Wednesday, April 29, 2009


OK. People are freaking the fuck out! Just like they did about the bird flu. Just like they did about a million other diseases after the movie Outbreak came out, inevitably, this is just gonna blow over. It isn't gonna be the Pandemic everyone thinks it is. it probably wont even be an epidemic. People have died, true, and that is a tragedy, but the people who died live in MEXICO. Even the fucking WATER makes you sick in Mexico. Me sure to drink fluids Jose, oh wait they make you shit profusely! Banditos kidnap your daughter on spring break, Mexico has some fucked up-edness going on. Now that being said, the Flu kills 36,000 people in the US every year! YEAH 36,000 PEOPLE! Now you think that would be more widely known. If anything else killed 36,000 Americans it'd be public enemy #1! Up to 500,000 die worldwide every year from the flu! Yes a half-a-million people. That's nuts. Many of those people live in pover-stricken countries where vaccinations aren't available. In 1918 the Spanish Flu Outbreak hit the earth. It killed, by some accounts, 50 million people. NOW THAT'S A PANDEMIC!

ON a much different note (ADD gear change) I need a Bicycle! The price range is Free to $75 (at the highest!) Id like a Men's mountain bike or a hybrid bike. Age doesn't matter, as long as its decent shape, my GF likes to ride and i want to enjoy it with her! I gave my bike to a REALLY good friend after hers got stolen from her apt, she still needs it so I'm not gonna ask for it back. Anyone know anyone with a bike for sale? also keep an eye out as you garage sale or see stuff for sale, if its local in MI let me know!


Kat said...

Have you checked Craigslist?

Bobby G said...

YES! Its changes daily of course, just found a possible bike today, we shall see!

Sheri said... is a good place to look too.

I hope the Swine Flu won't be as bad as some are predicting, but someone (a toddler in TX) has died from it in USA as of today. :(

Bobby G said...

The young and old at the most risk...

Anonymous said...

I actually like freaking the f*ck out. Gets me attention.


Anonymous said...

I'd look at garage sales for the bike. Could find a diamond in the rough!

Ok, swine flu. Let me tell you, I'm one of those OCD hypocondria types of ppl so when the news is talking endlessly about some brand new flu taking over...yeah....I sort of freak for a minute in my head. I know it's nothing, but a part of my head says 'ah! Do i have that??' lol!

PS your "Hot it up!" comment on my blog made m lol!

Lee said...

I agree.
Seriously, it's annoying. I get it, people are getting sick.
But it's not going to be a pandemic.
Maybe a bit of a health scare, but nothing more.

Where the hell did it even come from? Just one day SWINE FLU OH MY GOD!

Bee and Rose said...

F**ked Up-edness! I really think you need to write a Bobby G dictionary! You always have the best words! LOL!

Dude, you should seriously consider comedy writing! (I mean it!)You are hilarious!

And yes, I'm hot for Eric...sizzling hot...although I do like Sam and Bill too...I just like Eric's power...grrr.....