Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bouts to Get My Transiti-on, RANDOM STYLE!!!

Well I passed my piss test w/ flying colors! (Take that Opiates) and now I am officially hired at The Ann Arbor News is now a clusterfuck or weirdness. People leaving for .com, training for .com and the people that are staying are trying to prep for the end. Customers (and us) have no clue WTF is going on! They aren't really telling us shit, I'm not sure they even know yet. But in time it'll all get worked out! I hope....

You know who's the shit? The hot Dog guy at the bar at 2am. he rocks the cart at the bar to catch all the drunk hungries and at like $1.50 anyones broke ass can get At least one for the change in their pocket! He Should a Bud Light Real Man of Genius!

my Co-Worker and Friend Katie Halton is on the cover of a new paper here in Ann Arbor called the a2 journal. She is about to have a booth at the art fair. She makes kick ass paintings starting at $65! Here she is w/ paintings all around!

Ive lost 8 lbs on the amazing wisdom teeth diet! No nachos IS KILLING ME! I LOVE THEM! My holes are fucking cavernous. I can eat anything "crunchy or sharp" which also KOs Doritos! My all time fav Chip! Sammiches and string cheese and soup it is...but for how long?

I need a haircut. I HATE GETTING HAIRCUTS! I wish I could do it myself, but thatd be a nightmare...

Porn Fuckin Rules! Especially the kind w/ the story! Even though when I'm in a "Porn Mood" I'm fast forwarding the fucking story! That's how I roll!

I love Chips

I wish Beavis & Butthead was still on ever so often! I have the DVDs but they don't show videos which is gay (stupid copyright)

Ok folks I have randomed your mind, body and soul! Enjoy your Thurs! tomorrow, Zombie Fri!


Optimistic Pessimist said...

I have an obsession with chips...i love crunchy things. I got my wisdom teeth out over 2 years ago and it was tough not eating chips.

Congrats on passing your piss test.

Well, I'm off to lurk about in your 2008 archives!

Bobby G said...

HA HA!!!! Enjoy!!!

Lee said...

Congrats on passing the piss test man. That's great.
What's the website for? Pretty much like the newspaper online?

And I'm freaking out. My wisdom teeth are coming in and cutting my gums. Ungh.

blueviolet said...

Porn has plot lines? Come on. No freakin' way.

Toni said...

That was some serious randomness - good for you!
I can't watch porn - too busy laughing at the tan lines so I read and write it instead lol

Princess Andy said...

oh my gosh bobby you are such a boy;)

and stop talking about your sockets...i shudder every time.

here's hoping you can eat chips soon.

but i bet your ass looks cute after dropping 8lbs.


Bobby G said...

My ass is always cute!

Bee and Rose said...

Chips are my weakness..jalapeno, bbq, salt and vinegar...oy!

I'm with with plot lines? for realz????

Hope your holy teeth fill in soon!