Thursday, May 21, 2009

Police (Crash) Riding School..

So Ive been riding Motorcycles since I was 15. I have skills, It has been acknowledged that I have skills. But Today I got hit w/ a Huge monster dose of humbleness. All I've known was wrong. Everything I learned had to be unlearned, in 3 hrs. I didn't work out. I had  shit ton of bad habits that needed to be dealt with. They kinda got dealt with but not without some issues, make that SHIT TONS OF ISSUES. First off, I didn't use my own bike, so I wasn't used to the ride, which sounds like an excuse. It is, these bikes are heavier, and larger, and I wasn't used to them, but a good rider just rides, here is the bike I rode . 

Nice huh? Well That was until I got a hold of it, I crashed...ALOT, no injuries due to the slow speeds of the exercises, but I was on the ground a TON! I had no idea it'd be this tough. SERIOUSLY! BRUTAL That's a 800lb bike. I had to pick it up each time. I learned a technique to make it easier, but when you do it so much it kicks your ass. I learned SO MUCH. A TON, and it will make me a better rider. But, I can't say I wasn't embarrassed as shit. Though everyone fell at least once, it still made me feel shitty. But its part of learning. A BIG PART! I'm excited as shit to use my new skills both o the road, and on the range! May go up north tomorrow on the bike, hit Mackinac, and other hot spots, May not also, you never know w/ BG! But I will utilize this weekend! Its gonna be great! 


Sarah said...

Doesn't compare to my fall running to first, which I still shake my head at and my shoulder still hurts from...what a dweeb (me, not you). You live and learn I guess, you're a better rider for it :)

Lee said...

Wow, you? Crashing? Doesn't sound like you at all.
I'd cry the first time I fell.
But I'm a pussy.

Tracy said...

Gotta love the humble pie. Ugh! So embarassing though!!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're ok. I won't let my hubby have a bike.

Bee and Rose said...

Good for you for picking up that 800 lb bike and soldiering on! Your attitude always just rocks my socks off!

(love your Bobby G signature!)

Bobby G said...

Bee! The way they teach you, you could too pick up a 800 lb bike! Ive seen a 5 ft tall 99lb girl do it w/ said techniques!