Tuesday, October 20, 2009

No RTT, I'm Back!!!! Update Time...

Ugh...Remember me? The guy who used to write blogs here at the G-Spot? Yeah, well I'm back, well  for today anyways. I've been so busy! Between work, and social life, I've barely had a second to breathe. Me and Lori are still dong well! The friendship is taking off which is nice! I am transitioning nicely! Our current relationship is going great!!!! This girl is a special one, and being her friend is absolutely great to me!!!! So thats all fine and well! 

Jobs are kicking my ass! but for the 1st time in my life I can honestly say I love both of my jobs, which is a great thing! The hours are rough and leaves me little time to be social, but its all good! I am on a hiatus from the bars, spending too much money and am tired of hungover weekend mornings. 

Thursday I am breaking my bar hiatus however because one of my good friends Kelly is back in town. I worked with her at the Ann Arbor News, and when it closed she took the opportunity to go to Florida! She is one of my BEST friends and I miss her so, so I'm excited to see her!!! 

Went for a 65 mi Harley ride yesterday! The colors were AMAZING!!!!! It was chilly, but I had all my gear on so it was VERY comfortable! Its the best stress reliever on EARTH! I fear there aren't many days to ride left, I hope I'm wrong! 

Woke up this morning and it was a LOVELY sunrise 

Very nice! We are gonna have a really nice week in MI! its supposed to be 70 on Wed! So I'm excited about that, even though its a 14 hr day, and I wont get to enjoy it! 

Ok folks, I'll try to post whenever possible! Miss you all!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thanks for the Hope Tigers...

I had to wait a day. I couldn't figure out what direction I wanted to go w/ this post. I was pissed, but mostly I was sad. Sad for this city. 

Detroit is in shambles, as most of you know. The unemployment rate is a staggering 22 percent! Essentially 1 in 4 people don't have a job, in a city of a million. Unsolved murders are at 70% yes 3 out of 10 murders are solved. The graduation rate? 24%. That's not a typo, 1 in 4 graduate from high school. The lowest rate in the country. The Mayor of the city served time in jail for lying to a grand jury. The size of the city is shrinking everyday. In the 1950's it was nearly 2 million, now its 912,000, 11th largest. It was the 4th largest city in the US at 1 time. The murder rate is 6th highest in the country (as of 2008) 

At any rate, the people of this city needed someone to rally behind. They needed a hero. The Detroit Tigers were that hero. Grandy, Maggs, Cabby, Polly, Guillen, Inge, Laird, and Rayburn were holding the weight of a city, NO a STATE on their backs. When the Tigers were winning, the city wasn't thinking about graduation rates, or murder rates. Even unemployment and the stress that comes with it could be miraculously pushed aside for 3 hrs on a Tuesday night. The Tigers couldn't handle it. 

There was the collapse of a 7 game lead September 7, that was now down to a tie. The city rallied! I saw SO many Tigers hats, and flags, every damn FB status had something too do w/ the Tigers it seemed. The city was ready and waiting. It didn't happen. Minnesota and Detroit played their asses off in an amazing game, one of the best I have ever seen. Back and forth lead changes, 12 innings, lots of drama and excitement. But in the end, Detroit fell short. Blame who you wish, Rayburn for the ill advised slide, Leyland for keeping Rodney in for 3 innings, or whoever, the truth is, it didn't matter. We just wanted a win. We don't care we would've probably gotten killed by the Yankees, we just wanted a shot. So as I sit here, and finish up this post, I just want to say Minnesota, great job, great game, great season, you earned it. You deserved it, but the City of Detroit NEEDED It. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

RTT! Story Time! A (non Bobby G) Drunken Night Gone Awry

We've all been there. Get shit faced drunk, crash somewhere random, puke, get up all disoriented and leave. The difference between us and Dave (Last name not given) is that its usually not a strangers car, and we didn't leave our phone behind. Poor Tony Mollica comes out to his car on Monday to find vomit on the floorboards of his car ruining his ipod headphones, and a lot of questions. He made a craigslist ad to find said person complete w/ pics (Yes Sarah, of vomit too, you're welcome.) The Craigslist ad was seen by a Detroit Free Press reporter named Jim Schaeffer. He got a hold of Tony for a story (Vomit Free). All three guys were on a local morning show this morning discussing the incident. Dave got drunk at his bachelor party and told the cabbie the wrong street. He thought the unlocked car was his buddy's, and needed a nap he said. He puked in the car, woke up at 7am and left!  His best man, was able to get a hold of Tony and get his bud's Blackberry back. He also paid for the detail clean to get the vomit out of the car, and the ipod headphones. The moral of the story folks is two-fold. 1. If you are gonna puke in someone else's car, don't leave your phone. and 2. LOCK YOUR DAMN CAR!!!!! 

Monday, October 5, 2009


Got my ass kicked by the Flu this weekend! Havent had the Flu since...well a long fuckin time! Got off Apple Wed night feelin Fevery. Went home, temp 100ish. Next morning temp was low so I went to work. Fever came back, KO'd some Advil, and made it through. Friday woke up, and HATED THR EARTH! Called off both jobs, Fever hit 102+, cough, and general awfulness. I was in bed all day! Watchn Sopranos, in and out of consciousness. Sat, more of the same, cough worse, Sun I went to work, temp under control, didnt feel awful. Got home, temp got worse, back to 101, I was like"Shit, this isnt goin away!" This morning, woke up and it was like someone dumped a bucket of water on me and the bed. FEVER BROKE! Yay!

Got some great news on Fri! Won a free ipod nano 16gb silver from work! The whole store did!!!! A couple of people I work with submitted a video for a contest from Apple and won for our region! The prize was free silver ipod nano 16GBs for the store! Sweet huh?

Ok! back to rest! Happy Monday folks!!!!!!