Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Its a lady!

I've taken yet another vacation from blogging, or maybe my vacation is actually blogging because I've been doing it so infrequently as of late, but at any rate, there is a good reason for it! I met someone, well I actually already knew her for a while but we were both involved with others. We kind of re connected via Facebook, and we've been hanging out lots as of late! I love it!!! She's hilarious!!!! She fun, she's beautiful, she's caring compassionate and in general great! She's 4 yrs older than me, and has 2 kids, 16 yr old who is AWESOME! and an adorable 4 yr old! I'm looking forward to a great 2010 and beyond with her!

I'm finally back to normal now regarding the Lori situation. I miss her lots, of course, but it seems most of the grief has stopped. Ever so often there are still moments, and there may be forever, but I'm happy to be moving along with my life. I feel that therapy has helped immensely! Just talking about it that 50 mins a week, is such a huge help for me. Its been a while since I've shed any tears, or anything, but its still so relieving to get it out every week!

Took 10 days off Apple, needed to regroup! I was BURNT OUT! Working 60 hrs a week and sometimes more since August had really taken its toll. The last 2 days have been great! It certainly seems that the vacation is exactly what the Doctor ordered!

OK folks, wanted to stop by and say hey! I hope to be back soon!!!!