Sunday, February 13, 2011

1st Game in 10 years! A RECAP!

I arrive at the arena early, after a wrong turn mind you, and get my skates and pants on. Im feelin really good! A tad bit nervous but extremely excited to get back in the net! I take a few laps on the practice rink, and skates seem to be on right! Im so stoked! Being 90 mins early for the drop in game, I get my stuff on early, skate around, and everything seems great! everything fits well (never wore all my gear at the same time, except for a pic in another thread, so I was happy about that. Had to wear my glasses under my mask because my contacts had expired 2 years ago lol, yeah I don't wear them much. So it took some adjustments to get them in there right!

After a little bit, a few guys arrive for drop in. They get their stuff on and ask i wanna warm up! I jump at the opportunity. Now let me preface the rest of this post by saying right now I made 3 key mistakes.

1. Way too much warm up time.

2. Needed a structured game...

3. I Vastly over estimated my own conditioning.

Why did all these suck? 1. I warmed up WAY too much!!!! by the time the game started I was already whipped. 2. The drop in game had no refs, no face offs, no whistles etc. Also my team had NO DEFENSE, which meant a TON of work on an already beat goalie. 3. Didnt run enough, didnt do any training in my pads, didnt have the wind needed for a fast paced game with a lot of shots.

But heres how it went anyways.

Now this was a DROP IN GAME! We didnt keep score, no refs, no face offs, no whistles, it was basically street hockey on sport court lol.

I get out on the court and realize that the team of guys I had were not as good as the other guys. Had 10 shots or so in the first 90 secs of play and was going up and down, up and down, and had no Defense to help me out! IT KICKED MY ASS!!!! Had several great saves though! Here are a few high lights!

1. A break away about 2 mins in! Forward fakes to my blocker side, goes glove and I slide the pad out and stoned him!

2. A pass from a one timer in the slot, forward rips one and I snag it with my glove and he says "Great save goalie"

3. One time in the slot again (there were WAY to many lol) stoned him with a well timed pad stack and covered it up (wish there was a whistle)

4. Blocker save up close,

5. Kick save through a screen

6. New cup works good lol

I was very surprised with how I played early in the game, before I was to beat to stand! I didnt have to think about saves, I just reacted! I lost very little in my reaction time, which actually shocked me! Still had that good glove I used to have! Which made me happy! By the time I was about 45 mins into the game, I was DONE! I mean literally I was done! Had to leave the court lol I could barely stand due to fatigue! I was so cashed out That I spent time when the puck wasnt in my zone (Which was rare) on one knee, or leaned against the net. I never had any time to gain back my strength! Constant shots KILLED ME! Near the end is when I gave up most of my goals! 7 in all, but many were 2 on 0, unguarded one timers or breakaways. I was probably 4-6 on breakaways. WHich was cool! the ones that beat me BARELY trickled through. Overall It was a good game. Next time I wont kill my self in way ore game warm ups! And hopefully a little Defense lol. I am super excited though! I showed flashes of how I used to be! But im not 22 anymore! I need to condition! then Ill be a lot better with my wind and can hopefully go back to winning tons of games, and maybe actually make it through one lol

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Top 5 Hip Hop albums of 2010

5. Big Boi - Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty
The first true solo album from one of ATLs finest. Outstanding production and the usual unforgettable flow & and an outstanding list of guests including Janelle Monae and TI just to name a couple, make this a no brainer for BGs top 5 of 2010. Big Boi's style stays true to his original Outkast style flow. Which for someone like me, who is unapologetically Old School, its the only way to go! Good Job Daddy Fat Sacks, now you and Andre 3000 need to get back together! Give something like yall used to!

4. Cee Lo Green - The Lady Killer
Some folks will probably question if this Album from another one of ATLs finest, even counts as hip hop anymore, well I say it for damn sure does. Cee Lo, from Goodie M.O.B. fame, as well as Gnarls Barkley, spend a lot of time singing in this old school R & B/Soul masterpiece! The lead single "Fuck You" is an all time jam! His velvety old school voice keeps the jams coming! Cee Lo has always, at least to me, been one of the more cerebral MCs of all time. He also happens to be blessed with a great voice and is as versatile as they come!

3. B.o.B. - The Adventures of Bobby Ray
This album caught me by surprise this year. The single "Airplanes" made us all want to throw the radio out the window it got played so damn much, but at one time it was an amazing song! What I love MOST about this album is how different it is! Songs like "The Kids" Featuring Janelle Monae (yet again) is like nothing I've never heard on a hip hop album. His flow, which is very similar to Andre 3000 is outstanding. Great lyrics and beats complete the trifecta. B.o.B. seems here to stay, and I for one and very excited about that!

2. Recovery - Eminem
Eminem is back! HE'S BACK!!! After 2 albums I could barely tolerate, which were after 2 classics, Eminem and I are finally cool again! Many people enjoyed Relapse, but like Em said his self he wasn't even feeling it! "Not Afraid" the top single from this album Em says "Lets be honest that last relapse CD was Ehhh, perhaps I ran them accents into the ground" Relapse not withstanding, Eminem comes back to his angry self. Outstanding production and the typical Em we all know and love comes back as good as ever on this album. Glad to have you back sir! We've missed you!

1. Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Kanye West, the man is amazing. A total tool at times of course, but this album shows you his genius. This album is from front to back an all time favorite of mine. His usual amazing production and songs that, honestly, are like I've never heard before. There are several standouts but one of my Favs is "Monster" Nicki Minaj, in my eyes has the best verse of her life and really stands out. the whole album is a who's who of quest stars including, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and so many more! This album is what hip hop should evolve into. Its not ring tone rap, its smart, deep, and extremely well done at every level. Thanks Kanye for an all time great album!

Thanks for checking this out folks! Hope you agree, but I also hope you don't!! lol