Wednesday, April 15, 2009

MIGRAINE, but more importantly, VW lives.

I fucked up. I posted an obit for the BG ride last night and the car was in fact not dead. It was totaled, but it was driveable so I had 2 options. 1. Take $1400 and buy KGs car, and be done, but not pay my enormous tax bill ($564.43). Or 2. Take the car now worth $341, and they gave me $1097 cash. Thats right I get a disfigured BG ride, and $1100 cash. I took option 2. I know have the money to pay my tax bill, my ticket, and various other items. FINALLY SOME GOOD LUCK! Another good thing is that since the car is so old, the title wont be salvaged, its the regular title. Im so happy!

Which brings me to today. I have the bitch of all migraines. I have the auras, the pain and the nausea, though the stomach has settled down quite a bit. I took Excedrin Migraine and it sucks lol. Well in this case it does. Going back to bed!


Lee said...

Is it bad that I'm completely confused about the car situation?
Could you explain it a little better?
Sorry about the migraine. I have a migraine right now that's subsiding.

Bobby G said...

OK here it goes, MY car is 13 yrs old, So the fender bumper and hood damage the car obtained in the accident was enough to total the car. Even though the car was driveable. Since it was driveable instead of takin the $1400 they were gonna give me to total the car and take it, I bought the car back from the insurance company for $341, and they gave me the rest of the $1400 in cash. $1097.35. SO i got the money and I still keep my damaged car.

Bobbie Leigh said...

Feel better Bobby G, from your friend Bobbie Leigh!