Friday, August 29, 2008

The Time Has Come!

UM FOOTBALL! Every August millions of people wait in anticipation as the UM football team straps on their cleats for a new year. This year however is different than its been in the last several years. New coach, new offense, new QB, New RB, mostly new O line, its gonna be a fun year! Interesting, but fun. Now basic logic would say if we lose this many players we could be in trouble, the X-factor is however Rich Rodriguez. The very successful coach from WVU. He has a very successful offensive plan the problem is UM hasn't recruited for this offense EVER. RR had a few recruits at the end of the year he snagged to get some personnel in, but at QB we are going in cold. I'm excited more this year than any year in recent memory. I'm excited for the offense, and not just running left, I'm excited for the defense that returns the whole D line and perhaps one of the nations best CB tandems. But basically I'm excited to see what RR can do. If we have a bad year now, its not such a big deal, I believe a coach needs 3 yrs to get his personnel in after that then we can judge RR. This year lets have fun, UM is an underdog this year, lets see if we can relish in it!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So Ive started working out the last couple of days, I am currently sore as shit, my wife has a workout video w/ the bad ass Jillian from the Biggest Loser, there are 3 levels, shes been knocking out level 3 for the last few months, I started on level 1 & it kicked my ass! My abs, thighs, ankles, shins arms & chest are all sore after day 2. after 10 days I got to level 2, then level 3, its called the 30 day shred. we shall see if I keep it up, I got a stretch of 4 days in a row where I work my other job right after work & I prob wont workout when i get home, so after this 4 day stretch we shall see if I can keep it up, I hope so, its only 20 mins a day & it seems to be doing Good so far due to the way my muscles ache lol

Monday, August 25, 2008

Stupid Me....

I put my sandwich in the freezer at work this morning, and my frozen dinner in the fridge, so I go to eat my sandwich & its a freaking rock! At lest I could eat my slightly thawed hot pockets for lunch, oh well....

Bobby G & Motorcycling, a history.

Motorcycling, a way of life, a stress reliever, a good way to kill 4 hrs on a Sunday, its an adrenaline rush, a passion,and a way of life. I learned how to ride a bicycle at 4 yrs old. I picked it up in just a few hours, I rode up & down my driveway for hours that 1st day, 2 weeks later my dad got me my 1st dirtbike a 1981 Yamaha PW 50 pic below:

After that I was hooked! I would go up north with the family & wed ride 40 or 50 miles when i was 4 and 5, when i was 7 I got a yamaha 80cc bike it was my first bike ww/ a clutch & i had a hell of a time, lots of wipeouts & broken clutch levers in those days, but I picked it up eventually. A few years later I got an early 80s Honda 80cc bike. I rode that for several years, but I kinda got out of dirtbike riding. It kinda became a chore, so fast forward until i was 15. I got a Honda Spree moped, it was good times! I took a motorcycle safety class & passed (barely) and was now legal to ride on the roads. I got a Yamaha XS special II 1981

At the same time I got a new dirtbike that was street legal a 1990 Dr 250

I didnt neeed 2 bikes so I sold the Yamaha, I used the DR for several years as a commuter bike but never really went riding on it. It worked great for what i used it for though, never had any problems w/ it.
Well when i was about 22 I was itching for a real street bike & I wanted a Harley. I looked at several used Sportsters (All I could afford) and settled on a 1995 XLH

I rode it MAYBE 3000 mi in 4 years, it was small & uncomfy but I really wanted a Harley so I settled for it. then i got my current bike. I paid off my car and decided to get my dream bike a 2005 Harley Davidson Springer Classic

I love this bike! in 3 years I now have over 15,000 mi Been to Tennessee, North Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio West VA & many other great places! Cant wait to add many more to the list!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Shirley Temple......

Last night I get a table about 9:00 pm. It was my last table of the day, I approach them and ask for their drinks two guys got Coke, 1 guy got half Sprite Half Diet (gross) and the last guy no shit ordered a Shirley temple (Sprite and Grenadine)I said excuse me? He said Shirley temple, I was like OK. Now there are 2 things wrong w/ that 1. Hes a GROWN ASS MAN I was expecting his 4 yr old daughter or something to come through the door and he was ordering it for her. 2. How did his friends NOT give him shit, if any one of my friends ordered a Shirley Temple id give them CONSTANT shit lol Its literally called a kiddy cocktail, its for little girls! I was dying!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"Those Things Are Dangerous"

I'm riding to work today on the Harley and its pretty damn cold, I'm all bundled up and not in the greatest of moods. I'm about 1 mile from work at a light and a lady pulls up to me in a older Chevy Suburban rolls down her window and says to me, "those things are dangerous" I looked her and said "excuse me", she said "Motorcycles are dangerous, i hope you don't have a family" I said, "They aren't as dangerous as saying some stupid shit like that to a biker, and By the way, enjoy your 8 miles a gallon as you drive your Suburban and destroy the earth." She rolled up her window and drove away w/ a disgusted look on her face like she couldn't believe I said that, I couldn't believe SHE said that, what posseses someone to say something like that in that situation? Im happy w/ how I handled it, but still pissed at the audacity of that lady...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Things I Like That I Shouldn't Because They are Gay!

Everyone has guilty pleasures, that movie or song or TV show that you like but shouldn't, Most people keep them to themselves though, im laying mine RIGHT on the line, keep in mind im not gay HERE WE GO! We will start w/

1. The Hills
The MTV Uberdrama keeps me glued to the screen, I started watching this when my wife was at home watching TV and i was too hungover to go to the other room. I became instantly hooked. It was great! tons of drama to enjoy. also the chicks are SMOKING hot! Also there is a lot of backstabbing going on on the show which makes for good TV. People have said the show is staged or fake, i don't really care! just keep it coming on Monday Nights MTV

2. Project Runway-Ah Heidi Klum. The blonde beauty could pretty much do anything & id watch it, but this show actually keeps me entertained. Who thought that id enjoy a bunch of gay guys making clothing. But i do, tons of drama and some really nice, and also hideous clothing. Every show they have a challenge, they have a certain amount of time to create a garment for said challenge, ranging from couture dresses to clothes for female wrestlers. Then at the end they have a runway show to show their dresses, and models who are also competing on the show, model the clothing. then the judges say what the like & what they hate and toss people off the show, its super entertaining & leaves ya glued to your seat.


Miley Cyrus-Thats right, I said it. Im ashamed, but the songs I have heard by her are catchy as shit. Shes super cute but not yet hot because she isnt 18 lol

Its Raining Men, The Weather Girls- Yeah im pretty sure this is like the Gay anthem of earth lol Its a catchy ass song though!Also bonus points for it being Homer Simpsons favorite song.


Moulin Rouge- Yeah I know, you are thinking really? but it has Nicole Kidman at her all time hottest as Satine, the tragic singer/prostitute. The music is great it is all popular songs redone broadway style. Roxanne, Your Song, diamonds are a girls best friend, and many others! Ewan Macgregor is awesome too & can sing really well also! I saw it when a girl I dated insisted I watch it w/ her, but with much fight I decided id do it. Ive always been a huge fan of musicals. Ever since I was a little kid. Everything I feel is better w/ music, that includes movies! I really enjoyed the colors & the songs and the performances are great! Watch it, if you are man enough lol!

There you have it, all my favorite guilty pleasures, let the judging of me begin!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Better Anthem?

Whitney Houston's Anthem at the 1991 Super bowl has ALWAYS been the golden standard for national anthems. She tore it up at a time when we were at war and needed someone to bring us together

However during the Olympics they have been playing the National anthem at the 1983 NBA allstar game by Marvin Gaye,

My question to you is which is better? I vote for Marvin, he tore it up w/ a whole different very soulful arrangement. DISCUSS

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kmart Interviewee

So I needed to get my cat Harley some kitty litter, I went to a store near my house but it was all organic & only had the hippy kitty litter, IE organic and thus itll make my basement smell like cat piss/shit, not cool, so I decided id roll to K-mart to pickup some fresh step & be out. I get there and there is a guy sitting on the bench in the lobby w/ an application, he has a light blue polo on a red puffy beard and a red jew fro and on his shirt he had a BBQ stain, no shit the size of a tennis ball. I was like WTF? I mean I know its K-mart, but damn at least try. I told my friend Casey he should apply and come w/ a blue polo w/ no stain, K-mart would hire him for sure, infact im sure the only criteria to getting a job there is not having a giant stain on your shirt

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Why Hip Hop is Dead........

In 2006 legendary rapper Nas, released an album called Hip Hop is Dead. It was a critical success, but it caused a firestorm of controversy because some people really dont believe hip hop is dead.

It is. it seems like every other week there is a new worst song ever.
Everything I hear nowadays is garbage, except stuff from established artists from when hip hop was good and a few newcomers such as Kanye West.
Some of the best selling singles of 2007 were
Soulja Boy Crank Dat

Flo-rida Low

DJ Khalid Im So hood

Playaz Circel Ft Lil Wayne Duffle Bag Boy

WOW those are bad... Hip hop has turned into a beat and a hook & thats it! The rest of the song has become irrelevant. Now everyone has an opinion to when hip hop started to die. For me it was when cash Money Millionares stepped on the scene. it was about 1997, Biggie & 2Pac where gone & it was kind of a free for all as far as hip hop went. Take this song by BG(no relation) Bling Bling

It became about money and nothing else. It wasnt about surviving in the hood it was about having 6 Bentleys. It wasnt about growing up, it was about throwing up on Crystal Champagne. Some of the best rap songs ever to me are:
Outkast ATLiens, bad ass beat an great lyrics are a reason why Outkast has been around since 1994

Eminem Stan- Even though Eminem has fallen far now, when this song came out he was as good as he ever was. Creatively probably the best hip hop song of all time.

2pac Hit em up. Probably the most harash diss song ever, its 2pac goin off on Notorius BIG

NAS New York state of Mind- The best from one of the greatest

There are hundreds more, but did you notice a difference between these and the top songs of 2007? Maybe lyrics? Beats? hooks? They are all superior, its really crazy when you think about hip hop history, take the top 9 albums from 1996 for instance:
9. Busta Rhymes- The coming
8. UGK-Ridin Dirty
7. Redman-Muddy Waters
6. DeLaSoul-Stakes is High
5. Fugees-The Score
4. Ghostface Killah-Ironman
3. Outkast-ATLIens
2. Jay-Z-Reasonable Doubt
1. 2pac-All Eyez on Me.

Everyone of these albums can be considered classics.
I own all 9. At this time it seemed like every week a classic album was coming out, it was a great time for Hip hop, I cant remember the last time a new album came out that was considered a classic from front to back, its a tough time to be a hip hop fan right now. Almost all of these groups still release songs, but even they have seemed to slip. Outkast may be the exception, every album they reinvent themselves. 2pac has been dead since 1996, but he still turns out albums thanks to the massive amount of tracks he rcorded before he dies (some say over 200) These people are the only links to the last we still have. I live in Hip Hops past, I could count on both hands the amount of albums I have from new atrists since 2000. Here are the albums i always go back to when im feeling sad about the state of hip hop.
10. Ice Cube-Lethal injection
9. Bone Thugs N Harmony- E. 1999 eternal
8. Jay-Z Blueprint
7. 2pac All Eyez on me
6. Notorious BIG Ready to Die
5. Eminem- The slim Shady LP
4. Dr Dre The Chronic
3. Thuglife (2pac) Volume 1
2. Outkast Southernplayalisticcadillacmuzik
1. Snoop Dogg Doggystyle.
I know most of these albums by heart & love them all, to me these 10 albums really defined hip hop and they are huge albums that wrote the history of hip hop.

In closing id like to say that I will always be a fan of hip hop, I can live in the past as much as I need to and hope that there is a future, maybe hip hop hasnt died, but its for sure on life support, lets not pull the plug just yet.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Traverse City, Softball, Beer, Cathphrase & Debauchery.....

Now, the main reason I play softball is so I can go to Traverse City at the end of the year. Its a 2 day tourney, if you win enough games, you get to play on Sunday. We left Ann Arbor on Fri at about 12. We jet up to To the campground (at Interlochen State Park) and we arrive at about 5. We immediately crack our 1st beers and start to get the tent up. Our team captain Joe, had the site 2 down from us and he made is dinner on Fri night, BBQ chicken, cheddar brats & dogs gave us the base that we need to get our drink on! Our case was gone at about 8, but fortunately for us good old Alan and Jeff had a 30 pack of red dog which id never really drank, but very much enjoyed! I drank A LOT of them as we were playing catch phrase ( I DOMINATE) I like to answer funny stuff, a girl looked at her word and said OH JEEZ! I said Original Gangsters? (OGs) Casey & Priano were dying! They were the only ones that got it, but it is worth it. We cash out at about 11:30, and it was all good, we had to be up at 7 to get ready for softball, after a few hours of joking and Donald Duck voices we cashed out at about 1:15, I slept like ass, but got up in good spirits w/ only a slight hangover. Now I suck at softball, but during TC I always tear it up! I hot around .500 for the tourney (5 for 5 the tourney) But we still went 0 for 3, and alas didn't get to get to play Sunday, which also meant GET DRUNK!) We did but due to my lack of sleep I was falling asleep at 12:30 or so, so I went to bed. After 3 softball games, at catcher, I was sore as shit this morning! I'm having trouble walking, We pack up the tent and leave at about 10:45am, we love you TC! See ya next year!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Crown Victorias The Civilian Issue Police Cars

So im running late this morning, so to make up for it I was driving, how should I say this? A little bit faster than I should. I come around the corner near EMUs stadium & im doing about 11 over, when I see a police car, I slam on my brakes & look like an idiot! As I get closer I see the police car isnt one at all, its just a late 90s Dark blue (Police blue?) Crown Victoria, the driver just turns left & goes about his business. Im mildly freaking out & then im just pissed, so as i drive away i decided there should be a rule, all civilian owned Crown Vics should be Bright orange. You never see any Crown Vics that arent Dark blue or white EVER! I think Chevy was like, "hmmmmmmm how can we scare the shit out of the public on a regular basis, I got it make civilian Police cars look like regular poluice, cars." I mean i shouldnt of been speeding , but damn! lol