Friday, May 8, 2009

FUN AWARD! Frantic Friday!

So I was checking my Blogs that I love to read and my GIRL Shila the Pwn Star Gave me a blog award!
I typically don't do blog awards, but this one has some funniness to it! Here is the award!

Word! SO Now I gotta list my 5 obsessions at the moment so here they are

1.Guns N Roses- Fucking love this band and have been listening to the hell out of Chinese Democracy lately, the album took like 15 years to come out, it's fantastic.

2. Blogging- Yes lame I know, but I make a post EVERY Non-Weekend day ( I'm important w/ important shit to do!)

3. My Harley- Its spring, its time to ride the steel beauty. I keep that bitch immaculate, but also, I ride the shit out of it, its NOT so immaculate right now, infact its fucking dirty. Looks like I ran through a swarm of bugs! They are everywhere.

4. Detroit Tigers Baseball/Detroit Redwings Hockey- Love this time of year! The Wings are on their way to another championship! and the beginning of the Tigers season always holds so much hope, that is if their pitching doesn't fall apart!

5. diet Coke w/ Lime- I drink like 1000 of these a day, its so damn Delicious and its the ULTIMATE pop to go with Captain Morgan's Rum...

OK, now I get to tag 5 people!

1.Lee-At Perpetual Burn For cracking me up on the regular! Plus shes my link into teenage drama, she keeps me young(ish)

2. Sarah Colby- MY GIRL! So glad to see your blog taking off, figured Id throw you an award, keep up the good work!

3. YAYA- This girl has be laughing 1 minute and damn near in tears the next! But that kind of emotion is what I LOVE!

4. Bee over at Bee & Rose she is quickly becoming my number one fan! I mean I got a ton of fans, but I'm HER favorite =)

5. Cat over at Zip Bag of Bones- Probably the funniest chick on the planet, I'm NOT lying!

Thank you my Dear SHILA! it was fun!

Now for the ACTUAL BLOG!

Its Friday and a few things have been annoying the shit out of me lately. So I decided to take some time to BITCH lol.

John Gosselin From John & Kate Plus 8.

OK, John has been accused of cheating on Kate. Cheating is the worst thing a person can do. I HAVE NEVER CHEATED EVER! never Would, its a terrible act, but, that being said, if I HAD to find a justifiable situation, it'd be this one. KATE IS NUTS! and a TOTAL BITCH. She doesn't respect him at all on the show, plus he has 8 fucking kids running around! Now DON'T get me wrong. He got himself in this mess. He knew Kate was nuts BEFORE they got married I bet. HE HAD TOO. Plus TLC gives the $98,000 per episode! that's right $98K! That's NUTS TOO! Those kids are living FAT! I'm not saying he should've done it, but I understand...

Ok the NEXT thing that's been pissing me off is in the fashion world. Its shirts that look like they have tattoos on them. here is one below.

And another One

OK now SERIOUSLY! Do you want a tattoo or not? If you do, GET ONE! if not STOP looking like a douchebag. Seriously, the look isn't working for me. It reminds me of MMA fighters or something, HATE IT!

Pearl Jam- Yup still hate them, I was just checking...

Happy weekend people! Ill catch ya on MONDAY! G-Spot OUT!


Cat said...

I am fucking honored, you fabulous bastard, you.

Aimeepalooza said...

Congrats on your award! And F You for hating Pearl Jam!

Bobby G said...


Lee said...

Thanks for the award! I kind of have a lot I haven't done... I have like 50 awards stacked up in my word program somewhere.
I'm a lazy ass.
But, thanks for thinking I'm fucking awesome. I agree with you 100%, I am fucking awesome.

I've seen that show once I think, and she really is a crazy bitch. I'll never condone cheating, but I'm not surprised by it.

Bobbie Leigh said...

That was hilarious! I love the new blog picture by the way. Congrats on the award!

Sarah said...

WOW! An award! You officially popped my Award Cherry! And, I think you saw my previous post with the youtube video of Kate ripping into Jon...which is par for the course. I just bought the latest US Magazine with the infidelity as the cover story. What's even more funny is Sean thinks Kate is hot and I think Jon is I smell new romances???lol.

Bee and Rose said...


You just totally gave me an award orgasm! And you are ARE my favorite!

(sorry I couldn't get here until today...Irish dancer daughter has lots of practice time in Tucson!)

Lee said...

I just fucking made a layout for someone and was going to make yours right after, and the first layout I made DISAPPEARED.
God I'm so mad.

Acadia said...

Totally saw the John thing coming!!! Remember when he got the hair plugs and the teeth whitened.. dead giveaway. Maybe he is just trying to find someone who will let his children have play dough or paint... Just let the kids have some f-ing paint!

Yaya said...

Great post! Thanks for the award and the very sweet comment today.

Haven't seen tattoo shirts yet. Guess Rochester, ny didn't get that memo.

Oh the Jon and Kate thing. My hubby said 'well I don't blame him, she's such a bitch to him!'