Friday, May 1, 2009

The Bobby G Deep Dictionary Volume 1

Some of my older, more loyal readers, may recall a segment called the Bobby G deep dictionary. Well a new (and hilarious) reader Bee said I should have a dictionary, so here are my old posts, and some new ones


Broke-Ass-ness (Adj)

1. To be incredibly poor

OH, Id LOVE to go to the bar tonight, but I can't due to my Brokeassness.

2. Very Broken, Shitty.

The Bobby G rides Brokeassness is astounding.

Fucked Up-edness!
Fucked-up-ed-ness (adj)

To be very fucked up/un watchable

I tried to watch Rock of Love Bus, but the fuckedup-edness was too damn much!


Spec-Tickle-Ac-ular (Adj)

To look fantastic (spectacular) in glasses.

Man Liz Hurley is fly but w/ her glasses on shes Specticalacular


Left-er-Most, Rite-er-most (Adj)

Definition- Farthest left or farthest right


See those 2 left turn lanes? You are going to get into the Leftermost lane, that way you wont have to merge back over.-



Dude did you see Magglios Home run last night, that was RIDONK!

Other versions- Ridonkulous

Raunch Deez (Adj)
Something really nasty.
Man that fart was Raunch-Deez dude, I think my dog just died.


Sheri said...

lol those should totally be added to the dictionary!

Anonymous said...

These are great! And I totally coined the term Ridonkulous! You better believe it!

Lee said...

Lmao, I love that.
Sometimes I say shit that should have it's own dictionary.
I can't remember any of it right now.
I'm tired, lay off.

Bee and Rose said...

(crawling in begging forgiveness for my f**ked upedness...)

My heart patient husband broke his dumb leg last week and I spent the weekend catering to his every whim...blech...I tried to sneak away and stalk, but kept getting busted! lol!

LOVE, love, love your Bobby G Deep Dictionary!!! I use brokeassness all the time now! I still think you should be comedy writer! You've got mad skillz, BG! I heart you sooo much!

Bobby G said...

Ive thought about it, much of my act would be articles I wrote on this blog Check out Casey Kasem from April of 08, one of my favs... Oh husband broke his leg, you are redeemed...ish. lol