Thursday, May 14, 2009

More Restaurant Observations!

Hey all! I worked last night at the bar, and had a GREAT amount of interesting tables! Let's discuss!

Thats a Hindu-zy!

Had an Indian table (dots not feathers, focus people) A few things I'd like to discuss. Why do they NEVER want ice in their drinks? this baffles me, but they make it a POINT to say NO ICE! I enjoy a few more oz of liquid, but Its like a serious issue there! Also, this is not restaurant related, but Indian folks always take the long way to say something, Yes, I mean the NEVER use contractions. EVER. Its never Don't, its do not, its never can't its Can not, it's actually better English, but being an American for so long I have grown lazy! That's how I roll.

Same Side Booth Sitters

This was mentioned in my comments last time, it happened last night. This total asshole w/ a CHICK way to hot for him came into the restaurant and decided to get a sample of every fucking red wine we had, that's right ALL OF THEM (8 total) They sat on the same side of the booth. I'm not sure if she was mute, or he just wouldn't let her speak but she never said anything! Just nodded her head yes & no, she was like a smoking hot Helen Keller.

Teenage Brokeassness
I have been a broke ass teenager. Its true! I mean shit, I'm a broke ass adult! But I have never gone to a restaurant and as a 6 person table ordered 6 waters and fries. That's all! Some people got wings, but the had a 50% off coupon, so the 6 tops total bill was $27, thanks for that.

Dickhead Managers
Anyone who works at a restaurant has had an asshole manager or two, or 12! But i never understood the point of it. If you are going to dedicate your career to being a mgr at a restaurant, why not be fun, and cool, you will have a boatload more success as a cool manager getting people to do shit, then you will being an asshole! We have a manager who is always on my shit, it's probably because I'm the only not kitchen employee who has a cock, but I digress, i never want tot do shit for him because he comes at me disrespectfully, show me respect, I'll do the same.

And last but not least,
Work Sexual Harassment
Now if it wasn't for sexual harassment, restaurants would be a shitty place to work! Lot's of attractive, often hungover/drunk people, means lots of good times, lots of ass smacks, and lots of sexual comments! I love it! I for some reason don't come across as creepy, I'm sweet and fun, which allows me to grab an ass or make a comment consequence free! I love my live! That's all for today people! Enjoy your Thursday and go RED WINGS!


Kat said...

The broke ass teenagers were probably saving their last five bucks to put gas in mom's car.

Bobby G said...

No, IM SURE mom and dad paid their car insurance and shit! lol

Sarah said...

let me mention AGAIN about teenage Jack-Offs...left me a CENT tip at Bennigan's. OH SHIT!! GUESS WHO I SAW AT MY GYM TODAY?!?!?! REMEMBER TODD? Bar guy Todd? Always sat near the bartender entry to the bar and I THINK ordered Corona's? Kind of creepy? He is a member at my gym apparently...uh-oh.

Bobby G said...

Oh Bob Todd, Drank Miller Lites, and lots of them! Yeah he is kinda creepy, but a nice guy, and a GREAT cook!

Tracy said...

I'm DYING at the same side booth sitters!!! WHAT THE HELL!? WHy would you get a booth to sit right next to the person! You can't have a decent conversation... hell you can't even put your toes in your mans crotch as a playful "wait til we get outta here" type of thing! Ughhh!!! That always drives me batshitcrazy when I see that. And I dont see it as a server, I see it as another restaurant go-er.

And just another thing... kudos to you for being a server. No way no how could I ever do that. I have a serious distaste for assholes and would do some not so nice things to ones food. Yes, I would be one loogie hawking machine.

Bobby G said...

Yeah Tracy im like, Do you have another one coming? lol

Captain Dumbass said...

Smokin hot Helen Keller, heh heh.

Sheri said...

LMAO! OMG loved this post! I remember back in high school my friends and I would go to Chili's (I'm talking probably 8-12 of us) and most of us would order water and then a couple orders of the "bottomless chips and salsa." MMhmm.. Yeah some of us might sometimes get a real meal, but not usually... lol I did leave tips though, but some friends weren't so generous...

Also, the no ice comment, I don't get it either. I mean, I sometimes say "light on the ice" at like Chik-fil-a because they load the cup up with ice and you get hardly any drink... but if at a restaurant with refills.. i mean what harm does ice do?

courtney d said...

I'm back in town and sooooo glad I won't be at that place!