Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Recap!

Now I don't usually go to the movies...its like $11, and I hate that 2 hrs of my weekend day is gonna be taken up by watching a movie when its fucking 80 out! That being said, I COULDN'T WAIT to see Disney Nature's Earth! it did NOT disappoint! I love animal/nature flicks! yes I know its rehashed Planet Earth footage from the Discovery Channel. But seeing it on the big screen, w/ big sound, is SPECTACULAR! Darth Vader, did a great job w/ the narration too! The flick was FANTASTIC! Some of the most amazing footage I've ever seen. I don't like seeing animals die, in the version it is a bit more assumed some of the animals perish. They only show a cheetah getting a caribou, and they also show a White Wolf catching up to an animal, you assume the rest. Overall Great Experience, check it out!

After that we hot a local bar called Round Tree and got a few drinks! Went to bed early ish, good times.

Worked Job 2, 10-3 on Sat. Then hightailed to watch the NFL draft. The Lions didn't seem to do too much for themselves, but we shall See I guess. After that hit the bar for Sevan's bday. The Blue Leprechaun, it's where me & Lori met! So I have fond memories of that place! lol. Didn't get to drunk but was happy to be there. I was driving home and hot the US 23 on ramp, and pulled over, I almost fell asleep right there! Lori drove the rest of the way home, and I cashed the fuck out!

Sunday was slept away! Got up at like 1! Heading home at like 3, did some laundry, did some grocery shopping, oh and I totally washed my wallet. it was on my bed and when i dumped my clothes to sort them, my wallet went in too. Then it went into the washer,, where it was destroyed, but the contents weren't really damaged at all. that was nice! Which basically brings me to today! Gotta finish my Dexter season 2 discs and send them back to netflix. I cancelled cause it wasn't a necessary expense, and I was tryin to get rid of all unnecessary expenses. Sold my camera and ipod this weekend so I got some money for Dave Ramseys emergency fund. Total I'll have about $400 of my thousand! Wish me luck on today, cause ya never know!


Sarah said...

Roundtree? All I remember about that place is how GD smoky it was! Ugghh...I think I'll have to pass on the movie, I cannot handle the death or assumed death...yes, wuss. Good job on your E-Fund! And speaking of E's, I'm playing on a softball team with Erik Kissel and the AShley's crew. Should be fun, I hope anyway. It's Erik Kissel, how could it not be fun?!

Sheri said...

Sounds like a cool thing to see on the big screen! I don't go to movies too often either because of the price, so when I go it better be good! :)

Lee said...

I wanted to see that movie... just from the previews with the ... wow.
I typed "ducky"
except instead of ducky, I typed "fucky".
The previews with the fucky jumping out of the tree.
Wow, I really am in a bad mood if I'm doing typos that bad.

Yaya said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. Yeah, I work Job #2 and Job #3 on the gotta fit in some fun too ya know?