Thursday, July 2, 2009

Stuff N Things

SO yesterday the boss calls me into his office. This is never good. Especially cause I have been half-assing it the last 3 months, due to the closing. So I go in expecting the WORST! Well it turned out it wasn't performance related at all. Here is what went down:
Me "You wanted to see me sir"
Boss: "Bobby, Sit down."
Me "what can i do for you"
Boss "Next Wednesday they are taking your desk"
Me "huh?"
Boss "The new company, wants your desk to move over to their new building"
Me "But there are 5 empty desks that AREN'T mine"
Boss "I know.."
Me "OK, thanks"

I felt like Milton from office space,

So it would appear I am in good shape for a job w/ the new company. A former boss here is running essentially, my old dept down there. So she called me and told me to go take a piss test, I was like cool, the job would be PT but $14/hr and Id actually kind of be using my degree, which is DOPE! SO I'm gonna call her in a bit and find out more info.

Best Buy has 0% interest on TVs over $800 so my GF decided she was gonna replace her Shitty ass TV that's so fucked up the color is all blurry and I cant read the scores of my sports, and step into that sweet ass world of LCD TVs, Twice. That's right she was like I'm getting 2 TVS, a 32 in & a 42in Samsung.

Samsungs are good HD TVs. I pointed out to my GF that they are the official TV of the NFL, she said "Great because I watch SO MUCH FOOTBALL" lol. The TVs were on ridiculous sale at Best and out the door, $1200 for BOTH! That's just NUTS! She is super stoked. So am I! See I destroyed all my Credit cards about a year and a half ago. So I have to live vicariously through others who purchase fantastic luxury items, because I no longer can. I'm excited as shit to go with her to hook them up and stuff! I'm damn near giddy! lol

Looking forward to this weekend. LOVE 4th of July! Tomorrow I have off, so I am hanging out w/ the lady tonight. Friday a buddy of mine is having a going away party, he's going to VA to be Jacob the Jeweler, Saturday me & lady are going our separate ways, her whole families Bday is this weekend, (OK mom and brother) and I am gonna go up north w/ the parents. But they don't know, I'm gonna just show up on sat morning! They'll be happy!

Thanks to the new wave of bloggy friends I have! I don't know where the hell you found me, but its about damn time!!!

OK folks have a happy n safe 4th of July weekend! I wont be posting the rest of the weekend, so Ill catch you on MON w/ a weekend recap (maybe even w/ photos!)


Caitlin said...

It's great you found a job! Even if it is part-time at $14/hr you'll be taking home about $500 every two weeks. Depending on the hours it should be easy breezy to find another job to supplement your income!

Sheri said...

Maybe you'll end up with your old desk at the new company :P

Toni said...

I can't remember where I found you either but I'm glad I did!

Hit 40 said...

You need to start slacking even more!!! What BS!! I would have to do something to that desk???

Lee said...

They're... taking your desk?
I hope that you've got a job, or else I'd be pretty mad.
Two tvs?
I'm freaking jealous.

Bee and Rose said...

Hooray for new jobs!

I LMAO over the Office Space clip...I freakin' love that movie...

My husband would've been all over the Best Buy tv sale...yikes! I'm glad he didn't know!

Have a rockin' July 4th, my sweet bloggy buddy!

jiggins said...

So you got the new job right Sweet.

As for the LCD's.. I actually got rid of mine, purchased a 24 inch flat screen comp for my bedroom and barely even watch TV now... aside from Hulu. Samsung does make some quality gear tho! Good stuff.

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