask? its a summer festival on the top of a parking structure. They show outdoor movies, have bands and vendors, its good times, and its free!

so once I decided to but debt on its ass I cancelled Netflix. I loved it, while I was on Netflix I saw the 3 of the 4 best series I have ever seen (Sopranos is the other) and it was so worth it. here they are in order of Viewing.

The Wire:

The realest cop show ever according to real cops. This HBO series touches on corruption in all aspects of Baltimore. The 1st season is the drug trade, the 2nd is the Port Authority, the 3rd is the Government, the 4th is the Schools and the 5th is the News Media.

It centers around the Baltimore PD. Also a drug dealer named Omar, he is gay and hes the most hardcore guy i have ever seen, he's one of the best characters on any show ever! Its rugged, raw & real, its the best show I have ever seen, and its not close!


Suburban Mom Nancy Botwin has a secret. Shes a HUGE pot dealer. Follow her and her misadventures. GREAT show, watching season 4 RIGHT NOW! it just came out


This show is GREAT my 2nd fav after the wire. Dexter is a serial killer, but he ONLY kills other serial killers and bad men. He works for Miami forensics, ad a blood platter expert, his secret is safe and NO ONE knows his other life. The best part of this show is watching him almost get caught and the steps he takes to make it out!

OK Folks Happy Thursday! Zombie Fri tomorrow!!!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rainy Day...

I hate rain, well I hate rain when its by itself, throw in some wind, thunder, lightening and a bit of hail (for good measure) and then you have a storm! I LOVE STORMS! I like to sit on the covered porch w/ a tasty beverage & watch them go down. I love the black sky, the rhythm the rain makes on the roof of the porch and I love the way the rain looks coming down when it hits the street. My least favorite thing about the rain? UMBRELLAS, that's right, I hate umbrellas. Rihanna would be pissed I bet. Today it was pouring out, I broke down and opened my umbrella for the 1st time this year, I feel like my vagina is showing, I felt like people were making fun of me, I just think it has to be a VERY dire situation for a man to use an umbrella. Now I have this soaking wet, piece of shit in my cubicle, making my area moist, its obnoxious. it better rain all damn day, cause I hate carrying an umbrella when there is no rain even more, it looks ridonk...

Also when it rains I cant ride the bike, OK let me re-phrase, I CAN, but the work it takes to make it clean again is extensive! if I'm on a trip and it happens, then OH WELL, but I typically wont go riding in the rain for the hell of it.

Trimmed the beard last night, KG (Dad) showed me the ropes as he has had a beard for like 20 years, and this is my 1st go-round, it turned out well. Even my un precise ass can make it happen because its pretty damn fool proof. Which is good because my Un-Diagnosed ADD doesn't allow me to be patient lol. I wanted to trim it cool, but Ill fuck it up for sure... so until I get some confidence in my skills, ill keep it easy.

I hurt my back today in the shower, I didn't even do shit either, just turned to get the soap. WTF? My GF asked if I aged 20 yrs in a week, I'm like I guess.

OK folks, off to find some muscle relaxers! have a great WED!!!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Time Machine Tuesday/Random Tues Thoughts!

Skip It!

Have a lot of lady readers, I'm sure some of you remember Skip its. Though my cock prevented me from having them, tons of neighborhood girls did I thought they were SO LAME! However the commercial was DOPE! "A do run do jump, do hop hop" LOL

Now For

Holla at the Un Mom!

Work SUCKED yesterday, I actually almost went off on a table, knowing FULLY I'd get fired. These assholes were there for 4 hrs and left me $6 on $100. I'M LIKE WTF?! If you cant afford a tip, you cant afford to eat out...

Work is getting more and more awful, as the end grows near, I care less & less, just don't get fired BG!

I'm on a drunk break. No drinking for a while, after this weekend the VERY THOUGHT of alcohol makes me want to puke.

Still sore as fuck from mowing the lawn, day 2 is always the worst

my old prostate seems to be much better, just finished the meds yesterday, shit seems pretty good.

Addicted to Cherry Coke Zero...it's made w/ real crack, so you know its good!

Why do cars not see motorcycles? I don't get it! I got all these lights, loud pipes and I'm still cut off all the time! I'm like WTF? It gets me SO mad too. I mean in a car its an annoyance, on a bike its fucking dangerous...

Fuck is my favorite word (can't tell?)

Ramen Noodles are DOPE! I got this picante chicken kind, they are DELICIOUS!!!!!

OK folks, random Tues done! Enjoy your Tuesday because it isn't fucking Monday!!!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Oldest Weekend Ever...

I fail to believe I'm not 22 anymore. I fail to believe it. Every time I get drunk I'm like "MAN I really need to take it easy when I drink, I'm not 22 anymore" Case in point: Friday me and the GF go to her friends house in Livonia, MI. they have this great fucking house w/ a basement w/ all the baddest shit! A Wurlitzer Juke Box, a Golden Tee Video Game, fucking 60" LCD Flat screen,fully stocked bar, like this place is PIMP! it was also stocked w/ 7 layer dip, meatballs, salami, cheese crackers and all kinds of deliciousness! We went to watch the Redwings game, which ended up sucking ass (they lost 2-1, and thus aren't champions of the world) So basically after that it was time to drink, and drink we did! I GOT SHITFACED! prob about 15 beers (including the 4 games of ill-advised beer pong I played at 1 or so in the morning) and of course my not 22 yr old ass puked my guts out that night. I woke up at about 6 am, in a strange bsmt (theirs) and my GF was no where to be found (eventually found her on the upstairs couch, passed the fuck out) We both HATED the earth on Sat. HATED IT! I had to go to my cousin's grad party at 3, I got there at 5 lol. To make matters worse it was the GFs friends bday party. She HAD to drink again, I made my ass DD lol. That way I had an EXCUSE not to drink. 4 beers the whole night from 8pm-2am. The THOUGHT of alcohol made me nauseous, the poor GF however sucked it up and was a trooper, but at the end of the night it ended in vomit for her too. The bitch of the weekend? I was STILL hungover Sun. Ah the rare 2 day hangover. When I was 23 I had alcohol poisoning (I assume, a fifth in 2 hrs) and had a 2 day hangover, but that was a TON of liquor, haven't drank liquor since. At 30 it takes 15 beers over a 9 or so hr time frame. WOW! So I went home from the Gfs house at about 6 pm. Got home and had to mow the parents lawn. The lawn is HUGE! it takes about an hr or so to do it, and in my current hating the earth state, I wasn't at all excited. Guess who is sore as shit today? THIS GUY! Sore from moving the lawn? It is a push mower put its self propelled, so its not like I had to push it around for and hr, I kinda just followed it. MAN...the oldness continues!

In good new the new season of Trueblood started, what a GREAT 1st episode! This shows rocks the house! can't wait for the rest of the season. OK folks, that's all for today! PEACE!!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Zombie Friday!

Actually, I didn't sleep long but I slept well! Not really a Zombie today, but I'm sure ill hit that wall later!

Dental Good (Bad) News
Well, I went for my consultation for my wisdom teeth removal yesterday. The DR was really nice, he broke down the options, be put out, not put out, blah blah blah, what was gonna be cheaper, cause my ass ha s a shit ton of stuff to do, well that'd be not put out, so it'd be $300 out of pocket to NOT Be put out, like $800 to be put out, so I was leaning towards not. But that means I get to feel all the shit they are doing to me, also I would need the $300 UPFRONT. The day of surgery. I was like Hmmmmm, I'm gonna be numb and duped up on pain killers, and you want me to drop $300. GREAT! plus where the fuck is my broke ass gonna get $300? I better look online and see about selling Kidney's lol. So i go back to work, nervous about what I'm gonna do. I call my medical insurance to see if its covered under medical cause its a surgery, they were like only if they are impacted, guess what? THEY ARE! Its like a miracle! I was so excited, but I swear i came back to earth hard, because I now know I gotta get IMPACTED WISDOM TEETH OUT! But at least its gonna be free!

GO RED WINGS! Game 7 is tonight, and we are gonna be the champions of the earth! Typically, this would also be the end of my playoff beard, but my GF loves it so it will live on! But I will buy a trimmer, cause its getting ridonk! Happy weekend folks!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Well the BG dentist chronicles begin today. Basically I got a Wisdom teeth consultation, which is a way to squeeze a few more dollars out of my broke ass. Then I have the Wisdom teeth pullage on the 26th. Also have a root canal consultation too! I'm kinda leaning to just pulling the tooth and getting a fake one. Not so much cause of the pain, but cause of the cost involved. It's gonna be FAT loot, and honestly for my teeth, for some reason, I don't care to pay for that lol. For my health, sure, but for my teeth I'm like eh, those shits are all gonna fall out eventually. Which I'm SURE is a fucked up way to look at it, but in these tight times, I gotta cut corners when I can.

Also in the what the fuck am I gonna do dept, the last day of work is nearing. Its kinda surreal. People are cleaning out their shit, people are leaving, its a very weird situation. At the same time I'm kinda happy because I never REALLY liked the job, I worked here because of the security (Yeah, Epic Fail) and the free benefits, yeah FREE! Even when I was married they were free for both of us. Id go look for other jobs, and benefits weren't free, so I was like well...now I am forced to take a job, I'm not sure what I'm gonna do, or what I want to do, but I'm excited of the possibilities that are coming. It's not a scary time, but a very exciting time. Though I prob should be scared as shit lol.

Yesterday at work there was trivia, they do it every Wednesday, and its good times, good music, answer question etc, I talked to the guy after and I think I want to host trivia. I have a good voice, I play dope music, and its $60 for 2 hrs of work! cant beat that! Plus I can drink during! its like 7:30 to 10ish, so still out early enough to not hate the earth! I think I'm gonna apply today! why the hell not!

Last Night on TLC there was this show about this CRAZY strong kid. He had some kind of condition that i cant pronounce, but its actually a benefit, not bad for him. it gave him CRAZY ass muscles, like a mini body builder, this kid didnt have an OZ of fat on him. He was walking at 5 months, climbing up & down stairs at 7 months, and at 18 months he would push his moms furniture all around. It was INCREDIBLE! Video of this little monster below!

Good Thursday folks, Zombie Friday tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Birthday Extravaganza!

Today is my Gfs birthday (Happy bday BABY!) But since I'm the worst BF ever, I had to work today. A good compromise was to celebrate yesterday. That's what we did. Got to her house 6:30 ish. I gave her her gifts, I brought them all in a big pink bag w/ pink & white floral tissue paper (an ex Gf of mind taught me about gift bags and coordinating them, I only break it out for special occasions, since its a skill most boys DON'T HAVE, I don't wanna look any gayer than my walk already does) Anyway, where was I? Oh GIFTS! I got her a card (duh) it was funny, it said
"Someone loves you today" on the front then inside it said "its the same person who loves you everyday, but today you get a card" I thought it was pretty damn funny. so did she. Then she opened my 1st gift it was one of those angels w/ wire wings & no faces its the "you are loved" one:

After that I gave her gift 2, tickets to see Incubus, her favorite band. She was super excited. Then I gave her gift 3. She LOVES cherries, Has a cherry purse, wallet, car air freshener, and sterling silver cherry earrings, so I got her a matching necklace, white gold w/ ruby cherries & emerald leaf. its this one below, but my buddy who works at the jewelry store had it turned to white gold for me at no extra charge

After gifts, she got ready and we went to Mongolian BBQ! for those out of state or the poor souls in MI not familiar w/ Mongo, its a place where you grab a bowl, pick a meat, add veggies, sauces & seasoning, and take it to a big ass grill that's 600 degrees and make your own stir fry, its fucking GREAT! it was DELICIOUS!

After that we rolled to my brothers house to watch the Redwings game, they lost, so now its ON for game 7. The tigers also won, a 10th inn HR by Miguel Cabrera sealed the victory for us! After that we went home. It was a GREAT night Happy bday baby! Love you!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Time Machine/Random Tuesday Thoughts! Commodore Pet


Lets kick it old school computer shall we? Before the interwebnets, before flash drives & ipods and laptops, before it all was the Commodore pet. This FUGLY computer made elementary school a bit more fun.

It had these GIANT floppy disks (yes they were actually fucking floppy) and this shit green color with giant pixels, it was supposed to be fun, but if I recall correctly, the shit never worked. thanks elementary school computer love! Now For


Got this from the Un-Mom! Shes good times!

So I got my GF this delicious smelling perfume from Victoria's Secret called Ooh LA LA for Xmas. It smells SO DAMN GOOD! But what happened was the bottle started leaking so now all my shit that I put on her dresser (keys, wallet, phone chap stick change etc) All smell like the perfume. My Hand smells like this perfume all day long, and when I don't go to her house I still smell it, I cant find the source and its driving me nuts!

My beard is growing a bit harsh. Need to get a trimmer. But right now its all good because the Red Wings are still playing GO WINGS!!!!! I'm cheesing like Velveeta in this pic PS.

Birds have been getting brave lately. I don't know what the fuck got into birds but they have no regard for their own safety. I was in my car a few days ago and this fucking bird damn near hit my car. I mean it was INCHES away. Sunday I'm driving in my neighborhood and there are all these birds in the street. As I approach the majority of the birds fly away, except for this one brave soul, who flew away a split second before getting trounced by the BG ride. You escaped this time sir, but next time you may not be so lucky!

Anyone else have ridonk nicknames for their Gfs spouses etc? Well mine is Lovey, we both call each other lovey all the time but at least its not this:

The Flash was absolutely useless, his power wasn't very good he could run fast, nice, fuck, Superman could run AS FAST as him! I'm sure of it! Also what good is running fast if you gotta rock that gay ass costume...the ladies wont be impressed.

Randomness powers are weakening...OK bitches! TMT/RTT is over BG OUT!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Garage Sale and other stuff!

So as you ALL KNOW, Sat I had a garage sale. Got my ass up at 5:30 so I could be out the door by 7 and headed to the parents house to set up. Takes about an hr to set up, get all my shit out, and then the waiting game begins. We had modest traffic, but when it was all said & done, I made about $165. Mostly from the sale of my CDs at $2 a pop. I'd say it was a success. After the sale we put all the leftover shit away, and I took the GF out for dinner because she helped me out. We got home from dinner about 6:30, and decided to take a nap. well the nap lasted 3 hrs, I missed the whole first period of the Redwings game, and I was groggy as shit! The wings won 5-0, so I didn't miss much! Saw all 4 2nd period goals, so I was happy there.

I'm addicted to the show ICE ROAD TRUCKERS on History. For those that don't know, its about these truckers in Alaska, who have to drive on this ice road hauling shit. Its all fucking treacherous, and dramatic. Crashes & slip sliding all around and stuff! Its BAD ASS! Check it out!

So I got some dentist shit this week " a consultation" which is dentist talk for a way to rape me out of more money.

Tomorrow I am celebrating my GFs Bday w/ her. Full report tomorrow on the gifts (she reads this ya know!) lol

Why when you are a new patient do you have to fill out like a thousand pieces of paper. All your medical history is quite obnoxious! I'm getting a tooth fixed, why do you need to know about my heart surgery in 2004? lol

So tired of the work situation, its mad depressing, people seem to be dropping out of here everyday w/ buyouts and stuff. many of my good work friends have already left, it sucks...

For some reason I'm not that worried about what I'm gonna do, I should be, but I'm not, I'm actually excited.

Ok folks! that's all for Monday! Have a good one!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

25 Things, BG

1. Ann Arbor MI born & raised, doing nothing is how I spent most of my days.

2. I have a gay walk, its kinda like if Shaggy from Scooby Doo loved the cock. Its rough times.

3. I have a DEEP inner fucking fear of chemicals. I hate them and I'M STOKED that there are chemical free chemicals out there now, but bummed I might actually have to clean bathrooms.

4. I like getting shots. I watch them go in every time. Nurses think it's weird.

5. Been riding motorcycles since age 4. Had at least one bike my whole life since then.

6. I hate Pearl Jam, I'm like the only person on earth that don't think they are rock Gods, I think they blow.

7. I drink TONS of water everyday, like 150 + oz a day.

8. Don't understand the Robert Pattinson obsession, I think he looks dead all the time, and he has poofy hair. LAME

9. I'm an Atheist, Don't believe in God, or heaven and hell, but I'll never preach to you so don't worry, just give me the same courtesy,

10. Think Bicyclist should use the sidewalk I also think they should get tickets for running stop signs & red lights, it never happens tho, ever.

11. I used to be an all star roller hockey goalie, its the best I ever was at any sport, and I'M BUMMED that it died so quickly, now I had to sell my shit, I'm bummed about that too...

12. I love ALL MUSIC. Rock, rap, pop, country, classical, reggae, and anything else you can think of.

13. I have a GREAT GF, and we have been together 6 months, she keeps me grounded, and smiling always!

14. Love Seinfeld, best network show ever, best show ever goes to The Wire however.

15. Appetite for Destruction is my favorite CD ever, GNR rocks

16. Stand by Me is my all time favorite movie, it reminds me of my childhood friends who I don't talk to as much as I should.

17. Hate getting gas and getting haircuts, I often let my hair grow far too long because of this. I also drive with my gas light on for like 3 days.

18. I am losing my job in July, its very surreal, but I'm actually excited, new life kinda, stoked to see what happens, but a bit nervous.

19. Wish I was rich, so do most people I assume lol

20. This is WAY harder than I thought It'd be.

21. For 11 months, when I was married I was related to Alicia Keys, she was my ex wife's 1st cousin, spent a week in VA w the family and partied up w/ her, she was DOPE! Super nice and really fun.

22. Have a DOPE cat named Harley, he is essentially like a dog, comes to my door when I get home, hes a sweet guy.

23. Have acid reflux. That blows, on prescription Tagament for it, I take it everyday

24. Have IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, it basically means I poop... a lot.

25. I am SO GLAD this is over! Now you now a bit more about BG! Happy SUNDAY

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Let the Freak Show Begin!

So I'm breaking down and having a garage sale. I have too! got too much shit from my house and since I'm downsizing to essentially a room, some of it needs to go. Plus gotta love the extra cash! My problem is that i hate garage sales. Well not so much the sales, but the crazy freak show garage sale people! The fucking lurkers who HAVE to get there early to get the best shit. I told them in my ad no early birds, I wanted to say early birds will be shot on sight, but my boss wouldn't let me! I am selling some Harley clothes, & parts, CDs at $2 a piece (all kinds of shit!) And tons of other things! If you live in SE lower MI come on down! 3103 Oakwood St, Ann Arbor 48104! So this is my last post for the week because I gotta get ready for this shit, so I have tomorrow off, which means No Zombie Friday again! Ill be well rested, ill have a full report prob on Sunday if not then Monday! Peace bitches!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Living Option, Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

Well WAY back in February I secured an Apartment for fall, Well I got that Apartment BEFORE I was losing my job, and as MUCH as I'd like a 1 bdrm to myself, at this stage, $600 wont work. That's about what I pay for my half of mortgage, and without a steady check id be leery and I'd always be stressing out because of money (even more so than now) So I had to do something. First thing I did was call my apt complex and see what was up there, they said I was already approved, so I can take as much time as needed, and they could find me the place I wanted at the price I wanted, so I was happy there, they have done SO MUCH in helping me with this transition, I'm even gonna go in there and see if I can get a job! They told me to check it out! Anyways what to do now? I can STAY with my parents, which is essentially not even an option due to my dislike of living there, no problems with the parents, just I left and never wanted to come back, I HAD TO! I talked to mom yesterday and MADE SURE she knew it wasn't an issue of them, she understood! So my buddy has this amazing house. It's on 10 acres, 5 bdrm, huge wrap around deck, 2 pole barns, a garage, a giant fire pit, OH and did I mention a WET BAR! WITH DRAFT BEER! ALWAYS! Yeah, got to learn to NOT be an alcoholic w/ free draft beer in the house at all times! lol Luckily its in the basement and my laziness will prevent me sometimes! lol I'd take one of said bedrooms and I'd pay $400 incl UTILS! That's like a $300-$500 savings a MONTH! Cant really fight that! AT ALL!!!!! Plus the 4 roomies I have I know 3 of them, and the 4th is allegedly cool! lol, So hopefully July 1, I can move in there! We got the house offer and are STILL waiting for the bank! So here we go, can't wait to move out of the rents place!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Time Machine Tuesday...Zack Morris & Crew, Sports Makes BG Cry...


It was the 1990s, it was Saturday AM, and it was time to party w/ Zack, Screech, Lisa, Jesse, Kelly & AC Slater. Now I don't count the Miss Bliss years, no AC , no Lisa, no Kelly, no Jesse, I'm talking bout good ol' Bayside High! Guess what? That show is the WORST EVER! Have you watched it NOW? I saw it and was like WOW this was the SHIT when i was young, now its AWFUL! My favorite episodes are the one where Jesse gets hooked on sleeping pills "I'm so excited, I'm so excited, I'm so SCAARRREEEEDDDDDDDD" LMAO and that acting GEM! Also the one w/ Casey Kasem, as the behind the music-esque announcer of the rise & fall of "the Zack Attack" Here is a montage video for their "HIT SONG" Friends forever.

I'm not gonna lie, I cried like a little bitch on the last episode, I cry during shows MUCH more than movies, w/ shows I've had YEARS to get to the know the characters, w/ movies a few hours doesn't do it for me. Actually what gets me most is Sports Center, If a handicapped kid scores a touchdown, ITS ALL OVER for me! Jake Porter, a mentally challenged HS senior, and team MGR/Backup Backup backup RB, is playing FB in a 45-0 game. With a few seconds left the coach goes to the other coach and says, "Hey I got a mentally challenged kid who is a SR, and has never taken a snap, can you tell her boys to lay off of him as he takes a knee" the opposite team coach says,"We will let him get a TD" Tell me this doesn't make you shed a tear

Also there is a Jason McElwain, a functioning Autistic boy who was team mgr for the Varsity Team, he rocks a tie to the games, his coach let him play the final home game, and he got to play the last 4 mins w/ his team up 20! He airballed his first shot, then he went APE SHIT!

Nice work J-Mac! These kind of stories get all the emotion goin for BG!

Also there was Sara Tucholsky of Oregon, she hit her first ever HR over the fence but hurt herself on the way to first, The OTHER TEAM helped her around the bases, The video breaks it down for you! Sportsmanship isn't dead!

That's it for TMT, have a great day!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend Update!

Fun-filled weekend this weekend! Friday after work, hit happy hr w/ the work crew, the GF came along, to get yet another glimpse of my crazy ass work friends! We had a few cocktails at local sports bar called the Arena, then rolled over to sticks in Ypsi, and sat on the "tiki bar" patio area, then after that rolled to a bar by my GFs house called Baileys, and finished the night w/ Quesadillas, and soft pretzels, WORD!

Sat morning my GF hated the earth, I was feeling OK however so I went and got my Harley, and attended this bike event by her house. There was a bike show, but I didn't know there was one, so my bike was NOT show ready, so I had to pass, SAD TIMES! the other bikes there were basically stock, so I prob would've won! Sat PM we hit a wedding reception, I drank 3 pints in an hr and was like I best slow my roll! I did, after that we hit a party at my friends house. It was a BLAST! Played baggo, (also called cornhole, or tailgate toss) had plenty of beers! Chilled with my friends GIANT dog Torque, he is the same kinda dog that was in the sand lot, and English Mastiff. GIANT!!!!!! But he thinks hes a lap dog, so that's cute! Crashed out and woke up at the CRACK of noon.

Sun I was in rough shape, 2 days in a row takes its toll on a grown ass man! I was able to scrape together some lunch and managed to chill until we went to my GFs parents house for some BBQ! It was a blast, but I was in the sun to much and forgot about the antibiotics I am on, so my skin got BURNED! lol The Redwings took a 2-0 series leads over Pittsburgh! That's HUGE!!!! its gonna be like last year and the Wings will bring home the cup! Slept like ass last night, my GF did too, we were up talking all night, and I feel closer to her than ever! Awwwwwwww =) OK folks Time Machine Tuesday tomorrow! PEACE!!!!