Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend!

Had a 4 day weekend! Day one, I totaled my car, the rest of the days were better. Friday went to meet the Gfs parents! They were VERY nice! welcomed me in w/ open arms! Met the Gfs aunt too! SHES HILARIOUS! Her cousin is good times too! ON Fri we colored eggs. Haven't done that in YEARS! Like 20 yrs! Maybe longer! My parents wouldn't let us because we always made a big mess! (Yeah me making a mess, can you believe it?)

Saturday I did some mourning for the Bobby G Ride. Ive had it since 2001. And its kinda become apart of me. A rusty dinged up part of me! I've been wanting a new car for a while but I have NOT been wanting a payment. OK not wanting isn't it as much as not being able to afford a payment. Dad has a 1994 Accord. It has a sunroof, drives great, and is VERY nice! He's gonna sell it to me for a moderate price (I'm thinking $1500ish) My insurance says my car is work like $3900 in GREAT cond, mine is NOT so I'm thinking $2500-$3000 for mine. an Adjuster is coming out tomorrow, we shall see at that time. Basically It's a good thing. I had some expenses coming up that would've crippled me financially. I owe on taxes $500 ish (we shall see this week) Owe my mom some money (perpetually) and I have a ticket from Thursday. OH and not to mention my karaoke boss hasn't paid me in a fucking month, he owes me $200, and he outta town for a month, so it'll be like $400 by the time he gets back. Pray to god my rent check doesn't bounce! The one good thing I have going right now is my GF! She's keeping me grounded in these messed up times! Love her to death for that!

Sunday we went to the GFs family Easter aunt her hilarious Aunt's house! I proceeded to eat my weight in ham & cheesy potatoes! They were delicious! I was convinced my diet went to shit this weekend. What could it of been? The KFC? the many beers? The 190lbs of Easter dinner. Reluctantly I weighed my self, and I lost .7lbs. I was happy as shit! So tomorrow, we shall find out the saga of the BG ride! tonight I'll be getting all my shit out of it! the 3nd of an era is happening, I'll miss you BG Ride,


Yaya said...

Yeah, car payments suck.

Lee said...

I'm glad that you had a great weekend!
Except the car shit.
That can't be fun.

And the girlfriend's parents being nice?
You're lucky as all get-out. I've heard horror stories about girlfriend's parents in the past.