Monday, March 23, 2009

A2 News...RIP

Well earlier today I posted a quick little blurb when i got out of my meeting that the A2 News is Closing I am still shocked, but Ill try to get myself together enough to write this post today.

The A2 News has been opened for 174 yrs. no that isn't a misprint, its 174 years. I have been here for 7 years. during my time hear, Ive been paid well, had amazing benefits and have made/worked with some amazing friends, and fantastic people. In a meeting headed by the publisher today she said that in the end of July, the paper will be closing for good. The local news will be handled by, an online based paper that will have 2 weekly print editions on wed & sun. While Ann Arbor is a very technology forward town, taking away a paper is going to be hard for residents to handle. its been a staple here, it's not the papers fault, but the paper has become another victim to the terrible MI economy. As all of us employees try to get it together, and figure out what the hell we are going to do in an already terribly crowded job market, we are all deeply shocked and are all very sad. we have families, mortgages, car payments, and many other bills just like the rest of you. we are trying to get it together to do our jobs, to try to make any money for the paper, but its damn hard to get motivated, I myself have 3 jobs, ill prob just wait tables FT, I may file for bankruptcy to get rid of my stupid debt, my own irresponsibility, and kinda start a new, I would also like to thank the TONS of people who have emailed, texted and FB statused me offering concern,and support, and beer! lol I leave this post by saying, A2 News, you have been a great thing in my life, You will be deeply missed, by me & my co-workers. RIP.


supertiff said...

oh, no! and of course, being someone who worked at the arena for so long, i can't help but immediately think about the effect this will have on other downtown businesses. that's a lot of people who won't be bringing in lunch business anymore!

damn, this shit sandwich just keeps getting worse and worse.

i'm sorry, bobbyg. come over sometime soon. i'll make you dinner and we can play rockband.

Aimeepalooza said...

This is terrible. I cannot imagine there not being an Ann arbor news.

Lee said...

God I'm so sorry.
This economy is too fucking horrible.
I'm terrified of what's to come in the future if it's this bad now.