Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Rewind!

Friday all our plans were thwarted to to the tremendous rainstorm we got here in MI. it rained like 3 fucking inches! A torrential downpour all night! So instead of hitting top of the park, we stayed in and watched Weeds Season 4. GREAT SHOW!!!! Sat AM I got up and went home, got on the Harley and headed up to our dealer for the open house they had, free burgers & dogs, and 30% off any 1 item. Since I didn't need anything and am totally unselfish i got my GF her 1st HD item! A pink polka dot tank top. It looks amazing on her too!!!! here it is below:

After that I went home & vegged out a bit. was gonna do laundry but I said fuck it lol. headed back over to Lori's at about 6 or so. we went to dinner at BW3s and then hit the bar at about 10. we stayed till pretty much close, went home and got some sleep. Sun we wake up early because Lori has to go to her parents house for Father's Day. I went home, watched the Tiger's sweep the Brewers, finally did laundry and I washed the Harley. The Harley was REALLY DIRTY! I hadn't washed it for a month or so and it was in DIRE need of a bath! Looks great now though! took a pic after the wash:

So at about 5:30 Mom and Dad got home from their bike trip to Traverse City MI. I asked dad if he wanted to go to my other job (job 2) because on Sunday's now they have a bike night. he said he was tired (It was true because less than 5 mins later he was cashed out on the couch snoring it up) So I decided to roll over there have some dinner and a beer. Well I leave and am driving home and I pass my parents on the way back, so I turn around and we got BACK to job 2 and I buy dad some nachos and a beer. I also got him this Harley Wallet because he's obsessed with Harley's (wonder where I get it from? )
So he had a good father's Day it would seem. Kenny G is a great dad! Maybe one day if I ever have kids I will be as good a dad as him. He was firm & fair! He is a guy who told us to stick up for ourselves, but at the same time he cries when I set up my graduation pic collage lol. Love you dad! Happy Father's Day!


Sheri said...

Cool pink tank top! I love Weeds too! This season is rather good too.

Kat said...

I bought season 4 for my husband for Father's that wrong?

Bobbie Leigh said...

Our backyard was flooded from the rain. My pool was filled to the top.

Anonymous said...

I love catching up on a tv series.

Bee and Rose said...

Love it! That tank top is cute! I bet she loves it...awww...what a sweetie you are!

Your bike looks fab after it's spa treatment:) What a lovely tribute to your dad!