Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Time Machine Tuesday-Simpsons Sing The Blues

Yes, I stole this Idea from my girl Sheri who does flashback Fridays, but on the way to work the Flux Capacitor was running on plutonium and I was at almost 88 MPH. I had my ipod on shuffle and what came on? DO THE BARTMAN BY THE SIMPSONS! Now for those of you who have NO CLUE WTF I'm talking about, in the early 90's The Simpson Sing the Blues CD came out. When I was 10 or so that was as good as music got! Listening to it now it has lost SOME of its luster but it is still very strong! It was mainly covers, but there were two Great Rap songs by Bart Simpson.

Do the Bartman

I can't believe I heard this song on the way to work today! 60GBs of music and this song HAPPENED to come on, I'm listening to the WHOLE CD when I get home, speaking of which, here are some more highlights!

and Deep trouble

Take the time to watch them both, I'll wait... Yes that was 10 minutes of amazement I'm sure! I haven't seen those videos since they came out on TV after the Simpsons on night in the early 90s. lyric ally I know they aren't THAT Strong but when I was 10 that was the SHIT! The CD wasn't only Bart though! Mr. Burns had one of the best songs on the CD w/

Look At All Those Idiots

The final track is a duet w/ Bart and Lisa and how they torment each other called
Sibling Rivalry

Now say what you will, and think what you must, but The Simpsons Sing the Blues was a HUGE part of my young adult hood, I went through 3 CDs, (Yes I bought it 3 times lol) and STILL have it today! Anyone else have or enjoy this CD? I gave you a good sampling of it. Hope you enjoyed it! "It might start a chain reaction, If you can do the Bart your BAD like Michael Jackson"


Sheri said...

OMG! I remember this song! Too funny. I also love to listen to my ipod on shuffle - you never know what is going to pop up randomly hehe.

Also, cool idea on using this for Tuesdays. :)

Sheri said...

Oh also, I remember this song playing at the skating rink and this guy I had a crush on completely falling down trying to dance to it... lmao!

Clouse House said...

I had this when I was younger. I thought I was so cool! Haha flash back to memory lane.

Bobby G said...

HA SHERI! Nice! Did the crush stop then, as he was prob a total tool! lol

Laura, you were not WRONG! Download it! its good times! lol

Michelle said...

OMG!! I had that cassette. I wore it out. You are right, that was as good as it got music wise!

Bobby G said...

Michelle! Me & you are on the same page! lol

Yaya said...

I love the Simpsons and I never knew they made a CD! Learn something new everyday!

Bobby G said...

Check out the videos Yaya they are the JAMS!

Lee said...

These are the days I regret being a toddler when the simpsons were really big.

Bee and Rose said...

My tween son is a huge Simpsons freak! He just about flipped his noodle when he saw me watching this! lol!