Thursday, July 31, 2008

Being on hold....

So today I give company a call, & im on hold. Every 2 or 3 mins I get a message that says "your call is important to us, please stay on hold & we will answer you call as soon as one of our operators are avail" Now is my call really important? Do you think that someone is on the other end of the line thinking "I cant wait to take this call" Im gonna go w/ no, I work in a call center & im NEVER excited to take the next call, i do it because I am paid well & get good benefits to do so, I help the people as much as I can, if i cant, im not upset about it I move onto the next call. the worst thing about hold messages are you always think someone is answering then that recording comes on & im pissed! Oh well, such is life....

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pudge Rodriguez Gone......

Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez was traded today to the New York Yankees for reliever Kyle Farnsworth. It was 2004, the year before the Tigers lost an AL record 119 games, the team was in shambles, that all changed when Pudge decided to be a Tiger at 4 yrs $40 Million. After Pudge came the whole organization changed. Big name free agents were no longer out of reach, the team became respectable again. As a Tiger Pudge hit .298 with 62 HRs and 300 RBIs, worth every penny, Pudge will always be a well respected Tiger, he was a great player & a great person. He will be missed. Good luck Pudge!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

RIP the Onondaga Tavern...

Living in MI I am very fortunate to be near many beautiful roads that meander through small towns & quaint villages, one such town is called Onondaga. The town doesnt consist of much, but what it did have was one of the best known biker bars in MI, The Onondaga Tavern. This bar is full of biker relics, route 66 signs, Harley parking only signs & it just had a ton of character. Me & my dad went there a long time ago when i had my Harley Sportster, now I got my big twin & decided to fire up the trusty GPS & roll over ther via backroads. A nice ride through Ann Arbor, Chelsea, Munith, and other towns. I get there at about 4 p.m. & I knew something was wrong immediately, 80 degree day & only 6 bikes infront of the OT? Hmmmm I thought thats odd, but I get out & go to the door only to find a sign that says in big bold letters OUT OF BUSINESS, SORRY. So I stand there for a second dumbfounded, & look acrooss the street, there is a bar there called Archey's. I decided well im here, might as well get a beer. So I go in there and have a Miller Lite. While ther I get to talkin to some of the folks who are there, one such lady was a HUGE FAN of the OT. She was very upset about the situation, & she said the new owner, was embezzeling or money laundering or something & the bank ended up foreclosing on it. She fully expected the bar to open this year again, but I guess we shall see. RIP OT.

Friday, July 25, 2008

5 Female Movie characters I could love

I totally Jacked this from Amy Wisemans Blog But I figured what the hell, so im gonna do my top 5

5.Elena- Zorro
Catherine Zeta Jones at her BADDEST! She was super fly, & she could whip some series ass w/ her sword fighting skills, & she could dance it up!

4. Isabella Molina, Rush Hour 2. Rosalyn Sanchez! Seriously, is there anything hotter than a bad ass italian woman? I think not! Not only was she smokin hot, but she was kinda shady, I like that in a chick.

3.The Devil- Liz Hurley! Bedazzled. Has satan ever been so attractive? NO! This movie made me want to go immediately to hell! She has that sexy british acent & also shes the dark lord of the universe, Nice!

2. Little Mermaid (voice of Jodi Benson)
Is there anything on earth hotter than a superfly redhead that cant talk? I think not! Plus when she has a voice she can belt out a tune which would be great for karaoke

1. Satine- Nicole Kidman Moulin Rouge- Satine, the beautiful prostitue,/ singing sensation, she beautiful, tragic & happens to be redheaded which is RIGHT up my alley! Ive never seen a more classically beautiful redhead ever.

Walk of shame!

On the way to work I saw a LEGENDARY walk of shame. The girl was about 5'4, thin & attractive, wearing a TIGHT Red mini skirt, white blouse w/ the 1st 3 buttons undone, knee high boots w/ fishnets underneath,& teased up hair, w/ crimps, was she at an 80s party before hand? not quite sure, hopefully thats not her regular attire lol, I honked at her as i rode bye & she flicked me off! I laughed lol, Speaking of walk of shame here is a great commercial!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

What Can Brown do for You?

So im at work washing my hands after just finishing up in the bathroom, and who comes into the bathroom? the UPS guy, walks in the stall & does his business, now ive often wondered if nature called what is the UPS guy to do, he cant go in the truck presumably, so that leaves businesses he visits or a UPS station, but it was kinda of surreal? what can brown do for you? Indeed!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Great then AWFUL now!

More and more as i get older, I try to reconnect w/ my childhood, since I dont have any toys anymore (except grown up toys) I cant do it that way, so now i have to rely on entertainment from the past to relive my younger days. Old TV shows, music & movies are all I have left, the problem is most of the SUCK! lol I apparently had awful tastes in movies, music & TV, back in the day. So here are a few examples of stuff I loved that is now AWFUL!

1.The Pirate Movie
Based on the musical Pirates of penzance its a tale of pirates & apparently how gay they can be. ITS TERRIBLE! Bad music, bad jokes, and overall just an awful tale. Now I do like musicals typically (No im not gay) but this is just PISS POOR! It stars Christy Macnichol & that dude from blue lagoon. I ordered it from amazon & I was hyped, even had my brother come over and have a few beers & were ready to laugh it up, only it didnt happen! lol

2.Saved by the Bell.
WOW this has been on A LOT recently, the episodes are so stupid, the acting is terrible & the stories are insane! I used to love this show! WHY? There are the classic episodes like the one where jesse is hooked on pain pills, or when Casey Kasem Drops by to do the sprain, Or when Jesses cousin, Comes from NY & is a cock to everyone, so they try to get a pic of hime stealing Principal Beldings car. They are are on & are all awful! The only one I still enjoy is the Zack Attack episode (again w/ Casey Kasem)but other than that I cant even stand to watch it when its on, I got to move on lol

3. Poison: Open up and say Ahh!
Now this was my JAM back in 5th grade. I got it because my mom wouldnt let me get Appetite for Destruction by GNR (Parental Advisory explicit lyrics) It rocked out w/ very profound lyrics! or so I thought, they are ridonk! Now everyrose has its thorn is still the jam, I am a poison fan, but this album wasnt good at all! Well its still good for a laugh!

Monday, July 21, 2008

titletown USA

Ann Arbor is a finalist of ESPNs titletown series
here is the video, GO BLUE!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Art Fair Blows!

Now being from Ann Arbor like I am, every year I have to deal w/ this event known as the art fair. The art fair is a NATIONAL EVENT! People come from all around the country to check out the artists & art that are here & apparently (Allegedly) buy stuff. Now the art fair is awful for a townie. 1st I work downtown & therefore have to deal w/ roughly 50% of our city streets being closed. Which makes getting anywhere a BITCH. If thats not bad enough it brings in bums from all over the country, New york, Chicago, DC & LA All somehow make it here to panhandle & try to get a dollar for food (read: BEER/LIQUOR) Its crazy there are tons of bums walking around tryin to get whatever from you. Also the number one art fair enemy, is women w/ strollers, I hate them for two reasons. 1 They always seem to hit your fuckin feet w/ their strollers, it pisses me off to no end, I want to smack a bitch everytime that happens, which brings me to #2. Moms having their babies in strollers when its 100 fucking degrees w/ 95% humidity. The kids hate it, they dont know WTF is going on, they cry a lot because they are pissed & uncomfortable, I would be too! Shit! Also another thing is that its always 90 degrees & it rains at least 1 day every year, not jut rain, but Torrential fuckin downpours, its crazy, all the tents of the people almost blow away & stuff, I say good riddance, & the last thing im going to bitch about is all the tourists, I men its good because it helps our economy, tons of merchant dollars comin to the town, but the tourists dont know where they are goin half the time, drive wrong was on one-way streets, I mean im not entirely against the art fair, if its not 200 degrees it is the best people watching on earth! I used to work art fairs when i was younger, and one time I saw a dude drunk as fuck w/ only a loin cloth lol, WTF, SO IN CLOSING come for the art, stay for the people, then get the fuck out!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tacobell Onstar

So I was involved in a conversation about Drunk driving, we were talking about how all cars should have breathalyzers on them that wont allow the car to start after .08. Then we decided that while you were waiting you should be able to get Tacobell Onstar, you hit the button, place your order & they find you by Onstars GPS, you pay & eat while you wait. Thatd be the best thing ever, I mean you gotta wait a bit anyways, might as well get your grub on. Tacobell Onstar would be legendary! Itd be the best creation in the history of life. Delicious.

Friday, July 18, 2008

How to get into debt by Bobby G!

Have too much money? Tired of flaunting your cash all the time? Pay cash for everything? My strategy can help you get in debt fast! Here are a 5 simple steps!
1. Start w/ no money management skills, spend money AS SOON as you get it!
2. Live WAY beyond your means! Get that Corvette or Harley, you know you want it & customize the shit out of it!
3. Buy a House! They suck up money fast!
4. Use credit cards to live! Dont have money for groceries or gas? use your credit card! its FREE money!
5. Deny you have a problem! See that CC statement say you owe $8000 & ignore it! All that means is you have $2000 left to spend!

Follow these steps & youll be sure to have a bad credit rating at all times!

OK! Obviously DONT follow these steps or your life is gonna get hard in a hurry! My debt started when I moved out of my parents house. I was the only one w/ a CC, So I put all the deposit & moving expenses on my card, my 2 roommates paid me back but I blew all the money. When i moved out we got a great place but it was expensive! I was only making about $1000 a month & had a car bill & cell & few other bills so i started using CCs to live. I maxed out my CC in about 6 months. Food, beer, electronics, everything went on the card. I was quickly in debt. My mom was kind enough to do a balance transfer but in no time I had it maxed out again, The problem was i didnt have enough money to live. I got a house & could afford the mortgage & my bills but NOTHING else, no food, beer anything so I got the CC & kept spending, pretty soon I had 4 cards, the balance were $10,000, $8,000, $1600, $1200 All but one was maxed out, I realized that i had so much CC debt (though i always pay atleast the minimums) my credit score was shot. My debt to income ratio was too high. So I realized I had to do something, I cut up & tossed all my CCs, I was BROKE! I couldnt go out, I had about $20/week for groceries which I was able to budget to feed myself, I also got a 2nd job as a server & every cent goes to cc debt, so far im applying the snowball method, pay off the lowest balances (to get a sense of accomplishment) and then il take those payments & apply all of them to the next card & so on, its gonna take a while, but im also gonna put tax returns & every other income I get to debt, I just gotta get it done! I have learned my lesson for sure! I dont plan on ever having a CC again, I may not have any loans either (except mortgage) Im gonna have to buckle down & get this done, I got a good bike, a serviceable car (since my dad is a mechanic) so now its time to knock it out! Im ready!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Meth Use Vs Wearing Shirts....

So on A & E today there was a show about meth use in Iowa. It was messed up, Meth destroys your body, & MIND. It can be made w/ household chemicals, w/ some seriously disastrous results. They are very toxic & can catch on fire & explode. There are over 10,000 cases of death related to just meth labs not to mention the countless lifes the drugs have destroyed. Only 6% of meth users get sober. The most troubling stat of meth users however is the total disregard for wearing shirts. EVERY Male meth head in this show had no shirt on. Why? No clue, but it was troubling. Nothing worst than an emaciated  white body w/ no damn shirt on. It is tragic. 

Sunday, July 6, 2008

RIP Tom Snell

Earlier this week the Ann Arbor American Hog Chapter lost a dear friend, officer & colleague when Tom Snell died of a heart attack in Dallas at age 62. He was on a 2 week trip, he was not on the bike at the time. He was a great rider, & a better person. He will be dearly missed by his Harley brothers & his family. We love you man.