Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So my move in date was supposed to be Sept 1, but the good ladies at my apt complex (one of which is my new neighbor!) hooked BG up and I can sign my lease tomorrow, and NOT PAY RENT AT ALL FOR AUGUST! So why the fuck not right? I get out of the rents house, get severance to buy furniture, AND did I mention GET OUT OF MY PARENTS HOUSE! I love my parents to DEATH, and WILL NEVER forget how great they were when I needed them the MOST during my divorce. But its time to get the fuck out! It wears on you sometimes, by Mom means well, but sometimes she annoys me to the core. Love her to death though! So here is a BG list of top 5 reasons moving out of your parents house RULES! 

5. Dont worry about waking them when you come home drunk at 4 am. 

4. No Mom stories 

3. FULL FREEZER space for groceries! 

2. MY OWN FURNITURE! Thats not 1000 yrs old 

1. my GF can come to my place for once! We need a change of venue! 

Top 5 reasons why it blows? 

5. gotta pay for food, no more "whats yours is mine" 

4. Hate grocery shopping. 

3. utilities suck 

2. KGs infinite tool set! 


But overall its gonna be SO WORTH IT! get severance and a $1000 check tomorrow to get stuff for the place and get provisions I E BEER! My new roommate is a friend I have KNOWN FOREVER! But we have never lived together! Should be fun times and a good experience! Another great thing is that my cat has a place again. He no longer has to live upstairs by his self lonely, he has room to roam again, he will LOVE that! OK folks! Hopefully tomorrow! If not ZOMBIE FRIDAY! LOVES! 


blueviolet said...

That's awesome! It takes time to get back on your feet and it's great that you're now there. I hope you love the new place and sweeeeeeet on the no rent for the month!

Sheri said...

Who-oo! Grats on moving in early and getting out of the parent's house. LOL So true about the rent and food thing though :P

Optimistic Pessimist said...

Bobby G!!!! You're moving out!!! I'm so excited for you. I can't wait until I have a post like this.

Great lists!

Ubish said...

I was walking the dog today and saw your house had a sold sign on it. Good stuff!

jiggins said...

The freedom outweighs the free food and utilities.. just have sex in the dark.. that will help!

I haven't lived at home for over 15 years, but I also haven't had to deal with a divorce (bless you for that bud)so I can imagine you needed the assistance, and it was cool that your parents could help.

Nice one man!

Sarah said...

I am relieved for you! And Harley. May I suggest IKEA for odds and ends...unless you are anti-Ikea? I love that place. I got bowls, plates, and glasses for .50 a piece (clear glass) years ago, I think they're up to .75 now but still.

Caitlin said...


Yaya said...

That is AWESOME! Whoo hoo! You should just shop in bulk then you don't have to go as often.

Kat said...

So awesome! I don't know if I could EVER live with my parents again. Period.

Bobbie Leigh said...

It's hard living with parents as an adult. I totaly understand your pain even though they are good people. That's awesome you can move in early, you can't beat one months free rent!

Lee said...

Sooo good that you're moving out. I don't even want to live at home anymore. I can't even imagine it.
I'm excited for you!

Cat said...


Bee and Rose said...

Things are definitely looking up, BG! Here's to new beginnings and all sorts of fabulous~ness!