Friday, June 19, 2009

ZOMBIE FRIDAY!!!!!! Letters to the Earth...

Back to a full fledged Zombie Friday this week. Coming off a SOLID 4 hrs of sleep (if that) I'm dragging ass & my punk ass old back is still throbbing.

I have to go to the "Put it in my ass Consultation" for the Root Canal today. I'm out of work at 2:30 which is DOPE, but since I have to go to the dentist it's not so good.

So Kat over at 3 bdrm Bungalow started a new Friday thing its called

Dear So and So...

Which is letter to people that piss you off, so here goes!

Dear Mother Nature...
WTF? Can you ease up on the downpour for God sakes?

Soaking Wet yours
Bobby G

Dear People
Come to Karaoke for God sakes, the show consisted of ME last night, a grand total of two songs were sung, both from me!

Boringly Yours
Bobby G

Dear Subway Customers,
When I need one sub and you are ordering subs for the whole fucking earth, will ya let me go ahead? That'd be GREAT!

Hungrily Yours
Bobby G
Dear Tums,
thank you for making my upset stomach & heartburn go away, you really pulled through last night.

Comfortably Yours
Bobby G
Dear Pandora
Thanks for passing the time at work this morning, I enjoy rocking out to your hand chosen for BG jams!

Rockingly Yours
Bobby G
Dear Blog Readers
Thanks for being dope, following me & leaving comments. I wouldn't enjoy this without you bitches!
Happily Yours
Bobby G

That's all for Zombie Friday. Thanks Kat for the letter IDEA!!!!!


Caitlin said...

I ALWAYS HAVE HEARTBURN. I should buy stock in Pepto as much as I use.

Kat said...

I live on Tums and Milk when I was pregnant. Heartburn is a bitch.

Sheri said...

Heartburn sucks :( You are awesome too so thank you for writing great posts! :)

Sarah said...

oooh, I like the Dear so and so thing. GREAT IDEA! 1)I think you have an upset stomach because you are going through alcohol withdraw. 2)Sorry about the rain, I know how much you despise the, eh , eh, under my umbrella, eh, eh, eh. 3)totally "get" the Subway thing. 4) Just kidding about the alcohol withdraw thing. 5)I love you BG.

Bobby G said...

No withdrawls, well maybe a few, lol, I have acid reflux, also I just got wet today, no umbrellas twice in a week, DIGNITY upheld! lol

Bee and Rose said...

Tums is my friend too...{{{warm fuzzies}}}

I would totally let you go in front of me at Subway...I would even buy your sub too!

Hope your back feels better FAST!

If you lived in AZ, you'd be begging for rain...on your knees praying to the heavens, calling out the Indian rain dancers begging for it....I'm all happy today because it's super cloudy and we may actually get a little wet! Woo hoo!

Lisa said...

Thanks for signing the linky so I could find yer blog. Funny Dear So and So. I'll have to remember you the next time I give Zombies away.

Captain Dumbass said...

Hear you on the Subway thing. Also, people who use the drive-thru and then don't know what they want when they get to the window should dropped through a giant trapdoor into a crocodile infested river.

Just sayin.

Lee said...

I hate people that do that at Subway.
I was OBVIOUSLY getting ONE SUB.

I would come to karaoke if it makes you feel any better.
And you're awesome, bitch!
Lol, haven't called someone bitch in forever.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I can't wait to do Kat's next Dear So and So! Such a brilliant idea!