Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Welcome to Wednesday BG/Great Tuesday!

So this morning I wake up, start to head home. decide i want a delicious McSkillet burrito from Mickey D's, but the drive-thru line was too long, so I continue to the house, get my lunch, and then roll back to the same drive-thru and wait in line. I get to the window and my car's coolant light comes on. I look at the temp guage and its ready to over heat. So I exit the drive thru and find the nearest parking lot. Pop the hood and its all smokey and smells like burning. Call KG and he says mom will come scoop me up, I did after all have to do obits today. So she drops me off, and now I wait in limbo. I have to work tonight, will I have the BG ride to roll me there?

Last night was a blast, me and the Gf rolled to Outback in Canton. she got a salad, I got the peppermill steak.

A pepper encrusted steak served on a BED of potato wedges and drenched with a Brandy creme sauce. D-Fuckin-Licious. Washed it all down w/ a couple of tall Foster's, it is after all "AUSTRALIAN for Bea" The GF got this DELICIOUS drink called a Wallaby Darned, a CRAZY peach concoction, I was looking on line to see what the calories of our meals were, and I saw this drink, I look and say OH SHIT! she says what? I say "that drink has 582 calories in it!" She's like OH SHIT! I cant drink that! So like a good BF I finish it for her =). After that we went bowling, I used to be a decent bowler back in the day, but it has been a SOLID 2 years since I bowled. the GF says she hadnt bowled in 10 years! So our first games shpwed our rust. I bowled a 122 and she bowled a 96. The 2nd game the satrts w/ 2 strikes, and keeps getting spares, she finished with a career high 176! I was like DAMN GIRL! i shot 157 that game. The 3rd game we were getting tired, i shot 141 and she shot like 65! It was REALLY fun though, we are going to do it more often! we get home and watch American Idol (so long Chris?) and then watch the Biggest Loser finale. Helen was the winner! She went from this:

to this:

Congrats Helen! NOT ONLY DO YOU LOOK GREAT, but you have added MANY extra years to your life, and $250,000 to your wallet!! its WIN WIN! OK now I'm gonna try to stay awake at work! Enjoy, happy HUMP DAY!


Tracy said...

Ugh! I didn't watch American Idol last night!! {Thankfully my trusty DVR recorded that badboy for tonight!} It was all Lakers last night in casa de sweet. Kris is my fav. Followed by Danny and then Adam ... well I loathe.

And thanks for the drool fest this early in the morning... that steak looked GOOD!

Happy hump day!

Lee said...

I'm never adventuress when I go out. So I wouldn't even try the peppermill steak. I'd get a chicken caesar salad. Every single time.

Last time that me and Shelby went bowling, we played two games, and each game we sucked so hardcore.
Plus we were playing in a lane next to pros. That is so intimidating. You know they're laughing to themselves about how much you suck.

Sarah said...

Did I miss the blog where you abandoned Weight Watchers? Sneaky bastard! Last time I went to OB it was horrendous, and I'm usually pretty lenient when it comes to dining out (because I've worked in the industry). I honestly don't think we'll ever go back :( So, next time you go, get a Princess Filet for me okay??

Anonymous said...

I totally rock at wii bowling. Real bowling, not so much.

That dinner sounds fabulous.