Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Go West Young Man!

GO WEST! They are this 1990's band who have a few hits you may or may not know. Here is one! This is Kinda my jam! But be aware, this is a TERRIBLE VIDEO! Like THIS BAD!

Funny story! One time on the way up north me & CB were in his car. Our friend pulled up next to us and flashed us, I said
"WOW she just showed us her boobs!"He said
"It looked like bra, but Boobs would be wishful thinking"
and I just instinctively started singing.
"Ill get over you, you know I will, Ill pretend My ships not sinking, Ill tell myself that I am over you, cause I'm the king of wishful thinking"
Me and CB cracked up! Good times, when we got home I downloaded it! (PS we found out later it was boobs, WORD)
Well on the way home last night, I heard another one of their songs, its called I will be faithful

Now is it necessary to say that in song? If I came out with same song and big ass production my GF would prob think I was cheating on her! I have NEVER cheated on anyone, not my style, the lyrics might as well be "I will bang no one else!" Wait, you will be faithful, like eventually? Who did you fuck Go West Guy? If I'm Go West Guy's lady, I'm seriously questioning him!


Aimeepalooza said...

Oh, King of Wishful Thinking was on the Pretty Woman soundtrack. And being the stupid sappy teen I was...I friggen loved that movie and soundtrack.

Bobby G said...

LOL! Nice Aimee!

Lee said...

For whatever reason I liked that song.
And I can't figure out why.