Tuesday, March 31, 2009

BG Gets his Ober-on and other stuff!

This blog is gonna be long! Lots to talk about today! Let's get started!

Well yesterday was kind of like a holiday for Bobby G. It was Oberon opening day! For those of you not from MI or not familiar w/ Oberon, it is a delicious summer beer that's made by Bells Brewery in Kalamazoo MI. It has delicious citrus undertones, over a full bodied wheat beer, quite exquisite! Usually served w/ an orange, i always say NO ORANGE! Because I'm a FIRM believer that beer shouldn't have fruit in it, except Corona, because if you don't put Lime in Corona I'm pretty sure you can die, it's that fucking awful! Anyways back to Opening day, this in the past has been a day of GREAT DRUNK-ASSNESS! Oberon is around 6%, so its fairly potent, but the sugar in it causes BRUTAL almost wine-like hangovers, so this year me and my brother on had 3 pints each! it was DELICIOUS! My problem with Oberon is that by early May I grow tired of it. I'm done, I can't deal with it anymore! I go back to my Newcastles, and other beers! Still Oberon Opening day is GREAT! it's even more great when you win a DOPE T-shirt in a raffle!


So I was reading my friend Becky's blog today and she was talking about her irrational fear/Deep inner fucking hatred of of snakes and it got me thinking about my fears/hatreds! My biggest fear is of chemicals. I HATE CHEMICALS! All types of chemicals, my 3 approved chemicals are Pledge, Windex and Formula 409. "But Bobby G", you ask, "How do you clean bathrooms?" Oh, that's easy I DON'T! Not tubs anyways, I clean the toilet because I use a brush, and don't have to touch chemicals, but as far as the tub goes, it's usually cleaned by a family member or a friend who cant stand to see it dirty anymore! lol I know I'm a GROWN ASS MAN, I need to suck it up, but there is a new line of chemical free chemicals, that I am gonna buy! That will show you tub!

Another fear I have is over expired/spoiled food. My stomach is fucked up enough, I check expiration dates on EVERYTHING I eat. If its that day, I don't eat it. Also I don't eat any prepared foods that have been in the fridge for more than 3 days! If it's been longer than that I PITCH IT, no food borne illness is getting in here!

Now here are a few hatreds, I'm not at all scared of these event's. I just hate fucking doing them.
1. Getting a haircut. HATE IT! Hate that I have to go out, pay someone $15 + tip, and then they always try to strike up conversations! I hate those forced conversations! Always ask me about my day, and the weather, and how I'm doing. sometimes I just like to be a dick and say something awkward like, "well I just got divorced" and they look like deer in the headlights. I know, I'm a dick!

2. Taking back bottles. REALLY HATE THIS ONE! Sometimes I wish we lived in a non bottle return state so I could just pitch those fuckers! I mean I can now, but living in MI you are programmed to put the cans/bottles in the bottle bin. Its automatic! I always wait WAY to long to take the bottles back! then I have like $25 worth, and it's a huge pain in the ass to get them all loaded in the ride, they all leak everywhere making my hands sticky! Then I always miss that one bottle in the bottom, after all the bottles are done and I've moved onto cans, so I have a slip for 10 cents. I mean getting the money is nice, but not for the hassle!

3. Getting gas. This one I have to do the most often obviously! I drive with my gaslight on for like 3 fucking days before I finally break down and get gas. I HATE the smell of gas! HATE IT! It makes me nauseous. I HATE paying for it though the most! It's not too bad now, but when it was $4 + gallon, man that hurt my wallet! Some stations are worse than others. I always pay at the pump, so stations ask you for a car wash, and what the zip code for the card and shit is, I try to avoid those pumps, (usually Shell, heads up). The Harley is worse though, because you need to pay a lot of attention on that 5 gallon tank, or your gas will spill EVERYWHERE! Then they never have any paper towels in those fucking cans by the pumps! I HATE THAT!

When I got out of the structure today there was a homeless drunk guy passed the fuck out in the lobby. He's a bigger guy and has a Crazy beard, kind of like Gimli from Lord of the Rings and he absolutely smells like shit! The whole Lobby wreaked! I feel bad for the guy. he also rocks back and forth like the fucking girl from Bless the Child, religious movies ALWAYS freak me out. I'm sure being homeless wasn't his choice, but damn, he was funktastic.

The reason I'm at work so damn early today is that I Did Obits this morning. We have to set them up and print them out and get them ready for the days paper. it can be pretty hectic, but usually it's not bad! Today is one of the not at all bad days. especially because of one the paginators helps us out by printing the stuff out and getting us set up!

As I went to put my food upstairs today, i headed to the fridge to put my diet coke w/ lime and Sandwich in, and I saw this!

Yes! That IS what you think it is (sorry for the shitty camera phone pic PS) Cheetos in the fucking fridge! How did that happen? Why did that happen? Does someone at my work have a craving for cold Cheetos? I'm amazed!

So the diet is going good, I went over points yesterday because Pints of Oberon are 5 pts each (WTF?) But that's why I have 35 bonus points every week! My lunch today is only 5 pts, so that means tonight I can splurge! See the thing I miss most while dieting is Qdoba burritos!

They are a whopping 17 pts per delicious burrito! I get 32 pts a day though, so today I'll have some extra points to spend on one of these tasty delights! OK OK! I rambled on enough, lots of stuff talked about today, let the comments begin!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Id give it a 4.6....

Dieting, week 1, I lost 4.6 lbs! I KNOW I KNOW! Hold your applause! Not bad for the learning week! It may of been more if not for the fact that I'm losing my job in July, because I needed a few beers, and bad for me food at Bennigans last Mon. I used all 35 bonus pts, but not more, and Ive been doing really good sticking to my 32pts a day. I like weight watchers, its not dieting per say, its portion control. Breaking stuff down by pts (according to dietary fiber, calories & fat) help me understand what foods are eaten in larger portions and what foods are eaten in smaller portions! I can still eat what I want but now I know a Burrito from Qdoba is 17pts, ore than half of my daily pts, so i got to plan for that! My savior has been Progresso soups! Some of those are 0pts for the can! So its a good snack, and it fills me up too! weight watchers is doing me well so far! I'm gonna keep it up, and hopefully by summer ill be down to the 180ish level where I'd like to be!

Friday, March 27, 2009

St. Chang Chang Day!

Today is a glorious day! Well right now I'm at work, so I'm tired and it kinda blows, but LATER today is going to be glorious! Why you ask? Because its St Chang Chang Day! St. Chang Chang Day is the best made up holiday ever! It all started in 2007! Our Friend Steve Chang was gone for St Pats. So the next Sat we all went out (Except me I had to work GRRRRR) Everyone got all done up! Mad Korean flavored attire! See Steve Chang is Korean so instead of green they wore red, white, and blue, and Korean symbols all over etc.! Here is a pic below!

So I'm gonna go to the store. Get a fresh new white tee, and some markers and Steve Chang 09 it up! We are hittin downtown A2! If you want to come out, FEEL FREE! We will be the people all Korean-ified. Cant miss us!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Watchin the Weight,

Weight Watcher's has consumed my life! Both my Parents are on it, MY GF & her Sis are on it,(neither need to be) so its kind of around me. I decided that i could stand to lose 10-20 lbs or so, so I'm on WW now. I get 32pts per day, which is a sizable amount! Also besides that I get 35 bonus pts per week, to use as I wish!(read: BEER) For those that don't have any Idea how WW works here is a quick break down. WW has specific points for food. Its based on calories, fat content, and amount of fiber. Less calories & fat, and the more fiber, the better. Now because of this formula, I wouldn't necessarily consider weight watchers that healthy per say. Not when you have as much points as I do. Its all about portion control. So you can eat small portions of shitty food and be OK, but I do know it works. A few years ago my dad lost 70 lbs(then he stopped and gained it all back, and a bit more) my lunch today consists of a 3 pt turkey sandwich, 2 pt Can of soup, 1 pt string cheese, and 3 pt 1oz of cheese its. 9 pts, but today I splurged on breakfast, and i got a Rio Grande Wrap from Bruegger's for 14 fuckin pts! So that mean for the day after I'm done I have 9 pts left. Ill be dippin into the bonus pts tonight because I'm gonna have beer at karaoke. I do my 1st weigh in on Mon. So let's see if I can get down to that 175-180 level I want to be at by the time summer rolls around!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Go West Young Man!

GO WEST! They are this 1990's band who have a few hits you may or may not know. Here is one! This is Kinda my jam! But be aware, this is a TERRIBLE VIDEO! Like THIS BAD!

Funny story! One time on the way up north me & CB were in his car. Our friend pulled up next to us and flashed us, I said
"WOW she just showed us her boobs!"He said
"It looked like bra, but Boobs would be wishful thinking"
and I just instinctively started singing.
"Ill get over you, you know I will, Ill pretend My ships not sinking, Ill tell myself that I am over you, cause I'm the king of wishful thinking"
Me and CB cracked up! Good times, when we got home I downloaded it! (PS we found out later it was boobs, WORD)
Well on the way home last night, I heard another one of their songs, its called I will be faithful

Now is it necessary to say that in song? If I came out with same song and big ass production my GF would prob think I was cheating on her! I have NEVER cheated on anyone, not my style, the lyrics might as well be "I will bang no one else!" Wait, you will be faithful, like eventually? Who did you fuck Go West Guy? If I'm Go West Guy's lady, I'm seriously questioning him!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Not Surprised....

Last night I slept like shit. I mean it was to be expected due to the news I received yesterday, but it still sucked ass. I hate not sleeping! Looking at the clock, doing the math in your head thinking "if I fall asleep now, I'll get 3 hrs of sleep" Mad as hell because I JUST WANT TO SLEEP! I went to bed at 11:30, which was too late anyways because I had to be to work at 7 today to do obits. Which PS, has got me thinking, If I BUST MY ASS, work still closes in July, if I slack, I get fired (probably, maybe not at this point) so my goal, DO enough to not get fired. I'm so pissed off, not at the News, but just at the situation, Ive been there 7 years, the better part of my adult life, w/ NOTHING to show for it. Its frustrating, I mean I cant honestly say I planned on doing classified ads my whole life, but I could see myself here until retirement (which i could do at 55) so its just hard to plan for the future. I am above my current job, I know that, but no matter what I couldn't find a job to compete with free benefits, good ones too. Even when I was married, they were free. Now that I wont be having said benefits, I can start looking for an honest career. Ive already started to apply to places, and the website take over the Ann Arbor News, annarbor.com is hiring, so I decided I'd see what they were about, my GF did a FANTASTIC job of helping me through last night, she said to not look at this as bad, but to look at this as getting a chance at a new career, so that's what I'm going to do. Fortunately I have a lot of skills. I'm personable, creative, fun and I work hard. Come on work world, are you ready for Bobby G?

Monday, March 23, 2009

A2 News...RIP

Well earlier today I posted a quick little blurb when i got out of my meeting that the A2 News is Closing I am still shocked, but Ill try to get myself together enough to write this post today.

The A2 News has been opened for 174 yrs. no that isn't a misprint, its 174 years. I have been here for 7 years. during my time hear, Ive been paid well, had amazing benefits and have made/worked with some amazing friends, and fantastic people. In a meeting headed by the publisher today she said that in the end of July, the paper will be closing for good. The local news will be handled by www.annarbor.com, an online based paper that will have 2 weekly print editions on wed & sun. While Ann Arbor is a very technology forward town, taking away a paper is going to be hard for residents to handle. its been a staple here, it's not the papers fault, but the paper has become another victim to the terrible MI economy. As all of us employees try to get it together, and figure out what the hell we are going to do in an already terribly crowded job market, we are all deeply shocked and are all very sad. we have families, mortgages, car payments, and many other bills just like the rest of you. we are trying to get it together to do our jobs, to try to make any money for the paper, but its damn hard to get motivated, I myself have 3 jobs, ill prob just wait tables FT, I may file for bankruptcy to get rid of my stupid debt, my own irresponsibility, and kinda start a new, I would also like to thank the TONS of people who have emailed, texted and FB statused me offering concern,and support, and beer! lol I leave this post by saying, A2 News, you have been a great thing in my life, You will be deeply missed, by me & my co-workers. RIP.


Come the end of July, I will no longer have a job. The Newspaper is closing its doors for good at the end of July. Im in total shock and I will Post more when I can...

Friday, March 20, 2009


The University of Michigan, my hometown school (not my school due to lack of motivation in HS, I went to Community College) Haven't been to the NCAA tournament in 11 years, that's right, I was 19, I drove a fucking Bright blue Ford Ranger, No Harley yet, still lived at home (oh wait! I do now) zit covered face, no ladies, no prospects even, 1998. A year out of HS, I was shy & reserved (yeah, hard to imagine huh?) Well not only did UM make the tourney, they won their first round game vs Clemson. I am SO HAPPY! Its been so long, the program has been rocked by NCAA Scandal, lost scholarships, lost wins, never really got back, until this year! Coach John Belein, has taken a team that was 10-22 last year, to the 2nd round of the tourney. Up next, Mighty Oklahoma, a 2 seed, it wont be easy, now its time to show what we've got guys, GO BLUE!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


IM on vacation! So I havent been posting much, or writing at all! I just have no time! I wake up at noon, and then watch 3 hrs of the wire! Then i get awful for me food (Mac N Cheese w/ bacon from Pizza Hut)Then I hang out, and dont do shit, maybe take a nap! Then wake up and its like 7! Man this is a rough life! Ill be back soon, I do most of my blogging at work! Tah Tah For Now!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Babies at Work!

HATE when people bring babies to work. Like newborns, not toddlers, I work with all women! Its a fucking estrogen gas chamber in this bitch! Since Ive started working w/ all women I now find myself watching Woman's shows like Project Runway...WTF? Anyway back to the babies, my boss' daughter brought her new baby (like 6 months old) in today, every girl in the office lost their fucking minds! Started talking all squeaky and shit, high pitched noise so shrill only a dog could hear that shit, talking mindless baby talk, its so funny! That doesn't happen to guys, ever, nothing on earth is that "cute" that we lose our mind and instantly become retarded, I mean we do become retarded in a different way if a gorgeous girl w/ a killer body walks by, guys will all look, not even trying to be discreet, saying "damn!" and "oh shit!" etc. But babies, they attract women from all over the building! Its like every lady here has a built in baby radar! A baby comes in and their spider sense tingles and they all come out to look at the baby, or the mom goes on a baby tour! She will parade the baby from room to room like a trophy of her motherhood, so everyone can ooh and ahhh! The baby does happen to be adorable tho! Hes a little cutie for sure, but DAMN LADIES! FOCUS!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

General Life Update

Typically my blogs have an agenda of some type, telling a story, etc., but rarely do I talk about the goings on of my life in general.

Well as most of you know, I got divorced in December, its looking to be a great decision, we fight more now then we ever did when we were together, and the fights are petty and stupid, I think we are both so fucking frustrated because this damn house is keeping us together, regardless of if we want it to or not. So any little thing gets blown way out of proportion! it stupid, but we never have had that time away from each other due to the house situation, we are constantly having to talk. It blows...

On the COMPLETE other end of the spectrum me and my new GF are doing great! Shes absolutely amazing! We are both FIENDING for warm weather to come! All the best couples stuff is done in the summer! I'm stoked because she CANT WAIT to ride on my Harley! Shes super excited, and that makes me excited! My new GF is excited to go on trips, day rides, etc. Not only that but the summer lends it self to trips up north, outdoor activities like bicycle riding, going places w/ her, getting drinks on the patio, etc! Plus her poor dog has cabin fever like a mug, so she can run free in the summer at various parks etc! Also I'm stoked for summer because I got a great new Digital SLR camera and cant wait to take pics with it! Ive taken a few this winter on nice days, but I'm all about water, and when I'm on the bike Ill stop off and take some pics!

Work has been work, Job 2 has really sucked! Ive decided to take a month off of job 2 to hope it gets busier in the summer, this $10 on a wed night and $30 on a Fri night BS has to stop! I know what you are thinking, BG why don't you quit, get another job, ya know I would but my availability is SO SHITTY, no other restaurant would hire me, my hope is that karaoke gets more shows i could do, and then quit job 2 all together! fingers are crossed there!

I'm on vacation next week from ALL JOBS! (except karaoke, which, lets face it, isn't really a job, its drinking with my friends and playing music) Tues is St pats so Ill be DRUNK! Wed is recovery! Thurs & Fri March Madness! Michigan may actually be in the NCAA tourney this year, fingers are crossed! Big game today vs Iowa!

OK that's kinda whats been going on here! glad to get ya up to speed!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Today I've done something I hardly ever do! I overslept, I mean REALLY Overslept! I wake up at 9:00, that's right 9:00! I was supposed to work at 8:30. I wake up and see 9:00, I can't believe it! I can't believe so much I look 3 times, then I look at my phone to make sure, it confirms the truth, its fucking 9:00! Now I am apparently an odd creature, I NEVER use the snooze button, EVER, I set my alarm for as late as i can get up, then i get the fuck up. Today i fell back asleep, as i haven't really slept in 2 full days. So I call my boss, to let her know I overslept, she apparently doesn't give a fuck because she made no effort to get a hold of me despite my sparkling attendance reputation, so I am not really concerned, I get ready and come to work, well in my HASTY getting ready, I totally grabbed my brown shoes which were in a dark corner and looked black, so here I am, black socks, black belt, black pants, black striped shirt, and BROWN fucking shoes, Yeah I look like a douche, even my boss was like "yeah kinda" when i asked her if I look like a douche! Judge for yourselves!

Yeah, bad right? Well at least its only 7 hrs instead of 8 hrs lol,

Monday, March 9, 2009

Confessions of a Facebook Whore!

Bobby G is a slut! Not a typical slut, but a slut on Facebook! What is a FB slut you ask? Well a FB slut is one, that spends much time on FB. A FB slut may have a job that allows Internet usage and they can be on all day and when something happens POUNCE on it, or, they may be a student that has a bunch of time in between class, or they simply may have a Blackberry, where they can constantly monitor FB. Either way , I'm one of these people. If you are my FB friend, I will comment on your status, write on your wall, and wish you happy bday I will respond to your message within minutes or comment on 50 of your pictures! I need help! FB started as a burden. I got a page but I was perfectly happy with Myspace. Well slowly but surely Myspace started pissing me off, so I decided to focus on FB, when I got divorced though is when it took off. The urge to meet new people (read ladies) got me into it more than ever! Now not everyone is as FB oriented as me or my fellow sluts! I understand, you have MUCH more important things to do, honestly I do too! Its like fucking crack! Probably why FB is also known as Facecrack! If you take the time to get into it its addictive! it took me about a week! I now have a phone with Internet so I can check my email and FB! Ill set my status on the fly, change it many times a day! So if you are a FB slut too, add me as a friend, Bobby Garrott, it'll be instant gratification! INSTANT!


So I didn't really sleep last night...at all! Maybe 3 hrs total. This always happens during the time changes. For some reason every year the 1st week after both time changes fucks me up! My body is going through a jet lag of sorts. My body is lame, come on BG its a fucking hr! the earth isn't doing crazy shit, its just 5pm when yesterday it was 4pm.

Usually when I have insomnia its because I'm sitting up worrying about something. Work, money, bills etc. Last night nothing! My only worry was the clock, and how the numbers kept going up and my possible sleep time kept going down! Another thing that would happen is Id doze off for maybe 25 mins and wake back up and look at the clock. Tick tock, tick tock, it drove me nuts! Usually I wake up at about 6:30, I call my GF who is on her way to work, and tell her good morning etc., well today I was just up. Usually after I talk to her I fall asleep for another hr until i have to get up for work. today i said fuck it! got up early, went online, took a shower, had breakfast at Panera bread (delicious) and now I'm at work, trying to make it through the day. Wish me luck, I'm gonna need it...

Friday, March 6, 2009

Stupid Job 2!

Having 2 (ok 3) jobs blows! Its necessary, and kinda mandatory for me to have them, but im beginning to hate job #2, like REALLY FUCKIN DESPISE IT! It's been SO DEAD, I go there, sacrifice a good part of my Fri evening, when Im already DOG tired from hosting karaoke, and gettin my ass up for job #1. Its like $30 on a Fri PM, in the summer it should get better, but right now its a waste of my fucking time! Maybe I should take a leave of absence for like a month or so, only work if I NEED to by pickin up shifts, thatd be nice! But im to the point where im just SO DONE with it. "why not get another job 2 you ask?" well my availability is GARBAGE! No restaurant would hire me! Not when there is a college kid who can work 4-6 shifts a week.

Lets take today for instance, its gonna be fuckin 65! I had to drive my car! I got a FANTASTIC BIKE in the garage and had to drive my car, because I dont know what the weather will be like after job 2! Im so MAD! Everytime I have to work I just consider not even going in...I wouldnt get fired, the owners love me and im a strong server. Worse servers than have gotten away with more. Id feel guilty tho! Stupid guilt! lol OH well! Ill continue with it, and maybe take that time off!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bobby G Cooks! And it was Actually Pretty Damn Good!

For the record, I Don't cook! I don't have the patience, or the necessary utensils, or the spices etc. Yesterday for lunch I had some DELICIOUS Beer Cheese soup from LeDog. For those not familiar with leDog, they are a little stand on Liberty & Division. AMAZING SOUPS and Hot Dogs, some people have compared him to the soup Nazi, but I disagree! He has never been anything but cordial to me. So anyways, I eat this soup and I'm like WOW! this is AMAZING! I bet I could make this! So i go online and get recipes, most are WAY too complicated w/ browning flower and blah blah blah, until yesterday I didn't even know what simmering was! So I google EASY beer Cheese Soup recipes, I get a good one, that's SUPER EASY!
2 10.5 OZ can of Cream of celery Soup
2 bottles of beer
1 tsp Worcestershire Sauce
1/4 tsp paprika
1/4 tsp Season salt
2 cups of sharp cheddar.

The soup and beer and spices go together still until simmering,
then on low heat add cheese gradually until all is melted!

THATS IT! Now I realize by using soup to make soup I kinda cheated, but it got the creamy texture I wanted. The only real decision I had is what beer to use! I chose NEWCASTLE. I chose it because of the flavor. It WAS DELICOUS! Ill be making it again!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Blog Writer's Block.

Well its official, after 30 years and 4 months of my life Bobby G has NOTHING to say! It is unprecedented, there was much drama about 6 months ago, but everything in my life has been great! Got a place secured for fall, got an amazing GF who makes me TRULY happy. The only thing that pisses me off is winter, and I'm in MI so that's my own fault. Summer & Spring promise many more fun times! Motorcycle rides, vacations, drinkin beer at tiki bars and on patios, and overall good times.

As I ramble about nothing to write, stuff comes to mind for me to write about. Like for one...why do people own ANY computers except for MACS? Seriously? the world would be a MUCH better place if everywhere was running OSX servers. NOW PCs have 2 legit applications, Gaming & Autocad, other than that I see no reason. The avg person doesnt use their comp for anything but movies, music & surfing the web anyways, why not do it virus & spy ware free? I dont get people.

Vampire chicks are hot! When a girl is hot (I E Kate Beckinsale) she is WAY HOTTER as a vampire, unless shes 40s out (pearl Harbor) then 40s girls win EVERY TIME, except if it was a 40s pinup vampire, then they would OF COURSE take the cake! So now my post about nothing seems to be over, ill have something fun comin up soon, I PROMISE!