Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Monday...

Its Monday, in case you didn't know. Here is my video homage to Mondays: 

Manic Monday, The Bangles

Monday Monday Mamas & Poppas

Stormy Monday, Eric Clapton version

Great weekend for BG! Had some celebration due to the house seemingly being sold, Drinks Fri 
& Sat. GFs sister was out of town so we had a vacation at her house! It was very nice! And
Sunday I was ON A BOAT!!!!
Love that song! THE JAM!!!!

Last night I watched my shows, Trueblood & Entourage! Good times!

Interview 2 at Apple on Wed, that's EXCITING! Ill be sure to keep you all posted!!!

Till next time bitches!!!!


Anonymous said...

I love going out on boats.

blueviolet said...

Good luck on your interview!

I like the Eric Clapton song, anything by him actually. :)

Hit 40 said...

Tell apple that I say hello and thanks for the free computer fix!!!

Eric Clapton wins for me today!!! He was excellent in concert last month.

Millennium Housewife said...

Ah no one likes Mondays..Good luck on the interview.

Lee said...

A guy that likes True Blood? Maybe I should start watching it.
I've been busy watching Rescue Me.

Sheri said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE True Blood! Can't wait to see the next episode... I wonder if Sookie is going to hook up with Eric this season or wait until next? I hope it is this season! Love Eric! hehe