Friday, June 12, 2009

Zombie Friday!

Actually, I didn't sleep long but I slept well! Not really a Zombie today, but I'm sure ill hit that wall later!

Dental Good (Bad) News
Well, I went for my consultation for my wisdom teeth removal yesterday. The DR was really nice, he broke down the options, be put out, not put out, blah blah blah, what was gonna be cheaper, cause my ass ha s a shit ton of stuff to do, well that'd be not put out, so it'd be $300 out of pocket to NOT Be put out, like $800 to be put out, so I was leaning towards not. But that means I get to feel all the shit they are doing to me, also I would need the $300 UPFRONT. The day of surgery. I was like Hmmmmm, I'm gonna be numb and duped up on pain killers, and you want me to drop $300. GREAT! plus where the fuck is my broke ass gonna get $300? I better look online and see about selling Kidney's lol. So i go back to work, nervous about what I'm gonna do. I call my medical insurance to see if its covered under medical cause its a surgery, they were like only if they are impacted, guess what? THEY ARE! Its like a miracle! I was so excited, but I swear i came back to earth hard, because I now know I gotta get IMPACTED WISDOM TEETH OUT! But at least its gonna be free!

GO RED WINGS! Game 7 is tonight, and we are gonna be the champions of the earth! Typically, this would also be the end of my playoff beard, but my GF loves it so it will live on! But I will buy a trimmer, cause its getting ridonk! Happy weekend folks!


Becky said...

I had my wisdom teeth out and I made them knock me out because otherwise I'd have probably bitten someone. I mean, they numb you up, but if I could hear what was going on I'd have freaked out.

That all backfired when they couldn't wake me up from the anesthetic (they never can) and they had to inject me with some stuff to wake me up.

And I've heard wisdom teeth horror stories, but mine was really pretty painless. I was eating regular food the next day. Hope you have the same experience.

Lee said...

Well, my friend has been doing drug testing and skin product testing.
They pay like 600 bucks.
So you could always look into that?

(he's actually doing it this weekend.)

Hopefully I never have trouble with my wisdom teeth. It sounds like a nightmare.

Caitlin said...

Good luck with your surgery...You will have chipmunk cheeks hehe.

Sarah said...

You know what? I only have three WT and only ONE has come through. The others aren't even close...well they weren't last time I was at the dentist, which was alot time ago. I had four teeth pulled when I was 8 and I was awake, didn't feel a thing. Props on it being FREE! Gotta love that!

Captain Dumbass said...

Your GF let you grow a play off beard? You're a lucky man.

Anonymous said...

Ok, when you get your teeth out you will be saying "Why oh why did I do this??" and then for the next week you will be in the worst pain of your life saying "Why oh why did I do this??" and then boom, you'll be fine and forget it even happened!

I cannot believe you called me a gay eskimo with my orange uggs!!! LMAO!

Sarah said...

I tagged yo ass G! Check out my post fo shizzle!

Tracy said...

Well good news on your wisdom teeth removal being free!!! YAY for medical covering it! But sucks that they're impacted. My hubband has his removed - they were impacted. I guess it hurt like a mutha. Then to top it all off he was the lucky one to get dry sockets. Not too sure what it is, and all he really says is how much that hurt. Okay so I totally just realized I probably told you like a big ol scary OMG THIS COULD HAPPEN type of thing. Sorry! :-D Hopefully you dont get dry sockets!!!

Okay and the beard... can we please see a picture!?! Thanks, that'd be great.

And with that... I'm off to bed. 4am will come very early... feeding time for Baby J. Which we switched. It used to be 3am. So let's hope he makes it that hour longer. And then after that it used to be 6. But this morning he skipped it and went straight to his 9am feeding. Ahhhh sweet sweet uninterrupted sleep.