Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend...Epic Fail

Well as you may recall, I set up a goal for this weekend. No bars and a bicycle ride. Bars were not a problem. Bike ride was. Why? The flu. I got a case of the kick my ass flu. Ive been livin on Nyquil. Fever, body aches, cough, stuffy/runny nose, the whole Gambit. I saw my GF Fri night. Sat it was full blown. I feel like ass....goin back to bed...Peace!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

This upcoming weekend!

So me and the GF have a problem. Its hangovers. We get WASTED on Fri and Sat we do nothing. NO I MEAN NOTHING! Not a damn thing. This is weekend 1 of no bars. Sat morning we are going on a Bicycle ride. A real life bicycle ride. We are getting up early and taking off. I'm excited and nervous. My fitness level is I want to go strong for my GF, but I'm afraid im gonna cash out after a few miles. She is in AMAZING SHAPE! Works and or runs almost daily. Looks amazing! Though she states day in and day out how hot I am, (Love you baby)  I'M not happy w/ myself right now. Exercise would do me good. I can only exercise when I'm tricked into it. A bicycle ride on a nice road by the water isn't exercise to me, its relaxing, (except hills, screw hills, they blow) Ill let ya guys know how it goes! Hopefully a full report w/ pics etc! 

Ive had MUCH more time this week. Starting to get my schedule down. Apple is going GREAT! Shadowing right now, but I'm in Apple clothing, so I helped a bunch of people by myself yesterday. I didn't get any credit for my sales, but the experience is exceptional. Its a ZOO in there!!!! A huge mess of people. All of which have a different agenda. Some need computers fixed, some need a iPod, some need a computer, some just want a case or cable. It a very diverse mix of people, they are from all over. The best thing is that the people seem to (so far) really respect and wonder what you have to say. Its a great sense of accomplishment, which is nice to have in a job for once. 

OK folks, may or may not post tomorrow, if I do it'll be JUST letters. We are busy on Fridays so we shall see. Have a good Thurs Folks!!!! 


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Im the Coolest Cat Ever....

Sometime I wish I was a cat. Here are pros & cons 

MAD advantages to being a cat are: 

Licking your own junk, don't scoff, EVERY guy has tried it. 

Laying around all fucking day. 

A milk jug lid keeps you entertained FOR HOURS 

Belly rubs! 

What would suck?

Same food every fucking day no matter what. 

Pissing on your shit & Vice Versa 

Getting Fixed, thatd BLOW! 

You can be trying to do something all day, and in 1 sec your owner fucks up your progress.

Pictured: My cat Harley AKA Kiddao (pronounced Kiddo) AKA Kiddao Pimp Juice Ridonk! That's right, ALL OF THAT is his nickname! lol Poor little guy has epilepsy, and I gotta give him a pill twice a day. He is 3 yrs old, and he is the best cat ever! he comes when you call him, he greets you like a dog when you come home, and he LOVES all guests. As long as said guest pet him lol. Have a great wednesday! Here is a song all about cats!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I must do something, before my ass takes over the earth.

I'M getting fat. No it's OK! I've noticed it. You can just tell. When you sit on the couch and you stomach is getting jabbed by your belt buckle. When you piss and can barely see your cock. When your Jeans are holding on for dear life and hoping to no rip! I weighed by self at the GFs on Sat and GASP I was 204lbs.  The second highest I have ever weighed (207) and then I got irregular heartbeat (NOT RELATED) and lost 35 lbs due to restrictions (NO BEER lol) Me and the GF were discussing needing a break from the bar and drinking in general. There are FEW precious weeks of summer left and we haven't done SHIT outside! No bicycle rides, 1 walk, we never took her dog to the dog park, ZIP! Why you ask? Because MOST Saturdays we are hung over. Like HATE THE EARTH hungover. We hit the bar on Friday and Sat we cant function ALL DAY. This Sat we were in bed till 2, due to our raging fucking headaches. I spend WAY too much money at the bar. Being drunk makes me eat stupid shit. And thus I get fat. And broke. I spent almost $40 at the bar on Fri. 2 carbombs, 4 big beers and food. What did I get? About 1000 calories and a BRUTAL fucking hangover. NOT WORTH IT! Its time to be lame. Its time to save loot. Its time to lose weight. Beer is a HUGE part of my empty calories both directly and indirectly. Directly cause some of those beers are 200+ calories a pop, and indirectly because they lead to stuff like Tacobell, and Giant Burritos and Coney island food. There are special occasions such as Birthdays and other things where ill go to the bar. But ill hold back. I'm 30 years old. I'm tired of hangovers. I'm tired of wasting away precious weekends. So back on weight watchers. That was a epic fail last time because I wasn't too upset about my weight. NOW I AM! 200lbs is too much for me. My amazing GF says I still look amazing. I know she means it too! But I'm JUST not happy w/ myself. That's whats up right now. 

Ive also starting eating breakfast. In the past I wasn't a huge fan of day to day breakfast. I didn't make time for it. Well now I'm getting up 30 mins earlier than normal to eat breakfast and watch a bit of TV before work. I ate this DELICOUS Jimmy Dean breakfast bowl. 

Turkey Sausage, egg whites, low fat cheese and potatoes! It was a HUGE portion and only 5 points for the whole bowl! Not too bad at all!!!! I get 32 points so 5 for breakfast isn't too bad! I need to stick with it. I'm weak. I love burritos (17 pts) I love chips and snacks, its tough!  But not as tough as it is to be my pants lol. And when I drink forget abut it! So here's to a newer, sober-er, skinnier BG....I hope...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Guess Who's Back Bitches?!?!?!?!?! So & So-ing it up!

Hey! Remember me? I'm Bobby G, I used to be here all the damn time, but then I got two new jobs that suck all my time! I always blogged at work, because it made me feel like I got paid for it. Which was dope, but new job is too damn busy!  It rocks because the days fly by, but it blows because I am the worst blog friend ever! I hardly ever get on! But I'm here now bitches, I have a time frame to knock out a post and what better way to get my peeps smiling than: 
My homegirl Kat, over at the Bungalow!
She rocks the HOUSE!!!!!!

Dear Bobby G Ride 

You are holding up well despite being a piece of shit, that was totaled and repaired-ish. That's why I decided to get you some new shoes. Those shits cost $300 (My insurance Co says the whole fucking car now worth $280 after the accident) So you're welcome! 

Also asshole, thanks for getting 23 MPG. Thus not letting me get loot for you from cash for clunkers. You are a mother fucking clunker, but I still love you! 

Bitterly yours, 


Dear Pandora Radio 

You are the shit, and thanks to my DIVERSE musical tastes, at work I can jam out to you and hear Snoop one song and Dixie Chicks the next (Just happened now) 

Entertainment-ly yours 


Dear life, 

Give me a fucking break, I'm bustin my ass here! 

Dear Ass, 

Thanks for blowing out my jeans. That's a dick move. I had to get 5 new pairs of jeans, so now I'm fly, but damn dude! Stop growing. 

Ass-toundingly yours 

Dear rest of me, 

Up north kicked my ass, I feel like a giant blimp (and I read Ice Cubes a pimp) I don't have a scale in my apt, but damn near 200lbs seems close. Should I get a scale? I think not!!!! 

Fat ass-ly yours 


Dear Harley, 

Sorry Ive been to busy to ride you much lately, Monday is gonna be nice, Ill take ya on a nice long ride, you deserve it!!!

Love w/ all my heart 

Dear BlackBerry

Sigh., I'm gonna have to cut ya loose. I'm gonna miss you, but I need an iphone because I've been drinking all the Apple Koolaid , and right now $130/mo bill is killin me. I'm getting an old Envy 1 from my brother and I will use it until i can get a AT & T contract. Its not personal BB we had some amazing times, you recall up north? and the pic below? 

For the Record I am passed out w my BlackBerry in one hand, and my Beer in the other, VIVA EL NORTE! The BB is like Crack! 

Much love, and maybe Ill see ya around one day 


Dear Bloggy friends

As soon as I get a time frame/schedule down I will be back more regularly, I love your loyalty as I have NOT lost and followers, I miss all of you and I miss seeing things about your lives. Ill be back in this bitch better than ever, but until then, don't forget about me! 

Love all of you! 


LOVE LOVE LOVE everyone! Miss you all!!!! Talk to you all soon! Much love and kisses! 


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What I did on my Bloggy Vacation...

Bobby G is back bitches, at least for today anyways. I'm pissed I missed dear So & SO its one of my fav things of the week. Oh well ill catch ya Friday for sure! 

So you may be asking... "BG WTF did you do on your bloggy vacation?" 

Well the answer is A LOT! 

Friday, while I wasn't doing SO & SO Letters, I was selling my fucking house! Its gone, its done, its over! It feels GREAT! It was such a long tough task. But now I can rest easy. Oh and as an added bonus from Obama (Thanks sir!) We got $750, to split because we did a short sale & NOT a foreclosure. So that was nice! 

After work Friday, I rolled up north w/ my buddies for a MUCH needed break. Some time away after all the shit went down. We STOCKED up on booze and food and rolled, here  is our fridge from day 1. 

That was night one. We killed all that and THEN SOME! We had a couple coolers full too. So after this debaucerous night, we cashed out. About 4 am I am awoken by my partied out friend Nate as he tries to get on my air mattress w/ me. I'm like "DUDE! WTF are you doing" He says "Going to bed" I'm like "DUDE ITS OVER THERE" he looks me in the eye and says "I'm too drunk" and passes out against the couch. LOL. Our other partied out friend Eric kicked my buddy Big Tim's Dog out of the doggy bed and slept in it lol. The dog was all confused like WHAT DO I DO? LOL  We get up the next morning and decide to MASH on some pancakes, well I didn't because I hate them, but everyone else was killing them, and I looked at the box 

Anyone else game for some KRUSTY ASS PANCAKES?! lol 

We head to town the next day for more supplies and see this little gem! 

It was Michigan made out of coke & diet coke 12packs. Its pretty bad ass. The smiley face was where we were at. 

Saturday was ROUGH for most. But we all rallied except Eric who puked his GUTS OUT! we told him he sucks at Up North. 

Saturday we played more drinkin games. Had a delicious Taco Dinner, and played X box and chilled. Came back Sun Afternoon, it was a BLAST! Just the getaway I needed. 

So Apple is tryin its best to FUCK ME. 

Was supposed to have training in Ann Arbor Fri & Sat 9-6. Which would've sucked, but it got MUCH WORSE when it was decided that it would be Sat & Sun in Troy. Troy is an hr away, all x way and traffic-y as shit. It blows. 

Pretty much moved into the apt. Ill do a video tour/blog this week sometime! Nice spot! HUGE fountain right out my window, I like to sit on the patio and drink a beer and listen to the fountain than Piss PROFUSELY due to the water noise lol. 

Ok blog land. Chillin for now! Enjoy your Wed! See you hopefully tomorrow, but FOR SURE FRI! 

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Appologies.

Internet, I have sucked lately. Been going through a shit ton of stuff. 2 new jobs, new place and a weekend trip up north have made my brain mush lol. I need more time before I can figure out a schedule that works. 
sorry for the BS post. Need to get back to work...fucking shocking, I know... 

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Time MAchine Tuesday! Old Post! RTT:, Moving addition!

Canton Ohio, 2002

Now as many of you folks know, I along with my friends the DNE (Deez Nuts Experience) are quite amazing at the bar game name this tune. For you not familiar with the game, a DJ will lay a 10-30 second segment of a song & you get points for title & artist. Well in 2002, we were a FORCE at this game, it was the same people every Tuesday like clock work. We were the #1 qualifiers BY FAR (though some of that had to do w/ Goodies Never ending wallet & shot purchases lol)

SO we are invited to Canton Ohio for the championships, Now we all have cars, but for the DNE (the Crew consisted of, Me, Tommy, OE, Dave & Gary Fritts, & I believe that was it) We had to roll Big Time, Enter Dave & Gary Fritts' Parents, We rolled down there fat in a WINNEBAGO! It was dope, fully stocked fridge, & poor Gary Fritts driving, we all drank & rehearsed our skit (more on this later) and we got to Canton in no time, well since we were in a rolling hotel lodging fees were minimal, OK they were nothing! Well we all chipped in for gas..

There were several teams (16 I think) And the 1st round was 100 songs, title & artist 2 points for each, & spelling counted (or something stupid like that) So outta 16 teams we were 13th, we knew that there was NO WAY we were gonna win this event, so we started drinking, and drinking, and drinking, We Drank so damn much we drank the bars outta Coors Light tall boys. It was spectacular, we were in full party mode. The top four teams got to do a skit, lip synching & they got points towards the finals. We rehearsed our skit (Back Street Boys Get Down) and even though we weren't in the top 4 they lt us do it anyway because we were drunken Rock stars lol Now We rehearsed our skit on the way & we were shit canned, we were lipsynching AWFULLY! We looked like dogs w/ peanut butter on our lips. The funniest part was every one loved us, mainly because we were so awful, but it turned out that everyone elses skits were AMAZING! They had props & backgrounds & matching outfit & shit, we were way out of our league! It was crazy!

Well there was a chick that one of our buddies was hangin out with all night & he was kinda playing her off, she wanted to hang out & she said what can i do? He said bye all my boys beers all night & SHE DID! We drank fro free from like 10pm-2am, We were WASTED! I was so drunk i drank Gary's Tobacco Spitter, it was gross but I was so drunk I didnt care, it was terrible, but I didnt puke & now its funny. Well unfortunately I had an admirer as well. She was what could be categorized as a grenade, she was the ugly friend. She looked like a Fat Darlene from Roseanne, I kept fending her off all night & finally the time of the night came & we decided to retire.

I got to the Winnebago & am about to cash out. Well this Ugly girl comes into the Winnebago & jumps in the bed. She said I have all this energy, how can You help me with that? Now I should preface this by saying that what I said to her has become stuff of legend. It wasnt my intention at the time, but heres what happened. I said to her "You can give me some head" She said to me :"I dont do that" I told her
"I thought everything Blew in Ohio!" Now before I said this I knew 1 of 2 things would happen. 1. Shed leave which is cool, 2. Id get head also cool. Well she left but my boys were going APESHIT! It was Glorious! Well the next day it was time to go home. We are driving home & We are invited to Name This Tune at The Distillery in toledo OH. We all call off work the next day & decide to go. We are met up with by a few friends. Kara & Brandon Sands. We had a blast. I dont recall so much of that night except we DRANK, ALOT & won the game. All in all it was one of the greatest times of my whole life.


RTT: Moving addition!

Check out the Un-mom, She runs this shit! 

Why do apartment complex screens on the screen doors ALWAYS BLOW! Has anyone ever successfully opened one of these things? 

Why are apt doors and hallways so small? I mean if I was building a place id make it move in friendly with high and wide doors! People move every year! 

Why do apt showers always suck? It feels like water is barely coming out! I dont feel clean! I got Irish Spring Residue all over me! 

Apt parking? WTF?  I LOVE parking a 1/4 mi away from my car. 

Love dumpsters! Thats MAD TRASH! no worries about if they'll pick it up or what it weighs. Mine is a decent walk though, which come winter will be awful...

My cat doesnt know WTF is goin on. He's exploring his new world, which apparently means meowing at 5:30 am. Its NICE to have him not confined to essentially one room. he needs new toys ASAP! 

OK FOLKS! Moving story soon! I didnt take pics OF the move but I will photograph my new apt for all my bloggy friends to see!!!!!