Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Serving Nightmare!

Serving Nightmares, anyone who worked in a restaurant, or ever has, has had a server nightmare. They definitely vary from person to person, but mine go something like this:

I'm at work, and the WHOLE restaurant gets sat at the same time! I'm frantic, I cant remember what anyone orders to drink, the bar isn't making drinks, the kitchen isn't making food, and the customers get PISSED OFF! I eventually wake up and thank god it was a dream.

Well this morning, it was about Bennigans. I haven't worked there in almost 2 yrs. WTF? I never have serving nightmare about my current restaurant. It's too small. I'm pretty sure I can run it myself if the shit hit the fan. So therefore its not a big deal. But Bennigans was HUGE! I was kinda pissed, why am I dreaming about Bennigans? Probably cause I know I'm gonna lose my job come July, and am subconsciously thinking about places to work. Believe ME! Bennigans is my LAST RESORT! I hope it doesn't come to that!

On the way in today on XM I heard Disturbia by Rihanna, That song while played out, is still the jam! I was jamming at a light and I look over and a hot girl is laughing at me! I smile and am like Oh well, I got my own hottie now! Life is good!


Celtic Girl said...

My serving nightmares always involved food sitting in the window that no one is running. It just sits there.

Bobby G said...

YES! That's part of it as well!

Sheri said...

Ack! What a nightmare!!! The horror! The horror!!! ::Shakes you awake::

Also, I still <3 that song too hehe

Lee said...

This is why I praise the lord for giving me two more years of not having to work.

Disturbia is kind of boring to me now. Sadly.

Jess B said...

It isn't just waiting jobs. I used to fold towels in a gym in ann arbor for three years. I still have dreams about mountains of towels, or no clean ones to put out and pissed off rich women on treadmills.

Anonymous said...

How much of a ghey lemming are you??

You prob missed your last chance with an ok woman in the divorce.
Suicide may be your best option at this point.