Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Time Machine Tuesday-Crystal Pepsi/The Rusty & Audrey Conundrum.

This post is gonna be a long one. So let's get to it! It was the Summer of 1993. I was busy as hell eatin the shit out of Airheads, and killing frozen Mountain Dews from Buddies party store! (.89 cent refills all summer!)  Well some GENIUS at Pepsi decided it'd be a good idea to make Pepsi clear. Why? I don't fuckin know, but that's what they deiced to do.  they enlisted the song of Van Halen's right Now (one of the best videos of the 90s See Commercial below!) 

The marketing was INSANE! Spent Millions,  with the tag line You've Never Seen a taste Like This" They said it tasted JUST like regular Pepsi, it didn't, it was fuckin sick! Just AWFUL! it only lasted a few months, and it was a colossal bust, but hey, it lives on at the G spot right? so its not a total loss! Thanks Pepsi! 

Now that is out of the way, it's time to talk about something that's been on my mind for a while. I love the Vacation movies (not so much European, but the other 3 are good times) WTF is up w/ the Rusty's and Audrey's in those flicks? all VASTLY different, all ages, shapes sizes etc. So here is a break down of theRustys and Audreys from all 4 vacation flicks. 

Anthony Michael Hall

European Vacation 
Jason Lively 

Christmas Vacation
Johnny Galecki 

Vegas Vacation 
Ethan Embry 

Recap: Anthony Michael Hall from Vacation was an 80's icon, starring in just about every John Hughes flick. Jason Lively, European Vacation, never did shit (though he was in Rock N Roll High School Forever with Corey Feldman in the EARLY 90s. We Wont count that...LOL) Johnny Galecki Christmas Vacation was David in Roseanne, and now stars in the Big Bang Theory (great show) . Ethan Embry, from Vegas Vacation was in Empire Records, and Cant Hardly Wait, both good times, he was in other notable things also. Funny story about Vegas Vacation. we were driving to see it when I ran a yellow light, got pulled over and my buddy didn't have his seat belt on. He tried to throw it on, and the cops thought he had drugs so he got pulled out, searched, his balls got felt (yeah frisking) it was so funny, he was so violated!  

Dana Barron (hotness Rating 3rd) 

European Vacation
Dana Hill (Hotness Rating 4th) 

Christmas Vacation
Juliette Lewis (Hotness rating 2nd) 

Vegas Vacation
Marisol Nichols (Hotness rating 1st) 

Recap: Dana Barron never really did too much. But she was the original, so bonus pts there. Dana Hill actually passed away in 1996 a stroke, RIP. Juliette Lewis has been in TONS of films! Loved Natural Born Killers, she is the most famous out of all of them. And Marisol Nichols is on 24, so she is an up & comer, smokin hot, she was the only Audrey w/ any real sex appeal in the roll. I appreciate that. 

So the Question still remains, why so vastly different from kid to kid. Well initially they wanted to get Anthony Michael Hall for European Vacation but he did Weird Science instead. So they went w/ a tall skinny, shitty acting douchebag! After that it feels like they were like how different can we get them! either way, each rusty and Audrey had their place in the series, and each one is good in their own way.  


Ashley said...

My husband talks about the clear Pepsi from time to time. I was too young for it apparently. Well, Pepsi is coming out with a 'throw back pepsi' with no sugar. To this my husband says "Hope it doesn't taste like that shit that was clear. What the hell was Pepsi thinking?" rant.

Tracy said...

I am DYING!!! I was soooo excited to try the clear pepsi. *voms* it was disgusting. I keep seeing the commercials for the "throw back pepsi" and have yet to figure it out. It says with "real" sugar. As opposed to the tons of other shit they put in pepsi? I dont know... seems a bit to reminiscant of the clear pepsi days... I'm weary to say the least.

Thanks for all the bloggy lovin' I'm such a commentwhore... love 'em and leave 'em - give & receive is my motto. In reference to commenting that is.

And the great Audrey/Rusty debacle of 2009... well gave me de ja vu. My wonderful movie loving husband and I were talking about the differences and while I just dont get it apparently there is some conspiracy going on. *looks over shoulder* I guess we should be aware of whose around...

Becky said...

haha, you said drinking frozen Mountain Dew from Buddy's. My cousin lived (her parents still do) right down the street from Buddy's. We were allowed to go there and get candy when we weren't too obnoxious to my aunt.

And sometimes we went to the ice cream place a block over.

I never had Crystal Pepsi. My parents said it was "too stupid" to buy.

Anonymous said...

I always wondered why they had different kids in all their movies?? Love those movies.

Crystal pepsi..that brought back memories.

Lee said...

I've always wondered about that clear pepsi.
But now I'm craving soda.
Damnit. We don't have any.

I've only seen a couple of the Vacation movies. The older ones.

Kat said...

I remember Crystal Pepsi! My mom and I were standing at the check out line of K-Mart and I begged and begged her to buy it so she did. Big mistake. That shit was vile.

Phil K. said...

You know that Marisol Nichols is a distant cousin to Menzies, right?

Anonymous said...

Dana Barron was, and still is, the hottest Audrey.