Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Time Machine Tuesday: Nintendo, Bumper Sticker, Gaywad, BGs Ass, and Fupas.

NES! The most successful video game console EVER! EVERYONE had an Nintendo, the best games ever were on regular NES, Super Mario Bros (1-3) Legend of Zelda (1 & 2) Contra, RBI Baseball, Blades of Steel, Top Gun, and HUNDREDS of other games! I still have my old Nintendo, but it's struggling to be. The games don't really work without 25 mins of fucking around with it, also Playing on my flat screen the pixels are about the size of a dime, so its super blurry! But I don't care, because when it does work (AKA when I dont lose patience and want to throw the fucking thing out of the window) it still the most fun of any systems Ive played!

In a little mini segment of TMT, my GF called me a Gay Wad yesterday, I haven't heard that shit in YEARS, so I told her I'd add it to the blog!

On the way to work today there was this car (sigh) and on said car was about 10 Jesus related bumper stickers. The best thing though was the license plate, it read "Died4u" I was like WTF?

Ill never forget the day I realized I had an ass. It happened seemingly overnight. I was taking a shower and when i got out I happened to notice the beast protruding off my back. I was like WTF? Where'd that come from. Well apparently my pants ALSO didn't notice cause that week I killed like 4 pairs. It was NUTS! I didn't even want to wear pants for fear of destruction! I couldn't bend over, couldn't stretch, NOTHING, or my apparently fragile pants would crumble under the pressure. Having an ass has its perks though! My pants stay up, I get my ass smacked A LOT by the ladies! Better cushioning in the event of a fall, or a long Harley Ride. Having an ass is great, I just hope I don't have a man FUPA someday. (Fat Upper Penis Area) Its like a bubbly lump over my junk,its filled with fat and its AWFUL see below:

Its more prominent in ladies though, so a man FUPA is the WORST! Dont forget to weigh in on these topics in the comment section!


Sheri said...

I loved my NES! I was awesome at the Duck Hunt game too hehe

Bee and Rose said...

Yet another word to add to my repetoire...man FUPA...LOL!!!! and totally gross by the way!

You know, the tweens of the world go nuts over this old school stuff! It's hard to find, but they love it!

Bobby G said...

Bee, its because fun is fun, regardless!

Deonna said...

I once saw a license plate that read: GSUSSVS. It applies to both of your blog topics, actually.

Tiff said...

In my girlie circles we call the lady version of the FUPA a UTERUS LEDGE, defined as a fat roll which begins to encroach on your lady parts :)

You left our Duck Hunt, my fav NES game ever!!!

Sarah said...

I didn't have a NES :( We were under-privileged kids so the only time I got to play it was at my cousins and I specifically remember the game issues, we used to lodge something in the cartridge space to hold the games down so it would work without that flashing screen. The first game system I bought was 3 years ago (PS2)! Also, the fat roll you speak of is technically called an "apron". They actually have to tape that stuff back during surgeries...along with Uterine Ledges and extremely floppy breasts...hopefully they never have to tape your ass back! LOL.

Bobby G said...

Well if ANYONE can tape my ass back girl, id want it to be you!

Lee said...

Lol, fupa.
I remember the NES. I used to play it at my friend's house. You can't beat the classics, man. I still play Megaman with my boyfriend on my Wii.

Kat said...

I need to find an NES or Super NES so I can get my Super Mario on.

heater said...

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