Friday, July 17, 2009

ZOMBIE FRIDAY! & letters to the Art fair!!!!

I am a bit tired, but so fuckin excited I don't even care! Why you ask? cause the bank accepted our fuckin short sale! What does this mean you ask? My house is 1 easy step away from being sold, I am 1 step away from moving out of the rents house, And I can finally BE DIVORCED!!!!! No more ex wife chats about the house! Or anything, which is good! I am so stoked I can believe it! I'M more excited than this:

Yeah pointer sisters!

You know what fuckin time it is?

Brought to you by my American friend kickin it across the pond, KAT!

Dear City of Ann Arbor,

Really? again? Man I hoped by now you'd learn! lol

Bobby G

Dear Bitches w/ Strollers,

Hit my ankle again? I fuckin dare you! If you do it I swear you will have a motherless child!

Swollen Ankle-y yours

Bobby G


Dear Drivers


Accident free-ly Yours

Bobby G

Dear Old people,

Go back to Florida!

Bitterly yours
Bobby G

Dear Sam's Clothing Store,
Thanks for hookin me up w/ 60% off my sandals! Wow there is a good thing about the art fair,

Foot-ly Joyed

Bobby G

Dear Everyone,

It is NOT acceptable to wear socks w/ sandals EVER! Unless you are a German tourist & dont know any better! Thank you!

Fashionably yours
Bobby G

Have a GREAT weekend people! This weekend is gonna be a celebration!


Caitlin said...

You tell 'em! Socks with sandals is NEVER okay!!

There's a whole blog about my new car hahaha. It's just a little further down the page. ;)

Sheri said...

/cheers! That deserves a 5-shot shotglass filled with some really good rum! :P

Anonymous said...

Speaking of old people and bad drivers...I had an old guy driving toward me on the road this week-he was on the wrong side of the road!

Good news on the house!

Sarah said...

Oh, the socks and sandals thing KILLS ME!! WTF are people thinking? I stay far far away from D-town Ann Arbor around this time...I've been to the Art Fair before and I'm not impressed.

Kat said...

Believe me the people in FL are begging the old people to go back to wherever the fuck they are originally from ;)

Lee said...

You also should never wear socks with a pair of high heels.
That looks completely ridiculous.

And I did it a few days ago.