Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Quickness

Going through some annoying personal shit w/ the house, ex, etc, so I just wanted to let you know id do a full post soon...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


OK. People are freaking the fuck out! Just like they did about the bird flu. Just like they did about a million other diseases after the movie Outbreak came out, inevitably, this is just gonna blow over. It isn't gonna be the Pandemic everyone thinks it is. it probably wont even be an epidemic. People have died, true, and that is a tragedy, but the people who died live in MEXICO. Even the fucking WATER makes you sick in Mexico. Me sure to drink fluids Jose, oh wait they make you shit profusely! Banditos kidnap your daughter on spring break, Mexico has some fucked up-edness going on. Now that being said, the Flu kills 36,000 people in the US every year! YEAH 36,000 PEOPLE! Now you think that would be more widely known. If anything else killed 36,000 Americans it'd be public enemy #1! Up to 500,000 die worldwide every year from the flu! Yes a half-a-million people. That's nuts. Many of those people live in pover-stricken countries where vaccinations aren't available. In 1918 the Spanish Flu Outbreak hit the earth. It killed, by some accounts, 50 million people. NOW THAT'S A PANDEMIC!

ON a much different note (ADD gear change) I need a Bicycle! The price range is Free to $75 (at the highest!) Id like a Men's mountain bike or a hybrid bike. Age doesn't matter, as long as its decent shape, my GF likes to ride and i want to enjoy it with her! I gave my bike to a REALLY good friend after hers got stolen from her apt, she still needs it so I'm not gonna ask for it back. Anyone know anyone with a bike for sale? also keep an eye out as you garage sale or see stuff for sale, if its local in MI let me know!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Time Machine Tuesday! Skidz!

Ok back in the day, when MC Hammer was not letting you touch this, and Full house was still kinda new, and the Simpsons JUST started airing on TV, there was the fashion phenomenon called Skidz! Basically they were these SUPER Baggy pants, almost like pajama pants material and they were meant to look like MC Hammer's pants! See below!

They were SUPER POPULAR So of course I didn't have any (Until they weren't popular anymore of course!) Every one in Scarlett Middle School in Ann Arbor (represent) was rockin these shits! In retrospect they looked RIDICULOUS! Oh and they cost $60+ dollars! WTF? who is gonna pay $60 for PJ pants! Well, lots of people! They have become kind of a collectors item too it seems, these pants below

sell for like $250 in Japan! WOW! I wish I had a pair now, they'd be PERFECT for lounging around the house! Anyone have pair? I had the white & checkered black ones! WORD!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Recap!

Now I don't usually go to the movies...its like $11, and I hate that 2 hrs of my weekend day is gonna be taken up by watching a movie when its fucking 80 out! That being said, I COULDN'T WAIT to see Disney Nature's Earth! it did NOT disappoint! I love animal/nature flicks! yes I know its rehashed Planet Earth footage from the Discovery Channel. But seeing it on the big screen, w/ big sound, is SPECTACULAR! Darth Vader, did a great job w/ the narration too! The flick was FANTASTIC! Some of the most amazing footage I've ever seen. I don't like seeing animals die, in the version it is a bit more assumed some of the animals perish. They only show a cheetah getting a caribou, and they also show a White Wolf catching up to an animal, you assume the rest. Overall Great Experience, check it out!

After that we hot a local bar called Round Tree and got a few drinks! Went to bed early ish, good times.

Worked Job 2, 10-3 on Sat. Then hightailed to watch the NFL draft. The Lions didn't seem to do too much for themselves, but we shall See I guess. After that hit the bar for Sevan's bday. The Blue Leprechaun, it's where me & Lori met! So I have fond memories of that place! lol. Didn't get to drunk but was happy to be there. I was driving home and hot the US 23 on ramp, and pulled over, I almost fell asleep right there! Lori drove the rest of the way home, and I cashed the fuck out!

Sunday was slept away! Got up at like 1! Heading home at like 3, did some laundry, did some grocery shopping, oh and I totally washed my wallet. it was on my bed and when i dumped my clothes to sort them, my wallet went in too. Then it went into the washer,, where it was destroyed, but the contents weren't really damaged at all. that was nice! Which basically brings me to today! Gotta finish my Dexter season 2 discs and send them back to netflix. I cancelled cause it wasn't a necessary expense, and I was tryin to get rid of all unnecessary expenses. Sold my camera and ipod this weekend so I got some money for Dave Ramseys emergency fund. Total I'll have about $400 of my thousand! Wish me luck on today, cause ya never know!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Yes the karaoke Zombie maker struck again! It was compounded by the fact that I had to come in early to do Obituaries today at work. In bed at 2, up at 6:30! While I didn't get drunk last night, I did have enough beer to make me feel rough due to the lack of sleep. Until now, I thought the only was to become a Zombie was to be infected by a current zombie. Also if you host karaoke and have to do obits the next day, that'll do it too. Man I've got a craving for brains...

Karaoke show as great last night! Bunch of people, and more importantly a bunch of singers. There were the drunk ass teachers who had today off! My usual crew of people w/ bonus members, and a few random people strung throughout the bar. Everyone was singing, dancing,drinking, and seemed happy to be there!

Job 2 is MUCH better now. I think I needed that month off to let the place get busier. I was going nuts w/ 3 jobs at the time, so I took 1 off for a month and let everything settle, and now I'm happy to be back on the grind. Though it sucks I gotta work at 10 a.m. tomorrow. This post is lame, and boring, I'm basically asleep, my talk is slurred, and monotone. I'm doing the nod & doze, and I know it's gonna be a long day. As usual I'm off for the weekend, back to you lovely people on Monday!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rant ON! Restaurant Edition!

OK people, Ive been quiet too long. People have NO IDEA how to eat at restaurants anymore! There are simple rules, that as a server I believe my readers should observe.
Of course MY READERS KNOW how to eat at restaurants, but Anyways here are my BIGGEST customer pet peeves.

The Seat Yourselvers!

These fuckers just walk in, and totally ignore the PLEASE WAIT TO BE SEATED SIGN. They sit down at whatever table they please, oblivious to the server rotation w/ no menus or silverware. Then BITCH when they aren't served immediately...Check for a please wait to be seated sign, if you see no sign, wait to be seated JUST to make sure.

The Cell Phoners
Wait until AFTER you order or BEFORE you sit down to talk on the phone. The OK exception is calling a member of your party to ask them what they want to eat or drink...

The Piss Before Ordering Peeps

Atleast, give me a drink order, before you go to the bathroom! Preferably a food order too. You'll have 20 mins at least while waiting for your food anyways!

The Coupon Crew

These people bring in coupons for every person. It says 1 per table! 1 per table! Not 1 per check! Separate checks will do you nothing!

Tip calculators

Take the 1st number, multiply by 2, DONE! Yeah I earned 20%

NO Daycare
HATE the families that just let their kids run around the restaurant. One time at Bennigans one of those little fucks tripped me and I dropped a tray of food on their kid. They yelled at me, I yelled back and said "maybe if you WATCHED your kids we wouldn't me in this mess", Almost got fired! Didn't! It was SO worth it! Also I hate the concept of the "kid table" especially w/ separate checks, because you have to coordinate the adults w/ the kids, and sometimes, shit gets fucked up! Sit w/ your OWN KIDS, it's called LOVE PEOPLE!

The All day orders!
The menu isn't that big people! its not a life & death decision, tell me what you want! it's your only job!

That's all I can think of right now! I'M SURE there are more! But those are the ones that REALLY stick out! What do you other servers hate?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dave Ramsey/BG Liquidation

As MANY of you know, I have debt. TOO MUCH DEBT. Well for me anyways. I've decided to do something about it. I've signed up for Dave Ramsey's Website. For those of you who are like WHO IS DAVE RAMSEY? Info Here Well the Program is based on steps, step 1 is save $1000 for emergency's so you don't have to rely on debt. That's the step I'm in. First thing I did was cancel all subscriptions that renewed w/ a credit card. I also canceled XM Radio, I do love it, but $15 a month can be put to better use. I'm also selling some of my "Luxury Items" because I need to get that $1000. I'M SO TIRED OF DEBT. The only Frivolous thing I'm keeping is my bike, for 2 reasons 1. I owe more than its worth so getting rid of it wont help, and 2. It's a great stress reliever, and its an activity I can share w/ my family and GF. I have my Digital SLR camera on craigslist as well as my ipod. I'm also looking for more stuff to sell to get rid of this debt! I am VERY Surprised to see how many people I know are on this program. They are enjoying success with it and I can't wait to do the same! It's gonna take a while, but I'm so motivated that nothing can stop me! FUCK YOU DEBT! I want you outta my life!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Time Machine Tuesday-Simpsons Sing The Blues

Yes, I stole this Idea from my girl Sheri who does flashback Fridays, but on the way to work the Flux Capacitor was running on plutonium and I was at almost 88 MPH. I had my ipod on shuffle and what came on? DO THE BARTMAN BY THE SIMPSONS! Now for those of you who have NO CLUE WTF I'm talking about, in the early 90's The Simpson Sing the Blues CD came out. When I was 10 or so that was as good as music got! Listening to it now it has lost SOME of its luster but it is still very strong! It was mainly covers, but there were two Great Rap songs by Bart Simpson.

Do the Bartman

I can't believe I heard this song on the way to work today! 60GBs of music and this song HAPPENED to come on, I'm listening to the WHOLE CD when I get home, speaking of which, here are some more highlights!

and Deep trouble

Take the time to watch them both, I'll wait... Yes that was 10 minutes of amazement I'm sure! I haven't seen those videos since they came out on TV after the Simpsons on night in the early 90s. lyric ally I know they aren't THAT Strong but when I was 10 that was the SHIT! The CD wasn't only Bart though! Mr. Burns had one of the best songs on the CD w/

Look At All Those Idiots

The final track is a duet w/ Bart and Lisa and how they torment each other called
Sibling Rivalry

Now say what you will, and think what you must, but The Simpsons Sing the Blues was a HUGE part of my young adult hood, I went through 3 CDs, (Yes I bought it 3 times lol) and STILL have it today! Anyone else have or enjoy this CD? I gave you a good sampling of it. Hope you enjoyed it! "It might start a chain reaction, If you can do the Bart your BAD like Michael Jackson"

Monday, April 20, 2009

Richard Bernstein...

Well if you live in Michigan, you'd have to live under a rock to not have seen the Sam Bernstein Lawyer Commercials. 1-800-CALLSAM. Well within the last few years, his whole family has gotten into the act including his blind (I thought he was just cross eyed) Son, Richard.

The older commercials would show him looking straight on, into the camera. It was very uncomfortable as a viewer to see Richard Bernsteins googly eyes and he spoke about justice lol.

Well the new commercials are kinda mean. They have him looking up and from a side angle so as to not have the googly eyes be a focus.

Im like WOW DAD! Way to be proud of your disabled son, these commercials make it look like Sam is embarrassed of Richard. He is blind, he made it through law school, and now he fights for disabled people rights! I'm proud of your googly eyed ass Richard, Sam, you should follow suit.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Random Friday!

Im tired today, Karaoke took its toll. I didn't even get drunk, at all, but I still feel hungoverish. That's a rip off, all the bad with none of the good, WTF? The show was LAME last night, very small turnout, only 3 singers including myself. One guy, this Mexican dude, who was TERRIBLE! He sung all these BIG ass songs, and he hardly could speak English, let a lone sing it. However, his awfulness made him a cult hero at karaoke! Now Beny is OK w/ us! lol

I'm tired of those fucking words I have to type when I leave comments. The are so obnoxious, one of 2 things happen. 1. They are so squished together you miss a random "I", and they make you start over, or 2. they are just like a real word, w/ a fucked up letter like "MISCHIFF" I'm like Mischief? lol, whatever.

Going back to job 2 next week. My brokeassness has taken QUITE the toll! I'm going to a debt management meeting on Tues, to hopefully get my shit under control! Figure out what options I have to get this shit taken care of. At this point a credit hit isn't something I care about. id rather just get rid of this and repair my credit if need be. I don't want to file bankruptcy unless I have to! But I don't think I will. I want to get this debt DONE, so I can focus on living life debt free! I'll hopefully sell my house, and that'll be a big chunk I can throw down on debt! I already got an apt set up, so I wont need great credit for that, I fucked up ROYALLY! But it's all good, because I LEARNED from it! No more CCs for BG, I cant trust myself at this point, so I at least know that. time to move the fuck on! Ive been on a Flight of the Conchords kick as of late, here is a video of my fucking JAM!

Great backhanded compliment song lol. Ok folks all for me, as usual I prob wont post on the weekend, but I'll get at you guys soon! love you all!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dont See the Obsession...

OK, this post is for the ladies. Mainly the ladies that I know who blog and are OBSESSED w/ Twilight and the male lead Robert Pattinson.

After studying this guy, I'm pretty sure he is a mannequin, I've never seen someone so Pasty, and I'm MICHIGAN White. Im convinced that ladies love his character, and NOT ACTUALLY HIM. He plays a sweet loving vampire, in real life hes probably nothing like his character, though he ALWAYS looks like a vampire. I'm secure in my sexuality, despite my gay ass walk, and if he was good looking I'd say so. If Robert worked at McDonalds, he'd be that pasty ass guy workin the fries, though he'd probably be the sexiest guy at that McDonalds. He has hair like a Ken Doll, as in I'm pretty sure it wont move, EVER. He looks like he should be a member of the Cure. He looks sad and possibly depressed. I seriously sound like a hater right now, I'm not trying to shit on the guy because he's rich and I'm not close lol, but seriously ladies, WHAT IS IT?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

MIGRAINE, but more importantly, VW lives.

I fucked up. I posted an obit for the BG ride last night and the car was in fact not dead. It was totaled, but it was driveable so I had 2 options. 1. Take $1400 and buy KGs car, and be done, but not pay my enormous tax bill ($564.43). Or 2. Take the car now worth $341, and they gave me $1097 cash. Thats right I get a disfigured BG ride, and $1100 cash. I took option 2. I know have the money to pay my tax bill, my ticket, and various other items. FINALLY SOME GOOD LUCK! Another good thing is that since the car is so old, the title wont be salvaged, its the regular title. Im so happy!

Which brings me to today. I have the bitch of all migraines. I have the auras, the pain and the nausea, though the stomach has settled down quite a bit. I took Excedrin Migraine and it sucks lol. Well in this case it does. Going back to bed!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jetta, Volkswagen, RIP

Jetta, Volkswagen "VW"
Ann Arbor, MI

Age 13, Died from injuries sustained in an automobile accident. VW was born in Germany, 1996.After birth VW was moved to Howard Cooper's in Ann Arbor, where he lived his first few months mainly outdoors. He was adopted by The Ripley's of Ann Arbor where he lived happily until 2001. In 2001 he was adopted by Bobby Garrott of Ann Arbor where he lived for 8 years until his death. VW was a friend and companion to Bobby G for all the years he lived with him. Bobby was there to witness VWs final breaths. More than a vehicle, VW kept BG cool in the summer, and warm in the winter, especially with his heated seats. He is survived by his faithful owner Bobby Garrott, brother Brian (Acadia) Garrott, Grandparents Ken and Mary (Zink) Garrott, and friends too numerous to list. VW will be missed by all who traveled with him. In lieu of flowers, VW has asked you to donate to the Humane Society, and Bobby G is Broke Fund. There is no Service planned, but crushing will take place early Friday, in an undisclosed location. "VW you will be loved and missed, you were an amazing car, and a great friend"~Bobby G

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend!

Had a 4 day weekend! Day one, I totaled my car, the rest of the days were better. Friday went to meet the Gfs parents! They were VERY nice! welcomed me in w/ open arms! Met the Gfs aunt too! SHES HILARIOUS! Her cousin is good times too! ON Fri we colored eggs. Haven't done that in YEARS! Like 20 yrs! Maybe longer! My parents wouldn't let us because we always made a big mess! (Yeah me making a mess, can you believe it?)

Saturday I did some mourning for the Bobby G Ride. Ive had it since 2001. And its kinda become apart of me. A rusty dinged up part of me! I've been wanting a new car for a while but I have NOT been wanting a payment. OK not wanting isn't it as much as not being able to afford a payment. Dad has a 1994 Accord. It has a sunroof, drives great, and is VERY nice! He's gonna sell it to me for a moderate price (I'm thinking $1500ish) My insurance says my car is work like $3900 in GREAT cond, mine is NOT so I'm thinking $2500-$3000 for mine. an Adjuster is coming out tomorrow, we shall see at that time. Basically It's a good thing. I had some expenses coming up that would've crippled me financially. I owe on taxes $500 ish (we shall see this week) Owe my mom some money (perpetually) and I have a ticket from Thursday. OH and not to mention my karaoke boss hasn't paid me in a fucking month, he owes me $200, and he outta town for a month, so it'll be like $400 by the time he gets back. Pray to god my rent check doesn't bounce! The one good thing I have going right now is my GF! She's keeping me grounded in these messed up times! Love her to death for that!

Sunday we went to the GFs family Easter aunt her hilarious Aunt's house! I proceeded to eat my weight in ham & cheesy potatoes! They were delicious! I was convinced my diet went to shit this weekend. What could it of been? The KFC? the many beers? The 190lbs of Easter dinner. Reluctantly I weighed my self, and I lost .7lbs. I was happy as shit! So tomorrow, we shall find out the saga of the BG ride! tonight I'll be getting all my shit out of it! the 3nd of an era is happening, I'll miss you BG Ride,

Friday, April 10, 2009

Yesterday Blew...

So yesterday started out fine. I had my interview and it was unlike anyplace I have ever been! They wanted me to do freelanced which I am still on the fence about, but it was a cool place to visit! The cubicles looked like fences and had trees and a sky w/ clouds! Check it out!

Also they had karaoke, so I knocked out you cant touch this! Everyone seemed impressed. On the way home I was driving and looked down at my speedo, looked up and had the trunk of CIVIC right in my face! I wreck the car, $2700 in damage, it's essentially totaled, it's 13 yrs old. This isnt a bad thing per say because I can buy a beater and w/ the money i get save some in case the job search doesnt go well, but still I have had that car for 8 yrs. A great car, im kinda sad. So of course last night at karaoke I get shitfaced!Hated the earth today. Im really bummed about the Bobby G ride, but looking forward to a new used car. RIP Jetta...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday, Bobby G's Friday!

HA SUCKERS! I get a LONG ass weekend this week. My GF had the week off so I took Thursday & Friday off to hang with her! We are going thrift store shopping tomorrow! Love thrift stores! Mainly cause I love 70s style clothes! They fit me well and look QUITE GOOD on me! Id of been the MAN in the 70s! Id of been like Shaft! It's because "I'm a complicated man, and no one understands me but my woman!"

And yes you're welcome for that! So I forgot to tell you folks, I have an interview-ish tomorrow! WTF is that you ask? Well they told me to bring my design portfolio in, and they would check it out and see what they can do. My friends Tiff & Michelle work there, so I have a couple of ins! So I'm not sure if it's an interview or a charity, but I don't care either way! This place makes coloring books and the girls I know that work there say it's the shit and they love their jobs! Which is 100% more than I can say about here! This place has turned into the Green Mile, and we are all "Dead Men Walking" It's CRAZY hard to do your job to the best of your abilities, when you know in 3 months you are outta here!

So my Mom's tax guy has my taxes, on turbo Tax it said I had to pay $500, I hope to god that isn't right, and I fucked up, because I could use ANY Money I get! We shall see, stay tuned!

Living w/ the parents is starting to wear on me something FIERCE! But this damn house isn't selling! So BUY MY HOUSE

Ok folks, I may be a little lax on the blogging for the next few days, because I will be at the ladies! I may try to get a few posts in , but please don't be sad if I don't post comments! I still love you fuckers!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Theres a STORM a brewing!

Yes it is official! I am cooler than you now. Why you ask? because I got a Blackberry Storm. Yes my minions, bow down before me and kiss the toes of royalty! OK not really...But I am super stoked to have a phone that does "stuff" What "Stuff" you ask? well It has real Internet, which I LOVE because I am sort of Internet dependent. it has my email on the desktop so I can see when all the cool kids leave comments on my blog. It also is touch screen, but it has this new technology it feels like you are pushing down keys. Its VERY cool, and I have in the past HATED touch screens because I had no real idea if I was touching said keys or not. It also has a kick ass music music player, and unlike my Chocolate 2, it plays all the songs I have loaded onto the memory card! It took a minute to get used to the clicky touchscreen, but I am slowly getting the hang of it! See my old phone took a shit! For about 4 hrs yesterday I couldn't call out/receive calls, or send/receive texts. I call Verizon and try all these things, still nothing! So the guy on the phone (who was fantastic by the way, it's good to know that Verizon still believes in customer service!) said he could get me any phone at the 1 yr contract price. I told him I had Credit Card issues and didn't have one, so he called my local store, talked to a mgr there, set everything up, and got them to bill to my phone! I'M LIKE WOW! That's FANTASTIC! SO I am gonna have a GIANT phone bill in the $350 range this month, but I am VERY impressed w/ Verizon's customer service and the way the helped me resolve this problem! kudos!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Randomness....

I'm pretty sure I don't want kids. There was a time I did, I was married and it seemed like the next logical step. But now I have to start over. And a life w/ no children seems like a great fucking idea! I'm pretty sure I couldn't handle kids. Kids are coddled in this society, WAY to much so actually. Teachers give out the number to social services, so your kids can threaten you with that. Kids are giant smart asses now! Back in the day when I was being a smart ass, my mom would just beat my ass in Sears. It taught me to not be a smart ass (Ok obviously that didn't work, but I never did it in public lol) If a get gets spanked in Sears now, it' a fucking media event, and it's deemed child abuse. I think there is no way I could refrain from spanking my kids. It's the way I was raised, and the way I was disciplined. It was damned effective! If i see a woman (or a dad) spanking their kid in public, I fucking cheer them on, while everyone else looks with surprise & disgust. I Think George Carlin said it best, "Kids are just like everyone else, a few winners and a WHOLE BUNCH of losers" Nice work George! Now from this mini rant you may think I'm anti-kid. I love kids, just love them more when I can leave, or they go home. I will never have that situation in my life where i want to go out and can't find a sitter. I will never have to go on a trip w/ 2 screaming obnoxious kids in the car. The downside of course is that kids typically are the best thing to happen to someone. Everyone says that (who has kids) I want the experience. I wish all kids came out like 3 yrs old. They had a basic knowledge of language and could do rudimentary tasks like piss in a toilet, and get me beer. That'd suck for you ladies. Its bad enough when an 8 lb baby comes out, let alone a 40 lb toddler lol. but I digress...

I lost 1.6 lbs this week for a total of 6.2 lbs in two weeks. I feel great! Pants fit better and I have more energy! Good work weight watchers! I'm lucky as shit though because I had a bad food week. I went over points a few days and used more than my 35 pt bonus surplus, yet still lost! Ill take it!

I did a practice for a motorcycle skills competition I am gonna be in in May and i did it very well! I have a lot of confidence (OK I'm cocky as shit) when it comes to my riding ability, and at age 30, I have a great head start on the avg biker. Here is a pic of me knocking out the cone weave drill!

So it's getting increasingly harder to stay focused at work. Just knowing that work closes in 3 months isn't very uplifting or motivating.

So the house still hasn't sold (or had any offers) Talked to the Realtor today and he said ideally at $55K-$60K it'd sell, but currently the ass wipes at Country Wide Financial wont go below $84,900. we have an open house next Sun the 19. We shall see what happens then (fingers crossed)

We got around 3 inches of awful slush snow. I call it a slushterfuck. Its SUPER HEAVY and wet, its obnoxious as shit! It's been snowing all day, and we are in the end supposed to have 6-10 inches on the ground. This is BS. It's fucking April! The April showers people speak of aren't supposed to be frozen! I was on the Harley yesterday for god sakes!

OK folks enjoy your Monday, More tomorrow probably!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Why I Ride...

Why Do I ride? It's a question I get a lot. It's something I don't really answer, It'd take too long, and many people don't understand it. I will break it down fro you folks!

I ride because it's my lively hood. I've been doing it since age 4, when my dad taught me how to ride a 2 wheeler. I've never been without at least one bike since then! I learned in the grass, in case I tipped over, I did a few times, it was easy! Even at that young age, I felt something on a bike I couldn't feel on a bicycle or in a car. It's a freedom I cant possibly explain. The wind in your hair, the crisp country air, (and not so crisp when you pass by some farms) It's a an obsession! It's the worlds best way to get rid of any issues on your mind! It clears my mind and feeds my soul! It makes me feel complete! if I have a bad day, I jump on the bike, find and obscure restaurant in a far away location, have a burger and a beer and just feel complete. The open road is something that you can only fully appreciate on a bike! It makes you feel like you are on top of the world. it makes you feel as if you are the only person on earth on that given moment. A motorcycle is my connection to nature. I get all the elements, all the smells, and I see the earth as it is meant to be seen, without a barrier between me and it. I get to experience my bike like I can experience nothing else I own. Its personal. Its custom made to my liking. It represents my personal tastes. It is my prized possession. Its the main thing in my life that lets the world know who I am. When I ride, I'm as complete as I can be! Its something I share w/ my family, w/ my girlfriend (Soon baby!) and with my friends! Its a camaraderie like no other. People who ride together share a unique friendship, They feel what I feel! They know everything I just wrote here! They do it too! Every time I ride I risk my life. To me it's 100% worth it! I've had a lot of training, and I take great pride in my riding skill. I take classes to learn proper technique, and I practice regularly in parking lots. I am a VERY safe rider. I got a lot to live for,and I got a lot of people that love me to keep happy! I've been in situations, and used my training, to avoid accidents that some other riders wouldn't of made it out of on two wheels. To me, The road is my playground, everyday is recess (in summer) and I cant wait for the weather to be warm all the time! I will hit the open road, and I will have another summer of adventure, excitement and romance with the open road. This is why I ride...

Gang War! Flash back to 1994

In 1994 HBO ran a show called Gang War Bangin in Little Rock. It was a FANTASTIC documentary, chronicling the escalating drug problem in Little Rock Arkansas, of all places! It was HARDCORE! The showed people get beat in, showed violence, there was even a drive by while HBO was filming! It was so interesting! Just incredible! If you have netflix CHECK IT OUT! Its SO interesting!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Karaoke Nightmare!

So when I first started Karaoke, Karaoke Stoo said there will be problems! I've been doing karaoke since December, so far no problems, well that ALL CHANGED last night. The night started when I had NO mic stand. The other host forgot to leave me one, but it's all good because my TV stand can hold both mics with some tweaking. Problem fixed! The next problem was a CRAZY humming in both speakers! It was LOUD as shit, I checked all connections, and it was all good, so I gave Karaoke Stoo a call (for the first of MANY times last night) and you know what fixed it? Unplug the video from the TV of COURSE! NO YOU DIDN'T READ THAT WRONG! To stop the speakers from buzzing, you unplug a VIDEO cable! Oh electronics! Problem Fixed! Then the shit literally hit the fan! Literally, I shat on a fan, OK not really, but I hate when people say literally, when it wasn't at all literal, my bad, back on track people! I load all the music, and play a bit of Rhymin & Stealin by Beastie boys, except the volume wasn't down, and it came on LOUD AS FUCK! Everyone JUMPED! I was like MY BAD. Turned the volume down. Problem Fixed. I load up the karaoke software, try to test a song and a warning come sup that says it cant locate the file blah blah blah. So I'm like OK, i try to play music but it only lets me play 5 songs, Rhymin & Stealin, Too Short Cocktails, Im So Hood DJ Khalid, Duffle Bag Boy by Playaz Circle and Sun Storm by Mac Lethal. These aren't songs I would typically play at a karaoke show & Definitely not at the beginning of it! But I pretty much had no fucking choice. Oh and once those 5 songs were done, the music goes off. DONE! So we got total silence, except for me swearing, cursing the earth due to the karaoke brokeassness. So I call Stoo, frantic, he says for me to check all this connections & shit, restart the computer, to try to get the hard drive to be found, well it wasn't, so after like an hr and a half, he had to come with a new Hard drive. This hard drive was an OLD backup, so MANY songs it didn't have. Lots of peoples songs weren't avail, and the only songs I could play in between, were the ones I brought, so only rap! Which is all good, but I like variety! I had a show for 2 hrs, and it was still fun, but last night was the worst show strictly due to the technical problems. Now I know, and I can be prepared!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


So yesterday I got a shit ton of drugs from We have flexible benefits cards at work that we have a few thousand dollars on. We don't get that money when work closes in July, so I was like might as well stock up on shit! Band-aids, Ibuprofen, and general health related stuff, well, I got a lot of stuff! Like $400 worth of stuff, it came in 2 giant fucking boxes, so at my lunch break I got my car, and brought them out side. I went to set them on the ground, bend down (kind of in a baseball catcher position) and the BLEW THE ASS OUT OF MY PANTS! it was a load rip and my ass was feeling the breeze, I quickly looked around, no one saw so I jump in my car, call work and say I'm gonna be late from lunch, had to go change my pants! The pants were SO DESTROYED!!!!! Check it out:

Oh the saga isn't over! I get home, unload the boxes in the kitchen of the house, bend over and blow out my OTHER black dress pants! WTF? I just lost 5 lbs too! I have to go buy 2 pairs of dress pants, its crazy! My ass is a force to be reckoned with! No pants are safe!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Serving Nightmare!

Serving Nightmares, anyone who worked in a restaurant, or ever has, has had a server nightmare. They definitely vary from person to person, but mine go something like this:

I'm at work, and the WHOLE restaurant gets sat at the same time! I'm frantic, I cant remember what anyone orders to drink, the bar isn't making drinks, the kitchen isn't making food, and the customers get PISSED OFF! I eventually wake up and thank god it was a dream.

Well this morning, it was about Bennigans. I haven't worked there in almost 2 yrs. WTF? I never have serving nightmare about my current restaurant. It's too small. I'm pretty sure I can run it myself if the shit hit the fan. So therefore its not a big deal. But Bennigans was HUGE! I was kinda pissed, why am I dreaming about Bennigans? Probably cause I know I'm gonna lose my job come July, and am subconsciously thinking about places to work. Believe ME! Bennigans is my LAST RESORT! I hope it doesn't come to that!

On the way in today on XM I heard Disturbia by Rihanna, That song while played out, is still the jam! I was jamming at a light and I look over and a hot girl is laughing at me! I smile and am like Oh well, I got my own hottie now! Life is good!