Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Time Machine Tuesday: We Are The World, also RTT

In 1984 producer extraordinaire Quincey Jones decided to get every major singer of the 80s together to do We Are The World to raise money for Africa. All the major people were there singing it! Its an 80s who's who of singers. Here is a list in order of who sings
It's the jam! for all of you youngin's who weren't alive and may of never heard it, I'm sure you won't fully appreciate it! but its all good!

Now for

Check out Kelley the Un Mom, shes the ORIGINATOR. Also her name is Keeley, so she is probably hot, any confirmation on that?

In we Are The World, there are a million great artists, and fuckin Dan Akroyd from the Blues Bothers, and Ghost Busters Etc WTF? NO SHIT, check out the 4:21 min mark on the video above!!!

My desk is getting moved today, this blows....I had to pack up all my shit for NO reason, we close in 2 fucking weeks!!!

The Bobby G deep Dictionary word of the day: Gaffled
Verb, to steal
I cant believe they broke into my car and gaffled my CDs,

I used to confuse Bette Davis & Betty White, so that song Bette Davis Eyes mad NO sense to me...I was like her eyes are old! lol

My brother was at a wedding in DC and some douchebag blocked his car in, so they got a few Marines and my bro and some friends and MOVED THE FUCKIN CAR! it was Legendary!

Work is SO unmotivating, only open 2 weeks, people are leaving left & right, and i wanna be done.

I wanna get a tattoo. Nothing cliche like tribal arm bands & shit, but something, what Tats to you folks have?

Ok folks that's all for today! Blog it up bitches! Peace


Bobbie Leigh said...

That was awesome! I love your signature by the way, looks awesome.

Bobby G said...


Caitlin said...

Keely is a self-professed comic nerd so she's already won my heart lol. Work will be done soon and then you can start the new job and breathe a sigh of relief. Also, I was born in '88 so I missed out on the abomination, er, delight known as We Are The World.

Bee and Rose said...

Gaffled...totally love it!

I want a tramp stamp...oh, yes I do!

We are the World...I had completely forgotten that MJ had co-written that!

Anonymous said...

I remember that song.

Hit 40 said...

I like tatoos on guys!!! Get it on your upper arm where your tshirt will cover it. Fun surprise for at the beach or... somewhere else!!

Lee said...

They MOVED the car?
God, that would be so fucking kick ass to watch.
I wish I had buddies to help me move cars. I've gotten blocked in more than once.

Bobby G said...

You can watch it Lee, there is a Video Link!

Sheri said...

Loved it too! Thanks for posting and sharing with us all. :)

Keely said...

"Gaffled"? Hehhehhehhehheh.

Hubby has a celtic cross tattoo that covers his entire back. You should get one of those. ;)

BeautifulWreck said...

The UnMom is definitely hot.

blueviolet said...

I have to admit that when the We Are the World event was happening, it really was the coolest thing.

That moving the car thing is awe-inspiring.