Friday, March 20, 2009


The University of Michigan, my hometown school (not my school due to lack of motivation in HS, I went to Community College) Haven't been to the NCAA tournament in 11 years, that's right, I was 19, I drove a fucking Bright blue Ford Ranger, No Harley yet, still lived at home (oh wait! I do now) zit covered face, no ladies, no prospects even, 1998. A year out of HS, I was shy & reserved (yeah, hard to imagine huh?) Well not only did UM make the tourney, they won their first round game vs Clemson. I am SO HAPPY! Its been so long, the program has been rocked by NCAA Scandal, lost scholarships, lost wins, never really got back, until this year! Coach John Belein, has taken a team that was 10-22 last year, to the 2nd round of the tourney. Up next, Mighty Oklahoma, a 2 seed, it wont be easy, now its time to show what we've got guys, GO BLUE!


Aimeepalooza said...

WOOO HOOO Go Blue!!!

Lee said...

I refuse to watch those videos.

I hate sports.

Sarah said...

I agree with Lee. And it doesn't help that Survivor wasn't on because of God Damned Big 10 b-ball shit! I'm happy that you're happy though!